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( Guys in todays vlog we are shopping for another new dirt bike but this one is for Philly !! )

I’m trapped get off of it they’re the same size doing the numbers that is so fast spending the cash throwing that money we making it bad so you trying to play me like i’m back in the seat huh i’m in the back seat huh what you’re trying to say wait hold on wait i’m trying to put them on the sidelines you already got massage seats yo what is up b squad how you

Guys doing today hope everybody’s having a fantastic day it is gloomy outside but it is what it is we’re going back to miami in a couple days and i’m taking my little young boy with me yeah you ready yes sir we’re gonna have some fun fatty’s finally gonna come check out the mini bikes we’re gonna have it’s gonna be lit bro yeah at the 150 the boat you’ve never

Been on the boat right now we’re going on the boat the first time we get there bro fatty’s he’s never been on the ball i forgot remember i got married i got it when i was leaving remember i was there for that month yo it’s going to be a crazy one guys so stay tuned for the mining vlogs that’s going to be in another week um but today guys you see by the title

Thumbnail of the video we’re going to be shopping for another bike as you guys know i bought a bike and i bought a brand new uh it’s not brand new but damn they’re brand new 2020 sheriff 150r but that’s my miami bike i definitely need a bike for philly because i’m opening my tattoo shop up soon and i’m going to be back and forth and i need a bike over here guys

That’s just it is it is what it is i’m getting back into the game so guys listen hold up fatty before we go into the vlog before we go any deeper you guys know i’m giving away a dirt bike this coming up week maybe this week or next week i got to figure out the days because i got to figure out when i’m going to miami when i’m going to ship it to you guys so

Just between the next week let me just say two weeks max i’m not saying that’s today but two weeks max i’ll be giving away a bike you only got two weeks left guys if you missed the mother in video all you die to do is go back and watch your video how do you enter watch every video comment on every video and like every video those are the three steps you have to

Do with every video if you miss go back and do it you still have the rest of the month i’m still got two weeks not the restaurant you got two weeks left other than that if you miss a video and you’re not in the comments you’re not in the likes sorry guys you’re automatically not entered what you got to say bro uh when you get a bite can i ride it when you’re

Not here uh a negative affirmative no exactly no you’re not you are lying because everything you broke up tons of fun and you’re gonna pay for it you lied yo we at the cycle center we haven’t been here so long guys let’s see hopefully i got some bikes for a good deal let’s see we’ll see mr duran twenty-eight thousand dollars for this where did he go bro fire

It’s killing it so is it an app to your phone no no no no is it like yeah i see the triple rsp that’s weird isn’t that cool so when you get this put it today you just got it in you got the key in your pocket oh okay you gotta have the key in your pocket though okay oh that’s crazy so it was like damn that’s cool do you guys got is electric start like i remember

From roadster people yeah no no that would be crazy who’s they’re trying to start it up right now bro that’s hard yo look at that that’s so cool you can get this oh you get a camera i’m gonna buy a toyota camry yeah i’d rather buy a camera a fully loaded one yeah not a fully loaded one but a camera would be a little uh more of a daily than this nah yeah yeah why

Don’t you get it even in miami huh a kx450 cause i’m broke i’m trying to i’m trying i’m trying to see what you’re gonna buy me is that banksy blind can you buy me today huh what’s the difference you know how to get a 450 l there’s a 20 21 40 x 450 x so is it more like a 450 or like a like a street legal i don’t know it’s a 9700 out of the price range this is

Something i want when i got lame see this is like nice damn you got the the the rolls-royce door the suicide doors bro you know this is cool because when paris is like six she can sit right here jordan’s right there hold on whoa okay what i’m a tippy john it’s got windshield wipers and everything you got ac and everything bro this is lit this is probably like

100 ranks can you imagine a little 65. no they got this used what what’s that it’s like the 125x what just they made this is nice that is very nice this is the 250 right here the regular that’s the 450 regulator i like the 450. if i had to go i’ll go 450. would you buy a kx4 video or would you go back really just kx is all power yg um i don’t know i kind of

I’m kind of looking for more like an 85 to 100 out of 450. for here bro the engine is electrical for you bro that’s going to be my garage but you daddy you have a 450 something like that he has all 450 don’t worry dang i wanted it i wanted to see how much the 85 is going for gotta get in trouble i am bro they showed up this is the one right here oh klx 300.

