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the 00 2 Stroke KX80 Dirt Bike. Can it be Saved?

Nobody pray for me it been that day for me yeah yeah we’re going in today boys so i just pulled out the banshee and the kx because uh we’re gonna power wash these things a bunch of uh engine degrees sort of spray on this kx because this thing is just dirty as can be and then last night we went on a ride a night ride on the banshee piece so finished piece is

All dirty and i got some new polish i’m gonna try on the fenders and everything like that this kx right here this thing is dirty dude got the 80s soaking in degreaser right now i can’t really tell it’s made a huge difference about this storm out here it’s about to start raining probably on me while i’m washing these so i’m going to hurry up and spray these down

Right now and uh spray up the battery so bad oh it just started storming look at the trees over there all right it looks like it finally chilled out quick but uh i’m gonna finish spraying this thing off now and then clean off the bandage i had to pull everything in looking good look how much cleaner this thing looks i took off the sticker kit on the side too

The big ass one industries one gonna peel all these stickers off too all the stickers and maybe get a new sticker kit for it so got some plastic razor blades here just to get these uh stickers up peel all these off and then i’m gonna clean the bike up a little bit more because i want to see this thing shining and then i know for sure gotta get a carb for it uh

Obviously yeah i think like i said the most important part this thing just splintered everywhere so i’m gonna try using this gas tank um tires for sure both tires are completely sun rotted like literally holes in it everywhere possibly a new mani i can’t tell this one looks pretty cracked as you can see if you look closely this man is just sun rotted all around so

I already know i’m gonna need a new mandy for that um new seat cover too because when i was power washing this one it just started cracking off as you can see it’s just so sun rotted it’s not even funny so seat looks cool too and this side looks really good but uh i don’t think that’s gonna work so this plastic is really dirty so we’ll have to go in here and use

This plastic razor blade and get all this gunk off been going in with the tin foil and scotch brite and trying to get this pipe a little bit more shined up as you could tell this part was like black when i first did it all right this thing’s shining right now pipe shining it’s looking really good cleaned it all up so i’m about to take some plastic polish and try

To polish up these plastics a little bit uh just looking at the parts for this thing um i think i found a gas tank possibly which would be crazy because i was gonna order that desert tank but i just saw one pop up that i think might be the right one i’m gonna take the seat off and double check um i think the 93 year fits on this one so if that’s the case get the

Gas tank put the seat cover on uh need a new gas cap i’m gonna go ahead and try to put some of this plastic polish on see if we can’t get this uh to shine a little bit better all right boys this thing’s shining out here right now i don’t know if you guys can see this on camera let me see but like this plastic this plastic is like a mirror right now it’s so good

Looking look how clean this thing cleaned up nice i wish the seat was this good on the other side i would keep it i could still clean it up a lot more like when i take off the plastics and clean all the inside the plastics and clean this thing like make it real real clean what are you doing this hundred dollar dirt bike is starting to look more like a thousand

Dollar dirt bike once i get the carb in there and everything this thing’s gonna look brand new again uh new seat cover like i might go with the purple one and put the purple one to get that purple green look match the spring back there too pipe’s looking pretty good for what it is i use a scratch brighter which is pretty rough to give it like a brushed look to

It um i can go back and get it a little finer i just want to get the rust off because it has like rough spots all over it so swing arms looking good i took the decal off of here clean up the swing armor bunch rusty ass chain rusty sprocket rusty rotors for sure the rotors are real rusty on this thing tires a little fmf shorty pipe on it looking good too i bet

This thing sounds rad probably just pull off the gas tank right now and pull off the seat and a few more things but that’s pretty much it for the kx80 other than that we just gotta get some parts and keep building it up so hopefully we’ll order some parts for this week get a better idea of exactly what we need i think that gas tank might fit so that’s why i check

Right now if that’s the case um we get this thing running pretty quick i keep jumping projects i’m trying to finish one thing and then something new comes in and i get obsessed with it for a second because it looks so fun and i want to hear it run i think this might be the radio that will fit in this thing i’m not going to check right now um hopefully this is

No it looks different yeah looks like this radiator is different i’m gonna look up this van and see what this one comes from well this radiator could be used on a uh this radiator could be used on a water cooled honda build though at least no whoa where am i bleeding from dude i hate that wow so it’s the exact year i need but it’s a 60 it’s a 1995 kx60 i just

Been checked it damn it but uh well i guess i got a 1995 kx 60 frame if anyone in vegas wants a kx 95 60 frame it’s a nuts suspension design but kx60 frame i guess if anyone wants this thing all right really not be able to do much more on this today i don’t have any parts to put on it but i’m gonna go ahead and pull the seat off pull the gas tank off and uh

Guess get it ready because i’m gonna have to order that gas tank i think sad the radiator doesn’t fit so i’m gonna have to get a radiator for this one now from what i looked at it’s like another hundred dollars also kind of got a sketch connection for the pipe right here in the silencer uh wonder how well that rubber works right there that filter looks so dirty

Also i wonder if i should just delete this air box and run just a pod filter on the back it means they’d have to get rid of the mud flap though because it looks like this is the whole air box so what do you guys think should i run just a card with the air filter on the back or should i run the air box leave a comment down below what you guys think let’s open that

Thing up and let that thing breathe but here she is um it looks like the right gas tank the one i was looking at online so i could pull all this off and i can really clean the plastic and pull the tank off um as well oh my god boys look how look how lucky this tank got destroyed this bolt was stuck in the tank little fatty hole in the tank this tank is trash

Um so time to throw this tank away for sure that’s probably why this fender wasn’t even on tight it was like loosened on it probably happened whoever had it left maybe chucked it and we pulled the radiator off damn you chuck all right boys i don’t know what i did with the outro clip in this video but i probably just did not upload it and it’s deleted now but

That’s gonna do it for the kx i already ordered a few parts for it so uh especially the gas tank and a few other little goodies so you’ll see that in the next video make sure to stay tuned for that leave a thumbs up on this video if you’re stoked on the kx subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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the $100 2 Stroke KX80 Dirt Bike. (Can it be Saved?) By MOPBOYZ