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Today we are reviewing my new Yz 125 Dirt Bike! I really think this is the best Dirt Bike ever!

Of my 20 2006 yz-125 i don’t know why i said 20 but we lit let’s get it yo what is up guys it’s your boy liz aka motor bro and today we’re doing a review of my 125 yz two-stroke and it’s gonna be flippin lit let’s get it gang all righty gang so today we’re gonna be reviewing this beautiful specimen of a bike i’ll be telling you guys the ups and the downs of

Owning this bike and if i like it i’ve had this bike for about three months now so i’m gonna give you guys my review but let’s hit this sand section let’s start talking about the upside we’ll we’ll start with the good and then we’ll end with the bad about this bike so the first thing i love about this bike is how light it is when i’m telling you this yz is

The lightest bike out of all my bikes i am not lying bro i feel like this bike is almost as light as my pit bike if not lighter than my pit bike which is crazy because it’s like a full-size bike and then with that lightweightness it got it got power bro it has so much torque y’all hear that bro like being lightweight as hell and being a two-stroke makes it so

Torquey and so powerful for just being a 125 like this bike literally feels like a mini 450 but let me show you all the bike real quick it’s a nice little area so yeah this is the beautiful specimen of a yz-125 two-stroke right here and um it’s an 06 uh if you guys don’t know it’s super clean they got restyled plastics it’s just such a fun bike for like going

On the street going on the dirt going on trails going to mx park literally this thing can handle it all bro it’s ridiculous the next thing is it’s easy to work on bro look how much root bro i can put my hand almost through the whole engine uh bay area and it’s so flipping easy to work on compared to like a bigger bike like a 450 or like a drz everything gets

So tight and you might be wondering you know moto bro what are the wheelie capabilities on this bike and i really think like if you understand how to do wheelies and you got that back brake control and you got your throttle control let’s say you start on a pit bike and you’re getting pretty dialed on the pit bike moving to yz-125 will be perfect bro you’re

Definitely gonna have to get used to the power because like like look i don’t have to clutch up it just pulls up you see how it just pulls up you definitely gotta get used to the power but it’s so lightweight and it’s so easy to maneuver around like i go to the right i go to the left it’s just such an easy bike to move wherever you want which coming off a drz

That’s probably the hardest bike to swerve i really think the drcs are one of the hardest bikes to swerve not counting sport bikes four bikes was like a whole nother level but swerving a drz it’s so heavy with the supermoto tires it gets pretty rough so being able to like swerve on this by just like barely leaning to the left and it just wants to go i love

It all right let’s get into uh some of the downfalls one of the main downfalls it’s not even a downfall it’s just the maintenance you got to keep up with your maintenance so you got to be doing your transmission oil your spark plug you got to be mixing gas just little things and she should be running super crisp it’s definitely a lot more maintenance than

Like a drz but once you get in like a 450 dirt bike and 125 i feel like they’re similar maintenance the 125 might be even easier to maintenance than a 450 but you’re probably gonna have to do a little more maintenance on your 125 compared to a 450 but when you’re doing the maintenance it’s easier on the 125 because there’s so much room all right let’s shred

For a second oh i’m telling you bro this bike rips it’s so goddamn fast well let’s hit this little bridge wheelie first a little gear in the beginning it’s a little windy out but you can you can ride this thing so slow look how slow i’m going like you can literally go so damn slow i guess that’s another downfall if you would want to say is the weight because

When it gets a little windy like it’s not even crazy windy out today but when it’s a little windy like the wind is pushing you around for sure like that’s how sensitive this bike is like you barely lean it look i’m straight i’m going straight watch i lean a little bit to the left you see how you see how easy it is to swerve that was like a tiny lean to the left

Like i barely even you can go way sharper than that you know oh you see how it gives that kick you got to be careful bro cause this thing will boot you if you ain’t careful that that two-stroke power will bend you on your butt compared to a four stroke combos on this thing are definitely a lot harder you can’t really keep your throttle like steady you always

Got to be chopping it a little bit which is a little different than a four stroke like superman’s on a four stroke or a hundred times actually a million times easier than a two-stroke but there’s just something if you have ran in a two-stroke you all know there’s something about a two-stroke that like i don’t know bro it just it’s so fun you can literally go

Wherever you want i love it bro it’s freaking dope man yes sir bro we were on the grass onto the road and then a freaking gust of wind just pushed me yo peep out the back tire right now i literally have like no tread on oh crap i’m getting some of my chain lube is splatting onto my tire bruh we don’t want that so this is my overflow tube let me show you guys

Real quick this is my overflow tube for the gas usually it runs directly under the bike below the shock but i put mine all the way to the back so when i’m wheeling i get no gas on my rear wheel which can get very slippery so gang i’m gonna do a little walk around of my yz-125 just to show you how she’s looking right now this is after three months of owning

This amazing bike so let’s get into it i got the whole bike pretty much stock set up that’s how i want to keep it um the only thing that i might need soon is a new chain because it’s sort of getting some kinks in it but besides that bro look how pretty this bike is dude look at the motor like dude you can’t you literally for an 06 bro this is over 10 years

Old think about that this bike is over 10 years old and almost looks like a brand new 2021 yz just ridiculous and they haven’t since o5 they pretty much haven’t changed the bike at all it’s pretty much the same old yz from 05 to 21 so when i seen this bike i was like i gotta grab it bro and this being my first yz ever i am super excited i pulled the trigger

On this bike like this thing is so much fun i totally recommend it bro 9 out of 10 to get this bike even if you don’t even pull like wheel skis and stuff and you just want to go on trails and hit like mx tracks i feel like this is the perfect beginner bike for that too so just enough power super light it helps you learn how to control the bike how to maneuver

The bike i don’t know it’s flipping dope yo that family was so stoked i waved to him bro all righty gang i hope you enjoyed this video the review of my yz-125 like i said i’ve owned this bike for about three months so this is like a three-month review of it it’s literally my favorite bike i own right now so if you’re in the market for a yz-125 you’re like hey

I don’t know if i should do it i’m telling you pull the trigger do it you’re gonna love it but remember stay motivated we have merch in the description down below i freaking love you we’re posting every other day and we post some bakers until next time you

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