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You Wont Believe What I Bought! *NEW DIRT BIKE?*

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Hey miller yo if we take any longer we’re gonna be late buddy listen you said nine you showed up at like 8 54. look it’s it it’s 8 58. what dude it’s freaking 904. this car’s seven year thousand years it’s 904. i’ll trust myself 904.904 bro 858 904. all right boys we made it let’s go get a bike dude this is a lot of money this is it dude oh my gosh bro this

Thing looks way better in person give me the rundown i mean you’ve talked to me on the phone about it and i’ve only seen pictures so we got this as a trade-in from a customer from virginia yeah no sorry in atlanta and uh he picked up a 2019 yz2 df and he had this for about a year bought it with 50 hours on it yeah and then he sold to us with 63.4 hours on it he got

Hurt on it and it was out for a whole year so basically the neck itself like i did or no not his leg but his his collarbone oh my god so is that bad luck already oh you got hurt and then he’s like i just want to go to 250. um so you’ve had to put any hours on it he said he put new tires on there topping’s still fresh we got it into a compression test we got 165 psi

Which is right in the money spot for 425 compression cool um then we did the forks because they were leaking and then he put the new pro circuit pipe on okay didn’t have any he had one spring on there and he didn’t have the o-rings in there so it was just dumping out this glue stick yeah it looks clean looks dialed it’s gonna be a whole different ball game to me bro

To be way different not used to the two-stroke life yeah can we get it outside yeah i wanna i wanna listen to it take a few laps in the backyard if you don’t mind but i buy a new suspension you buy new bikes oh he’s got a one-ups dude it’s gonna be so crispy and it’s crispy outside i’m so hyped damn bro graphics are fresh on it okay so where’s the electric start

At uh it’s on your right foot look at that pressure dude i don’t know if we mentioned this but this is a 144 big boy cat on here so like it’s a little bit more than your typical 125. i don’t want this to fall out of my pocket so let’s do it that later but just hold on let’s see if he eats at first lap dude your neighbors don’t get pissed wow right back

Picks up i saw a grab and you were holding on it’s fun yeah it’s a lot of fun right on the right side of that cone it’s a little deeper so you can actually lean it in right side of the gun show me how to take that corner probably not now you don’t have your roost deflector on so be careful not cold is a lot more used to the two-stroke life than i am but he’s got

That 2022 i think husky i think so sexy dude i can’t get over that sound this sounds so good what do you think it’s badass bro is it more than you expected yeah i can’t feel my hands so cold it’s a little chilly outside we got 120s i wouldn’t recommend throwing those on the ones i was thinking about just trying to get a 110 since it’s 100 on it right now there you

Go okay i would um it’s up to you well i don’t know tires i know dunlops that’s all i never ran so check them out they’re all one rides from clubs a club they swap their tires every ride which is insane that’s a little extreme don’t you say yeah but do you see what they’re doing dude i’m doing same sponsor you man that’s what i’m saying now guys we got the bike

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Let’s get checked and without further ado i’m going to let you guys go ahead and get back to the video thank you so much for let’s get checked for sponsoring today’s video back to the program all right guys we’re uh we’re at mo’s house we got the store on and we got dylan here as well to help put on some graphics i got my new graphics ends from total performance

Graphic mo likes to do this thing where he buys stuff and he doesn’t tell me about it as much as i ask him he won’t tell me so i started doing that remember so i’ve been hiding these graphics from from about like two weeks now so i’m about to get his initial reaction here i’m just gonna let you open them up oh dylan you gotta get over here too wait dylan has a

Funeral well he’s on the mock-up but it looks way better in person so i already see blue though so yeah that’s what color of the table no off all right here oh bro oh dude crap okay fire right that’s sick that’s fire that’s gonna be sick bro that goes hard bro right you know how to clean his tick tock outside i mean what that is so sick damn bro that’s gonna