Oh fat man get off me don’t try to tip me over that’s all you bro that’s crazy yours is even lower i’m flat get off of it they’re the same size right now they’re not oh guys they are thank you these things they’re the same size oh no you know what i can just tell by the price difference if you’re in the present there’s three thousand i had the same price bro

How are you doing when we got a price tag on it bro it is small size big performance same thing bro did you line us yeah i’m so serious yo if you switch the bikes they’re going to look good i really wanted honesty guys low key i’ve been thinking about buying an 85 because it’s just just something small just like i have around here guys should i buy new or should i

Go use let me know what do you think you’ll be willing to out these two yeah those are pretty cool this is scary i hate little bites i know he said put you in your coconut no i don’t know oh no man listen this is what he has here bro he got something back russian i don’t know i like the way the the case behind it and the way you had it wrong with the orange theme

Yeah now yeah but that took a long time to do it back to me for 4 000. yeah that don’t burn up we blew it down that’s a tier what is that trx what what that’s a 90. that’s perfect now we got nothing we want here shopping fail we could go cake i was liking their exhaust be so big it’s cool and why is it shiny and they don’t even get the black tip there though okay

Put it there though can i buy a little fmf what do you mean i um the crf i like the way the bars are on these stops you got this one spanked you got the 24 45 and twenty one wrappers that’s cakes ready oh it’s liquid clutch now yeah oh they updated bro look it don’t feel good it’s liquid what’s this a race like this oh the the one for the other the waterfall

For these yummy they changed it the long section on this side and this is like the mold oh the the 250 yeah they don’t nice the xc randy on a 450. yeah definitely on the quad so stop trying to get me to learn how to watch it this is better bro randy pull up on traffic light like that clock oh you know yo literally if y’all give me a year straight riding bro

I’ll be better than you oh this get hot the frame bro that once you go like please hire fatty back vince no he has a show for work he’s lying i’m always here yeah i’m definitely definitely i’m always here 30 minutes early you never come to work oh you slapped me at like 11 o’clock at night you’re like yo man i need some money i’m trying to go to miami can

I come to work and i’m like sure come here you’re lying i don’t think for a month that yo i can attest to that that is definitely fatty that was not me that i don’t sound like maddie i am a great salesman all right you sell condoms here yes one do you have the extra small one for chinks like i need three packs all right so selling his hat what’s good about this

Hat fatty it’s extra warm give me a second sir all right that’s that’s the good one huh that’s the good one yes all right so what’s so good about it i don’t know the color the color just imagine the bite and to keep your tight head such warm you want to try it on sir no sir thank you thank you i like this one can i can i see this one all right hold on a second bro

You move a little too fast this guy’s a mogul he’s a movie he’s a mogul searcher all right can you tell me this one i can’t show nothing bro you gotta want it i gotta want it can i buy this one of course all right everything’s for sale things get back half off no sir not like that oh you don’t think he’s not great no you haven’t seen yourselves boost ups ever

Since you hired them but you you’re my brother so i shouldn’t i don’t want to treat her no you get paid or what yeah and then you’re blowing the interview this look at that watch he’s got on right there oh look at your brother that’s the customer that didn’t mean nothing he gotta watch me broken right now no please this is a terrible customer service you won’t

Even buy the hat for him no i don’t even get paid making eye contact with him like hey hello sir how can i help you today where’s your manager huh where’s your man my manager’s right there where i’m not your manager no this is my boss sir before peep that dog embassy grades come in show them series you had a c minus on one of them one one let me see what’s going

On in the world i just want to show you guys i don’t want to see that because how you been doing a cyber school that’s because that’s the job it is you got straight a’s i’ll give you 500 bucks right now that was a long shot come on watch this video i don’t want to see that video i want to see your grades see what straight is could have got you gonna got you 500

Man hold on i would have paid him too yeah no ain’t never gonna a a b b c that’s what you’re gonna see bbc one of those was a different color no no you got a c minus right now that’s pretty cool the quality difference damn bro look i didn’t even look this thing is crazy you hit the start button by accident no fatty dude you’re a little weirdo he hits the button

In the ball come on what you doing it’s 33 racks look at this or you get a sti i’m definitely taking sti i don’t know how hit the button yo way though bro manny turns the car on and the bull comes by like yo what’s good bro hey i don’t know no no right here we’re trying he’s scary yo listen man that’s gonna conclude today’s video man look yo what’s up dude

Over me all right you’re hungry why don’t we hit my meter cause stop humping me where are you tripping that’s included today’s video guys that’s it we gotta we’re about to stop yo yo you see this punch on him yo wanna punch on you shut up like y’all need to watch it guys that’s gonna finish this but this is my little vlog and i’m saying that you know mom made me

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