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What is the best US state for living and dirt bike riding? I need your help.

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This is my daddy and yeah and you are watching dirted – that’s right alright guys so today i was planning to go for a ride my cane was ready but you know married guy i decided to stay home we’ll have a little fun with my kids but i still wanted to do the video and i especially want to hug one of you guys that ask me a question so today i need your help to answer

One of us so stick around i got this question in the comment section recently actually it was today and guy from alaska his name is rock star wolf he’s asking me on a channel alright so here we go nice video man i have a question what’s the best state to riding no rules just freedom unlike california here in alaska there’s tons of places to ride there’s trails

Over so you could just leave your house you want to go okay babu come bye bye alright so the only problem is the economy is terrible up here crime drugs summers are very short so i was just wondering because i won’t be living here forever for those exact reasons so the rock star wolf is looking for new home right he’s asking what is that what is the best best state

To live when you want to ride a dirtbag you want the freedom without a lot of rules at the same time you want to have good weather yeah please don’t touch the camera so you want to have a good weather and also you want to have low crime you want to have all over nice package and i don’t really know about all the states here in america right i used to live in some

Other states but but the only state what is your turn which stated thing is the best all right so i only ride everybody in california and i like it but also there are things that i don’t like so i like that the weather is amazing i think you can’t beat california weather i can write twelve months in a year it’s february i was writing this money it’s in january i

Was writing in december i was writing it’s possible to ride all the time here and the only downside is that you have all these red stickers and green stickers they are trying to change it even more build even more streaks so it’s not so easy not as simple to ride you need to pay your registration if you are stopped by the ranger so that the freedom is maybe not as

Skilled as some other states but the weather is great and also places where you can go riding you can you can really choose from many different places there is a lot of good high quality motocross tracks out there motocross tracks you can go and pay 25 bucks 30 bucks and you have a lot of fun there or you can go into into a mountain to the forest or you can go in

And sand dunes into the desert so you can choose many different terrains that’s really great about california let that’s why i know i know california now i know there are different stays where you have different kinds of riding what i miss here in california is to go riding in a would do this hill climbs in the middle of the trees you know have this big trees zia

Please don’t touch the camera so i’ve been riding with my brothers in new york state and it’s so much fun over there it’s different but it’s a lot of fun so i wanted to know what do you guys think what is the best state to live in if dirt by riding is high on your priorities you want to have a stay where it’s good to ride go to own bike and also crime and economy

And jobs and prices and taxes and probably fuel feel pressed as well everything is good so let’s help out wolf from alaska to find a good place for him to move let us know what is the best state that you think where you live what is good about it what is bad about it so really hope that together you know we can come up with the best place to live ride dirt bikes

And raise family alright my friend well that’s about it for today originally i wanted to ride a dirt bike and do a video like that but yeah i didn’t work out it is still fun we went to get some candy you’re having fun together yeah we have some candy let me know below in the comment section please many of you who have opinion about is made of cereal in a comment

Section i we like to know for myself – what are other states like how is writing like how is the freedom and everything else on the dirt bags and around the living so maybe in the future who knows and you never know alright my friends thanks for watching thanks for participating and don’t forget whatever you do stay motivated see you guys later

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What is the best US state for living and dirt bike riding? I need your help. By Dirt N Iron