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Tomahawk C Loop , one of Michigans Best Dirt Bike ORV Trails! | Michigan Single Track

Tomahawk C Loop after riding B-Loop twice and never having enough time for C-Loop we finally rode one of everybody’s favorite trails in Michigan! Both Tomahawk loops are an absolute blast, I’d give C-loop a slight edge but it’s close. If you’ve never ridden this trail take a look and hopefully you enjoy! Video is in 4K

All right tomahawk c here we go baby um yeah like that yeah that’s the type of stuff i like uh so um hmm yeah that’d be cool if there was uh more of that kind of stuff oh that’s good i like that i want more of that perfect temperature right now left the truck is about 65 degrees supposed to be 85 though by the time we get off the trail so i got my brand

New headlight on looks like it’s aimed pretty close to where i need it we actually might do a night ride tomorrow night so i’ll get it fine-tuned to my liking tomorrow because it sucks sometimes the roots are just all right get a little getting behind max for a minute on tomahawk c get some footage of them so wifey can see what he’s out doing in the woods

She’s gonna watch this and be like you’re my hero he’s riding good though definitely last week he ran uh lincoln hills with us told him we’re coming up to tomahawk c next week and uh he’s like hold on a minute calls me back a few minutes later yeah i took the day off friday i’m in like cool so just the three of us bombing around tomahawk c friday morning

Could not get any better uh it’s amazing how bad i can ride sometimes um foreign i know people online will generally say this tomahawk c loop is pretty similar to b but i gotta disagree i think it’s it’s good it’s completely different though definitely a little tighter and uh just a way different flow to it still great though i mean we’re only a quarter

Of the way in so my you want to play that one two five uh-huh buddy captain’s coming gonna pass you not really all right guys so we’re pretty close to the parking lot and i’m almost done with my third battery and don’t feel like changing it again so i’m gonna leave this video off here just want to say thanks for watching this was tomahawk sea loop up in

Wolverine michigan um awesome trail like i mean i don’t know what else to say in my opinion between b and c i like b just the hair more i mean they’re really close but i just got to give a slight edge to b but they’re both great so my advice would be to stop coming up here like we do for a day trip and actually come up here and camp so you can get both of

Them in back to back so but anyways all right guys thanks for watching you

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Tomahawk C Loop , one of Michigan’s Best Dirt Bike ORV Trails! | Michigan Single Track By Captain #250# FX