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Top 10 MYTHs In Dirt Bikes

Breaking down the biggest myths that we see in dirt bikes today!

What are the top 10 myths in your bikes today you better buckle up buttercup because in mere seconds we’re going to bust 10 myths so wide open you’re not even going to know what to do with yourself i should mention that while i’m not an expert on this this list is of my own making and i’m an expert in the subject want to start with a banger here you do not need

To lube an o-ring chain the grease is sealed inside that chain and you can’t lube it so what you need to do is make sure that it’s clean and make sure that it doesn’t rust i’ve used wd-40 for an entire year on a chain just to see what will happen and guess what nothing happened again all we’re really trying to do is prevent rust and did says on their own packaging

What they recommend is gear oil sae 80 to 90 weight gear oil which i happen to have right here in this bottle and that is a perfect thing to use on your chains you do not and i don’t even think you should use sticky chain lubes and sticky chain guards because what those do is attract dirt and crap to your chain we want to keep that crap out of here so keep that

Chain clean using soap and water and a brush to scrub that thing off ultimately the best thing you can use is a gear oil on your chains such as 80 90 gear oil and you are good to go son my next myth is that moose digs never failed there’s something around my bike now i will admit that moose bibs don’t fail very often but when they fail it is catastrophic there

Are some people that think it’s kind of like against some biological or some engineering directive that moose bibs cannot fail now this isn’t a moose bib this is just the tube that i have as a prop because i didn’t have a move speed in my shop but moose pips can fail for a couple of different reasons you can have a rim lock failure on your moose big the thing could

Just like fall apart inside because it’s too old so they can fill and it’s really catastrophic if they do so i wanted to bust that net my next myth i want to bust is that weight is the most important spec to look out on a dirt bike i put a lot of bikes on this commercial shipping scale and one thing i’ve learned for certain is that weight on the scale does not

Exactly translate to weight on the trail and also some of the bikes that are a little bit heavier actually have some really good benefits to them as far as how they feel and how stable they are and all this stuff i want to bust the myth that the lightest bike is always the best bike because that isn’t always the case and sometimes a bike that is a little heavier

On the scale actually feels pretty good and very light and very agile when you’re out there on the trail so don’t just go down the spec sheet and say that’s the one i want because it’s the lightest bike one of the best ways you can support dirt by channel if you want to do that is to use the links to rocky mountain atv and amazon and motorsport they’re down in

The video description or they’re over on my website you can find them there on desktop and mobile that would really really help me out the next myth i want to tackle is that full wrap hand guards are mandatory for hard and dural riding i’m not going to argue that there are some benefits to having a full wrap handguard in fact i’ve got one bike

Here that’s set up for hard enduro stuff with full wraps i’ve got the other bike here that is set up just as much for for hard enduro stuff i didn’t put full rack handguards on this one there are pros and cons some of the best riders that i have ever ridden with are totally opposed to full rap handguards and they do fine there’s things you can do to control your

Levers from being broken it’s not that big of a deal yes some guys choose to use full wrap handguards and if you decide not to use full rap handguards it puts you in some pretty pretty good company guys like graham jarvis rich larson max gerst and cody webb johnny walker manny lettenbergler alfredo gomez teddy blasuziak all of these guys are doing hard enduro

And none of them are using full wrap handguards in fact i can’t even remember a time that somebody conquered the iron giant the hardest and the hardest hard enduro race in the world and actually had full wrap handguards on their bikes the next myth i want to bust has to do with oil ratio specifically mixing oil in our fuel for two strokes this is called a mixing

Cup done see a lot of people think that the more oil you put in that gas the better lubrication you’re going to get in the motor and it’s just not quite that simple see if you mix your oil at say 32 to 1 you’re making a really thick fuel if you mix your fuel at like 80 to 1 you’re making a really thin fuel and so the more fuel that can go through your carburetor

Into your motor then the more lubrication you have and if you’ve got so much oil in your gas that it makes your gas thick like if you if you if you mixed your oil at say like 32 to 1 it’s a very thick type fuel and not as much of the gas or the lubricating oil is getting in there i know it’s counterintuitive i have videos on this or podcast about this but i just

Wanted to bust the myth that more oil is always more lubrication for the motor because that is not the case another myth i wanted a boss is that two strokes don’t have low end grunt they absolutely do have low end grunt they have the best low end grunt of anything that we have today i think i think the reason a lot of people forget that they have low end grunt is

Because maybe their only experience with the two stroke was on like a 50 cc two stroke or a 65 cc2 stroke and those don’t have a ton of low end ground but you get on a 250 cc2 stroke you give them a 300 cc two-stroke they have more usable power and more low-end grunt than any of the other bikes out there it’s just a total myth had to include that in here because