Go crazy number plates kind of like retro yeah that retro well okay that was the whole like vibe behind it i wanted to do like a retro vibe i got the inspiration from uh chase’s uh micro oh really yeah and i was whenever i saw that i was like yeah it kind of looks like a little bit so that’s what i was telling uh neil my guy at total performance i was like dude

Like chase’s micro is like so sick it has that old school retro vibe and how cool would it be to have something so modern look kind of have like a retro look to it we’re gonna start piecing this thing together um it’s a little bit cold outside so we might have to bust out the heat gun for a couple uh couple of these graphics but we’ll just see how it goes it’s

Gonna be a long process dylan’s mainly going to be doing a lot of work because i can’t put a sticker on the back of a truck straight for some reason so let’s get a show on the road all right guys we’re back at mo’s house and dude take a look at these graphics these things came out so sick moe what do you think i honestly can’t thank the guys enough at total

Performance graphics they’ve hooked me up in the past with the pit bike as you guys saw with the pit bike build pit by graphics were so sick came out so clean for the homies out there that actually stayed to the end of the videos we’ll recognize this christianly little signature that i put at the end the just ride going across the the framed frame

Battery action you got the retro number plate look right here with kind of that vintage yellow 22 that’s my number but dude it came out so good uh matching with the just ride key tag of course thrill seeker fanny you know how hard that is to line up make sure this lines up like directly across right that’s a frame separated by a battery then separated by it goes

Together with another frame so right that’s nuts bro these guys are right here tpg total performance graphics i gotta say that the best graphics in the business and uh through me you can actually use my code lead 10 for 10 off which is really cool so that’s something i can actually just give to you guys for supporting me go get you some graphics use code lead 10

Get 10 off as you can tell we didn’t put the front four guards on quite yet and that’s because this guy loves on me he he loves on me any any physical way possible check out what he got fox 40s baby what but foxboard he’s paired with baddest shock you can buy boys ext you’re just on everybody can you guys see the metallic blake in there oh my gosh how much

How much did you a lot a lot a lot let’s just say that a lot as some of you guys may know the fox 40s are have always been kind of like the top tier like suspension for like mountain bike suspension what not but a lot of people have been putting them on their sauron and they just look so good it’s such like a flax changer oh that’s nice i forgot to order that oh

My gosh bro i think i’m gonna have to get that mo rides a lot harder than i do but he he the problem is with mo is he’s been breaking belts i don’t know what your problem is i don’t know if it’s because you stopped running the uh the cover right here that protects the belt area if you just ride so hard and like whenever you land it compresses and it puts a lot of

Tension on the belt and it causes it to fray and break but this this kid’s been through like three belts already and we’ve had our sirons for maybe three months like it’s actually ridiculous so him upgrading into a chain drive was much necessary i’m gonna order a kit like right now and and get mine on the way as you guys know my suspension is absolutely clapped out

On my bike he just got this fresh set of 40s right here so he was like yo do you want to throw on my old stock suspension so you can actually ride that you know where the suspension actually comes back up this is so bad it doesn’t even it doesn’t rebound all right boys we just got it the new i guess not new new to me you’re old stock stuff wow dude that’s gonna

Feel so different listen guys christian hasn’t had suspension in like two months it’s been a long time so i came just getting back like just some travel he’s gonna be like oh my god yeah what the oh it’s because you loosened it remember so much better but what’s wrong with light dude no i did it i what the you missed the wire look no show the oh yeah sorry it’s

Ripped bro wait oh it’s done for dude i don’t know what to do no there’s no rerouting it’s done it’s done the wire snapped junior it’s good anymore gosh i love the light that was my favorite thing on the lights so no the lights cool oh pretty cool drinking smoking that’s something i do i’ve been hiding all of my emotions that’s something i do all i do is ride now

Like he maintenances it everything so you gotta he clean his crew yeah he’s gonna start editing next week baby it’s brandon price 2.0 you want to take i think for another i’m gonna take it for one more rip real quick just to make sure you know all good oh but he said yamaha yamaha helmet turn around nice bro

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You Won't Believe What I Bought! *NEW DIRT BIKE?* By Christian Lee