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We Finally Bought The BEST Dirt Bike For Shorter Riders..

Ever since her dirt debut in 2018, my girlfriend Alexis and I have been searching for the perfect all around bike for her. From the CRF230L, to the CRF150RB, the KX100, and ultimately the step up to her full size KTM 250XCW which she fell in love with. At 5’0″ flat being vertically challenged is an understatement and off-road Enduro riding is already challenging enough, let alone not being able to touch the ground in most situations.

You do i brought a bit oh you clap good start i bought a beta this is my 2021 beta x trainer so we had actually toyed with this idea even before i got my ktm we talked about getting this or the ktm free ride and unfortunately with the free ride they don’t make them anymore like they used to they’re electric now so parts are very hard to find and it just didn’t

Seem like a really great idea i’m not really sure why we didn’t go with this option in the first place you didn’t like beta i mean this has always been an image thing with her she just never wanted to ride a beta especially since i had my first ktm i let her ride it which ended up turning into her bike yeah and now it’s been recycled once again more on that later

But yeah guys when we were looking to make this step from the 150 rb to a full-size bike there’s a step in between what we did the kx 100 after that that didn’t work out so the 150 rb was ultimately her favorite smaller bike yeah yeah is that what you would recommend to smaller absolutely if that had electric start i would probably have kept it up until maybe

Now yeah that was the deal breaker on why we didn’t keep that bike is it’s annoying to kick and especially in an enduro situation like if you’re just doing trail riding you’re not stopping and doing log jumps and all this kind of stuff the bike would have been all right for that and even on that bike like i barely tippy-toed on this on each side so then kicking

It when you can’t touch is again hard so you barely tippy toed meaning you couldn’t flat foot even on that bike correct yes i’ve never been able to flat foot except on a grom and that was the rb too so the big wheel yeah but the biggest reason for wanting to move up was to get a button electric start but you have other options there’s the 230f there’s a few steps

In between but in terms of performance it’s a step backwards the suspension is worse they’re heavier and there’s a lot of cons to that but you can make a step somewhere in the middle that gets you electric start and full-size wheels and then i’d say i really did love the two-stroke two-stroke so then combining all of them together kind of fell into the ktm why’d

You let her do that you just want her to be cool we’ve had just so many hate comments over the years on why she’s on those bikes and let me tell you she can handle the power just fine it was never a power issue and i think the dumbest argument that i hear from people is to get a 150 or the 125 that shares the same frame and it’s the same size like she’s never had

A problem with the power those modern two strokes aren’t as violent as you think they’re the same weight same same seat height same frame so that argument is freaking can you say that anymore i don’t know if you can say that anymore stupid i’ll say that so then why did we go to this now well i got rid of my 350. um surprise surprise yeah more on that the 350s

We bought with the intentions of doing dual sport rides and riding connecting roads out west and out west i enjoyed a four stroke a lot more than we do back here it’s just a completely different environment and we were just looking for a versatile bike that doesn’t exist so we ended up getting rid of both of the 350s we just weren’t happy back here and overall the

Two strokes are just so much better for the riding that we like to do that we’re willing to make that compromise i really did not like the four stroke and i know i would have gotten used to it i know that it took i only wrote it like three or four times off-road so it was just an adjustment and i wasn’t through that adjustment period but overall first impressions

It was hard to go from a two-stroke to a four-stroke and doing the same riding that we had been doing on the two strokes so yeah they’re harder to ride you got to work the clutch a lot more you got to struggle to keep them running it’s just a completely different experience you can get really lazy with the two strokes you know the modern two-strokes they lug like

Nothing else so you can get real lazy with the clutch you’re not destroying your fingers trying to keep the bike running at low speed situations and what an ecu and exhaust make it better i don’t even want to start that journey again i’m over it so yeah we’re back in the two strokes and why didn’t she continue to ride the ktm well as she progressed the biggest