I still get emails of people today saying like oh but will that have any low in power the answer is yes two strokes have more grunt than the four strokes down low the next myth i want to bust wide open is that aftermarket parts are always better than the oem parts now i’ve got a lot of aftermarket parts in this shop and i do like a lot of aftermarket parts but

Let’s get one thing clear aftermarket is not always better it’s always different but it’s not always better anything from headlights to foot pegs to whatever you name it there’s a trade-off with things and the manufacturer has made certain decisions based on certain factors and the aftermarket makes certain decisions based on different factors typically price or

Weight or whatever don’t just think that it just because this is an aftermarket item it’s going to be better time and time and time again i’ve found that the oem parts are actually very very good and it’s difficult to make an aftermarket part that is better in every way than the oem stuff so just one of those myths out there that it kind of has a lot of traction

And it is totally not true aftermarket is not always better sometimes they are but not always the next myth i want to bust is engine braking yes i’m going to go there i’ve done videos about this in the past but there’s so much confusion about like oh you have to do this really drawn out procedure to break that engine and everything the truth is most if not all of

The dirt bike motors that you are buying that get installed in your bike have done a dino test at the factory the very first time it was ever started that is going to put more pressure on your motor than you probably ever will in the entire lifetime you have it and it’s the very first time they start that motor so my thing is just write it how you’re going to

Write it ah maybe don’t go fifth gear pinned on the first like hour but just write it how you’re gonna ride it this isn’t rocket science and if it was that critical the race teams would have a big break-in procedure the manufacturer wouldn’t do a dyno run on the bike before they even put it in a frame all these things engine braking in my opinion is just a big

Myth you can say what you want but i’ve had a lot of different bikes and i’ve never had one blow up because i didn’t go through some crazy break-in procedure i think that one is a big myth the next myth i want to bust is about suspension and yes we went there on engine break-in so let’s just continue with suspension braking there’s this big myth that it takes like

15-20 hours for your suspension to set in let me just read from my notes on february 4th 2020 i called eight companies to ask about this suspension break-in question that i’ve been hearing the companies were craft moto factory connection pro circuit racetech moto experts proaction suspension mx tech and steel well performance so that’s eight different companies

That do suspension for a living they all said the same thing they said if there is a break-in period on a new fork or a new shock whether it’s the saw components or their upgraded you know better components it’s only in the first 5 to 30 minutes they all told me that by the time the oil gets warm and the bushings have had a couple minutes of use the suspension

Is acting as good as it will ever act and that it’s performing exactly as it’s been designed to perform within those first couple minutes once it reached the reaches the 10 hour mark the oils and other components are already showing signs of wear and they are beginning to break down at this point they will begin to downgrade their performance feel softer and be

On the downward slide needing a suspension tune-up overhaul they all said that a 10 to 20 hour break-in period could possibly be the case if this was 1970 but not with the premium components and oil used on all modern dirt bikes 50 years later suspension break-in taking like 10 or 20 hours is a total myth and now to bust our last myth and that is that more power

Is always better now i saddled up next to my 125 here because one thing i’ve learned over and over and over again in my career of dirt biking is it isn’t about how much power the bike has it’s about how much skill the rider has i can’t tell you how many times i have been smoked absolutely decimated by people on smaller bikes than me because they have more skill

Truly if you if if the if the answer was always more power we’d be riding like 1000 cc bikes or something like that it isn’t always about more power more often time it’s about your position on the bike and your clutch control and your throttle modulation and traction and just your overall balance and skill more power is not always the answer if you’re trying to

Add more power to your motor so you can be a better writer that isn’t actually going to happen the far better thing to do is work on your own skills and work on a bike that doesn’t have too much power learn on that bike i know it’s calling the kettle black because a lot of times i ride bikes that have way too much power for me but the point is more power is not

Always better i have been on rides with say like shane watts before when he was riding a clapped out ttr 230 many times and just boom left me completely in the dust more power is not always better that’s our top myth the bus today thanks so much for watching this video please click like so that youtube will share this with more people i had a lot of fun making

This video and kind of talking with different buddies to try to figure out what to include in this thing hey if you want to support dirt bike channel one of the best ways you can do it is to use my links down in the video description and over on my website to rocky mountain atv i have links over there for rocky mountain atv motorsport amazon all that stuff really

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When youtube or when i put out these videos from youtube that’s what i wanted to say and i think that’s all i’ve got for everyone today so until next time leave a single track thanks you

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