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Why Adults SHOULD Ride Motocross | Dirt Bikes

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In this video we’re going to talk about why i personally think that motocross is a great sport for adults if you haven’t seen our kid video it’s pretty cool too so make sure you go back and check out the kid video even as an adult i think you can learn a thing or two there but guess what i’m an adult and i love motocross and i know a lot of people that do i just

Don’t think most people think about why they do so in this video i’m just going to go over a few things that if you’re thinking about getting to the sport this may be super valuable to you to make that next step or take that little nudge off the edge and get you a dirt bike so the first thing that we’re going to talk about it’s physical i feel like as humans we’re

Getting softer and softer and just softer sitting on the couch eating especially with everyone just you know having to stay home to stay safe or whatever they call it you just kind of you’re getting a little soft we’re all we’re all a little bit guilty of it so it gets you outside and get your heart rate moving blood flowing body going every direction uh muscles

Working it’s physical i think everyone needs to have something physical in their life why not do something physical that’s fun that’s the first thing i think is super important the second and most awesome thing is it’s outdoors again we’ve been stuck inside let’s get outdoors right let’s get outdoors just getting some fresh air get around some trees get some shade

Hang out with the friends it’s just nice to be outdoors if you’ve never been on a nice long hike in somewhere air some area that’s real pretty you should probably do that one but it’s just ah just makes you feel better that same way with motocross you get outside hang out set your tent up with the bike on the stand your kickback drink and a cold one cold water

It’s just nice it’s just nice you know the third thing is community we all seek community right and if you don’t have community likely you have a little depression added in there right because as humans we were meant to be together right we traveled in tribes way back when and now we’re just trying to figure out our place in the world the motocross community

Is a great community everyone’s super friendly just watch out for the crazy mini dads you’ve heard me say it once i’ll say it a million the mini dads you may want to avoid some of them are great most of them are crazy yeah so think about it when you’re in school you’re assigned all these humans that you either develop a friendship with or decide you don’t want

To but they’re there there’s a community of people that you can either rely on or talk to or just become friends with and then when you become an adult you get spit off in this world of getting a job and you know maybe your job is work from home that’s a very common thing everyone’s working from home we need community we need to figure out how we can go hang

Out with friends and that’s why i think gyms are really nice places because you get there and especially gyms that are a little more community oriented you get there you’re getting the good endorphins flowing just like you do with motocross hanging out with the buddies it becomes an addiction right because it feels good we need to feel good we need to feel less

Depressed less stressed out less flabby you know we’re all guilty of having a couple extra bon bons but we need community i think it’s good for us the next thing i want to talk about is motivation as adults it’s easy to lose your motivation i’m guilty of it i promise i sit here right in front of you right now i did a little mountain bike ride this morning hour and

A half felt like death six months ago cut a row for four hours no problem right so you we lose that motivation as human beings because things take our time and take our emotional energy so we need something in our life that we’re motivated enough to do to get physical right to load up the bike to go do it to go get out in community right and usually that comes

From things that are challenging if you learn how to ride a dirt bike you know there’s a lot ahead of you you’ve got a long ways to go before you’re riding like the people that are at the track where you go see right so it’s motivating like it gets you going i think it’s so important the last thing and there’s many but the last thing that i’ve got today is it’s

Just downright fun right we need to be having fun we need to live our lives i see so many adults just walking around moping around in a job they don’t like probably in a relationship they don’t like maybe even had some kids they don’t like with the person that they met at a job that they don’t like oh gosh we need to go out and have some fun right we got to have

Some fun so it’s a good sport for that there’s a lot of variables you can go trail ride in colorado or in the mountains you can go to the motocross track and ride big jumps you can just hang out it’s a fun sport there’s this term that carson our camera guy really loves to use and i think it’s great it’s he likes he likes the idea of throttle therapy and there

Couldn’t be a better description for riding a motorcycle right there’s a couple things that happen when you go ride the dirt bike your adrenaline starts to flow your blood starts to flow your heart rate rises and you work your muscles all of those things are going to produce those good endorphins that we’re all looking for we’re usually looking for those in the

Wrong place but this is a place where you can get them all at once throttle therapy is a real thing and you need to feel it if you like this video we have like a million more videos so you can check those out right carson yeah that’s what i’m saying if you’re an adult thinking about getting into this sport highly suggest it we hope to see you soon

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