Limiting factor always for her has been her size she is five foot even five foot zero that’s it that’s all she’s got yeah we struggled a lot on a particular ride in arizona where you just didn’t have the option to touch on either side so she was just getting launched off the bike every way and it’s just always been an issue she just can’t touch so she’d have to

Hang her leg off and it’s doable like i’ve made it doable so far but when we got out to arizona the riding is like you said very different than what it is here and i’ve made it doable to ride here you know when i come to a stop you have to look and scan to see where you can put your feet and even on some single track you know i’ve made it doable and short i dump

It like and i would say probably 95 of the time i dump it because i can’t touch or i’m already stopped and i dump it the dirt’s a lot softer here i’ll say that and when you’re doing single track out in arizona and it’s all rocks and you’re biffing your bike and destroying it touching became more of a priority sounds weird no that’s right so why didn’t we lower the

Ktm at the end of the day while you can get almost two inches out of the pds bikes you still have the large frame so ergonomically it’s still huge and that’s where we thought more about the x-trainer what else is out there and the x-trainer the ergonomics it is actually a smaller bike overall not just the seat height it is actually a smaller bike so why don’t we

Just try it if you don’t like it then we’ll go back to the ktm we’ll keep it around and we’ll see what happens but because i didn’t really ever have like i didn’t have trouble picking up that bike for the most part sure it gets exhausting but like i probably picked it up 15 times in a ride by myself like completely by myself but why struggle like if you don’t have

To let’s try it see if it does make that big of a difference you’ll never know until you try i guess we should start at the beginning on how we even came across this bike yeah i was gonna get to that because it’s kind of interesting but yeah so we talked about it past few weeks that was kind of the direction that we were headed we were looking at them on facebook

Marketplace i was calling dealerships seeing what they had available and then we went to vintage days last weekend crazy weekend crazy weekend one for the books dude look at that trailer full of bikes oh dude look x-trainer oh it’s for sale 21 dude it’s clean oh dude it says it’s never been ridden yeah what do you think it looks good right now yeah this is zero

Kilometers did he just buy it and literally never ride it or just intend it on time no he just he bought it he was gonna ride it but he has a tm 300. okay so he rides that motocross one and he’s short like her oh that’s why i was like it looks lower than factory yeah i got the factory stuff in the box here pretty nice 20 21 zero hours never been ridden never i was

Like ah the heavens just shine down on this bike the sun was glistening off of it and so we stopped and we started talking to the guy and then we realized not only was it for sale but it already had the factory lowing kit with the chopped springs in the front she sat on it and what was her first impressions that i could put both my tippy toes on each side yeah she

Could touch on both sides for the first time yeah i think that boom completely changed her perspective and just the overall size she could tell that it was small yeah i don’t know everything’s just yeah miniature like it’s all downscale this is exactly what that’s supposed to be that’s who it’s marketed for so we ended up talking to the guy we threw a deposit on

It we went and took the helix to grab some cash came back and that’s the story that we found a beta x trainer at vintage days yeah so this guy had actually bought this bike lowered it and then decided that he had another bike that he rode more and never rode this what were your first impressions overall you hopped on it you started it up and you rode off into the

Madness what were you thinking what was your first experience like um that it was similar like as far as the power goes like it’s smooth i did almost dump it as soon as i got on it because the clutch engagement is much further out so i was just like waiting and waiting and waiting but otherwise i felt much more comfortable on it because it felt like a smaller bike

You could absolutely tell sitting on it that it feels like that and him riding it other friends riding it they say it has well for people that are a normal sized frame say it has a similar feel as a trials bike so and even the power delivery too you’ll notice on this bike the pipe size it’s a lot smaller so it’s a lot more tame than some of the other two strokes

So it was designed to be like that you know it was designed as more of a trials bike as far as the power delivery and stuff like that and it’s really but it still has plenty of power oh yeah it’s still 300 yeah i mean come on and you can also throw the double r pipe on there and re-jet it and unlock all of the power so might do that in the future i don’t know but

