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Syx Moto 50cc Dirtbike Wont Start! Diagnosis and Tune-up. Pull start, Spark Plug, Coil

In this video I get a Syx Moto 50cc Dirtbike running again. I repaired the pull start and then diagnosed the no spark problem.

Today’s project is going to be this syx50 sewn in my wife’s family bought this brand new off amazon like two months ago i think and it already doesn’t run i think it only ran for maybe an hour the pull starts broken um the these handles are adjusted wrong i see a couple other things so we’re gonna run through this thing and try to make it right first thing that

I’m doing right off the bat is just fix these handles it’s they’re way off angle a little kid riding this wouldn’t even be able to use this correctly that’s looking much better next on the list is to fix this little uh pull starter so i have a new one so let’s get this one taken off pull starters off have the new pull starter this is a amazon knockoff but since

It’s a chinese bike i don’t think it’s really going to matter this one’s a little bit nicer it’s made out of metal but it is a little bit different um the old one as you can see had a bigger spacing on the top so i had to go through and find a screw that’s going to work for this one but other than that i think it should pretty much just work okay the new pull

Starter is on seems to be working before i try to start this thing i’m just gonna check for spark because it wasn’t rotting and i’m guessing something’s up with that spark plug is brand new okay i have the spark plug out and grounded to the cylinder head so let’s pull on a few times and see if we see any spark i don’t see any sparks so that’s probably why it’s

Not starting before i do anything else i’m gonna put a good spark plug in it this is the little chinese spark plugs that they come with i’m gonna put a ngk in just to make sure that it’s not the spark plug so same test ground it out here still no spark so we’ll have to investigate this all right with the kill switch unplugged i’m gonna try this park one more

Time still no sparks i think i’m going to go ahead and take this cover back off so we can take a look at the coil the pull rope’s off again still trying to get to spark um this wire the ground wire was a little loose so i’m just going to try it again since there’s no pull rope here i’m just going to use a drill with a 12 millimeter and we’ll check for spark one

More time no it’s not getting any spark at all so we’re gonna have to check and make sure this coil is working i’m gonna go ahead and take this uh coil off check it out and then re-gap it see if that changes anything coils off the flywheel looks okay so i think i’m going to re-gap it and see if that changes anything to re-gap this thing i just have a note card

Here i’m gonna place over top of the magnets i’m gonna take this coil and it’s gonna want to stick to the magnet so basically there i have it lined up i’ll go ahead and put my two bolts back in i’m not going to tighten them up all the way until i check everything but i’ll get on 95 now i’m gonna take the note card out spinning it now i’m going to rotate this

Over a few times make sure it’s nothing’s touching okay now we’ll check for spark again same test with the drill still no spark so we’re gonna have to take the coil off and test it with a multimeter i have my multimedia here set to ohms i’m just gonna quickly check this to see what it’s looking like i it might test fine but i think it’s bad we’ll see so i’m

Gonna check the primary first by just connecting to the ground then i’ll touch one of these leads you can see 0.52 and 0.52 so that actually kind of checks out and then i’ll go for the secondary uh 1.74 and 1.74 so this coil actually seems like it might be good but i have another cheap chinese coil i’m going to throw on there and i’ll test that out gonna

Put this new chinese coil on real quick okay let’s check for spark hopefully this new coil is going to work you guys can see that yeah it has good spark now so i think we’ve probably solved that issue i’m gonna put the cover back on and we’ll see if we can get it started now that we have the spark figured out i put the cover back on the fuel’s on the little

Safety switch is on so let’s see if we can get this thing started now i’ve already pulled on a good bit but i think she’ll go now uh yeah now i’ll just have to finish tuning her up here had this thing run for a little bit i adjusted the idle on it it runs pretty decent now um i’ll show you last thing that i’m going to do is fill up these tires there make sure

The brakes work and that’ll pretty much be it but here she is um yeah so now i’m going to go ahead and fill the tire clear my air truck won’t fit in this tiny little tire but this little tiny cat thing will so i’m just going to set it to like 30 psi and let’s see how long it takes not bad now i just need to do the rear tires are inflated last thing i’m going

To do before i call this bike good is just make sure the brakes are working both brakes are working good that’s going to do it for today’s video on the surface of this syx50 we had to replace the pulse cart and the coil the coil we tested what seemed okay but obviously it was not once we got spark we got her running i adjusted the idle down and it seems like it’s

Good to go now other than that we just adjusted the brake levers we checked the brakes we adjusted the tire pressure and i lubed the chain so i think we’re good here and we’ll see how long this bike lasts now thanks for watching and we’ll see you next video

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Syx Moto 50cc Dirtbike Won't Start! Diagnosis and Tune-up. (Pull start, Spark Plug, Coil) By MarleyJax Garage