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Stunt Chase! Subaru Impreza Vs Dirt Bike Champion Cam Sinclair | Top Gear USA

Subscribe: Tanner tests the Subaru Impreza vs X-Games Champion Cam Sinclair on a dirt bike!

Subaru claimed that this car drives like a sports car over virtually any terrain but to see how fast this car goes over this terrain we need a benchmark to race against it that benchmark is the dirt bike perhaps the ultimate all-terrain vehicle and the only person we could find crazy enough to take on this challenge was x games gold medalist camps and clare riding

A yamaha yz250 now that i had my challenger we needed a location this is eagle mountain once the largest open pit iron mine in the western united states the iron ore from here was manufactured into steel that was then used into making hardware for world war 2 the korean war in vietnam so if you served your country chances are your tank came from here this 10,000

Acre playground was the perfect place for an all-terrain race our course would take us from the top of the mine through a decrepit industrial area and finish just past a ghost town racing across an industrial mine is pretty dangerous so the attorneys made me drive the rally version of the sti for safety but even though it’s been modified for racing it’s not that

Different from street car the engine has slightly more horsepower and it’s equipped with a roll cage better suspension and gravel tires number-one priority is to beat him but – is it trying to keep my tongue in my mouth i had a higher top speed than my opponent but that didn’t mean i had the advantage i’d have to use the ribbon of road winding through the mine while

The dirtbike could cut straight through the obstacles and race directly towards the finish to be completely honest my money wasn’t on the subaru your job the dirtbike immediately took advantage of its ability to cut across the roads while all i could do was hammer down we’d split halfway down the mountain i had five miles of whiny dirt trails in front of me before

I’d reached the bottom cam took a more direct approach it was a 50-degree slope to a quarter mile deep pit life threatening to climb down but on a bike suicidal but cam was here to win on this straightaway there’s no way he’s anywhere close you cam’s death-defying decision to bomb down the side of a cliff paid off we were now in the apocalyptic industrial area

For three miles to go it would be about maneuverability not speed the dirt bike had the advantage in these close quarters and i was falling behind and even worse my tongue was hanging out we were almost out of the industrial zone when i saw an opportunity to do something i couldn’t resist taking that jump man put me behind but i was hoping i could make it up once

We hit the s the challenge for us both was to find the exit on the other side i immediately took a turn into a dead end he could weave through the house but so could i the impreza was more than living up to its reputation as an all-terrain car but then cam decided to put me in my place we were both lost in the labyrinth the first to find the exit would take

The race camon spotted the eggs that had hit the highway unless i found a shortcut it was all over now we were on asphalt time for those 305 horses do their job oh you

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Stunt Chase! Subaru Impreza Vs Dirt Bike Champion Cam Sinclair | Top Gear USA By Top Gear