For now this bike is perfect her demeanor changed completely once she hopped on it and actually wrote it and realized man like what have i been missing out on but i will say that yes we considered this bike back in the day but i think we were looking back in 2018 2019 and they were not counter balanced i i did tell him that i would not go back to like something that

Was not counterbalanced now that i’ve been on the ktm i rode my brother’s beta 300rr that’s not counterbalanced and it is a big difference and even this does have a little bit more vibration than the ktm but it’s yeah completely manageable once you’ve rode one and then you try to go back it just doesn’t work there really is a big difference and i know how people

Comment and like oh i’m a road mine dude i’ve rode all of them you know the surecos the betas the gas gas the frickin ktm and like once you feel the counterbalance it’s a world of difference they are so smooth so that’s kind of why we nixed that back in the day do i think she still would have been fine with it yeah yes absolutely but it was just kind of a another

Reason why we tried out the ktm for her and once again she still did fine on that bike she could have got it lowered she could have spent more time on it she could have got a lot better i do see a lot of your guys’s comments and a lot of them are kind of silly a lot of people freaking out like why is she on such a big bike and like at the end of the day while this

Does fit you better it could have been fine either way yeah absolutely i’ve progressed a lot on that bike and gained a lot of skill a lot of confidence on that bike but there was always that lack of being able to touch and that wasn’t going to change and even with lowering it but this was a really crazy opportunity that kind of we’re here this is what we’ve been

Talking about we might as well buy it now it was a great price counterbalance 2021 zero hours literally couldn’t have been a better combination of factors so yeah i think the bike was made for i’m glad we made this decision and i think it’s going to work out better for her overall so what are my thoughts on the bike like coming from the ktms and riding the best of

The best i really like this thing looking at some of the things that they put on this bike let’s start with the ground up they put a decent set of tires on it it’s got a 140 rear tire some shinko enduros really good tire brand new also it is oil injected so old school snowmobile pre-mixed injection style and it’s a convenience thing i know a lot of people delete

It because they feel better about mixing their own gas if that mechanism were to ever fail i’m not saying that’s not possible but i think for now and in the future we’re just going to run it as is because why not it’s convenient also this thing is factory street legal so it comes with an mc title turn signals horn high beam low beam brake light it is convenient

If you’re ever riding connecting trails and you want to be street legal street legal from the factory two-stroke wealth does that mm-hmm pretty cool absolutely i like the seat design i like how the handles are integrated into the back there so it’s nice to have a place to pick it up from when you inevitably drop it it’s a push button it’s tool-less pop the seat

Off fill your oil up you know get your battery everything is definitely pretty accessible comes factory with a fan i think you really do get a lot for your money do they cut corners here and there maybe a little bit i mean you got nissin brakes but you got a brembo clutch originally that’s what beta was all about is good fun at a cheaper price but they’ve really

Grown a lot as a company over the years and i’ve heard great things with their customer service and overall it’s a good looking bike i think a lot of time and energy and development has been put into this bike and i’m excited to see where it takes her as a rider yeah absolutely overall would i still rather be on a ktm probably but like i said they don’t care about

The shorter riders i don’t know what they’re doing with the free ride they need to bring something back that’s marketed because there is a market man there’s a lot of girls out there especially now within the last what five years there’s been a lot more females getting into riding so even males i mean he was short yeah so there really needs to be more emphasis

On companies making bikes for shorter people yeah but not the compromises of having to get a lower powered bike or not a full size a trail bike smaller wheels there needs to be more options so thank you beta for offering this bike we’re excited to ride the piss out of it and see how it does and yeah i’ll show you guys the bike that i’m gonna be riding soon other

Than that snap you wanna go hop on and go for a ride let’s do it sweet and one thing that i was gonna mention is that the brake lever and the shifter are definitely closer to the foot pegs and that’s something i definitely noticed because i had to like pick my feet up and move them closer when i was standing to ride but which again wasn’t a big deal small feet

Big feet big feet water skis big meat okay let’s go ride yeah shout out to click chairs get you one uh um

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