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Hi Guys, and welcome back to the channel this times its all about summarising the Ducati Multistrada V4S after my 12 months of owning it. What will I think is she a keeper ???

Foreign hi guys and welcome back to the channel so i’ve owned this ducati multistrada v4s for 12 months now so i thought i’d bring you a quick review so sit back relax and enjoy the video foreign so let’s start with the aesthetics guys i’ve got to say i’m super pleased with the look of this bike that’s one of the reasons i went for it in the first place i

Might sound a little bit biased but the italians certainly know how to design a motorbike and this adventure tour is second to none it stands out from the crowd and it looks super cool the mighty v4 engine for those that have been following my channel would know that i’ve got a ducati street fighter v4s i found that engine to be superb and i couldn’t wait for it to

Come out in the multistrada super smooth super powerful 170 brake horsepower you don’t need any more in these bikes and again i’ve been super happy with the brembo styling my calipers they’ve worked really well put them on the track work fantastic it did eat the brake pads up on track though if you’ve not seen that video i’ll pop the link in the description it’d

Be interesting to see what you guys are doing as in their replacement pads if you’re just stuck with the brembos if you’ve gone for a different brand let me know in the comments below as for the tires again they’ve absolutely been fantastic for what i’ve been using it for um it’s nice to do this 12 month review where we’ve been in all sorts of weather they’ve been

Great in the rain they’ve been great on track you can see the evidence there from the the donington park track day that i did um i mean there’s guys out there i’ve seen these on the on the track that have been pushing a lot harder than me and they’ve been super happy with them i’ve done 4 200 miles on these and they’ve still got plenty of wear in them so again let

Me know what you guys think would you stick with the trail 2 scorpion pirellis or if you found something better pop it in the comments below right tank range so yeah all in all we all know these bikes are really bad on fuel i’ll be honest it’s not been a problem for me i’ve never got to the point where i’ve been like panicking because i’m running out i feel i didn’t

Buy it because it does how many miles to the gallon i think that was the least of my worries we’ve got 170 brake v4 engine in there it’s an absolute beast of a bike if if you’re worried about fuel consumption then you wouldn’t buy one of these bikes i know ducati have bought out their rally version so you can get the 30 liter tank now my only concern would that be

Is how much top heavy that would be they can be a little bit top heavy these bikes when you’re moving around etc i’m not sure i’d certainly want to be taking it off-road with 30 liters of fuel in the top um but all in all it’s not been a problem for me so i’ve been impressed with the screen as well that’s been kind of working really well on the on the motorways

Etc easy just to pop up and and get that adjustment there um if you’re a taller guy probably might not work so well me at five foot nine has been absolutely perfect just enough to duck behind and and just get out that wind so one thing i have added on this bike which is a bit of a negative is buffering but i’ll be honest i’ve been doing some crazy speeds with the

Luggage being on it as well and uh you get a little bit of wobble a little bit of shake and so i’m if you are you know going to be riding at some some high speeds with with the luggage with the screen up you will get it and i’m sure you’ll get it on all of these big bikes um i guess you could put like a steering damper on uh certainly if you’re going to ride it

On track i’d say put a put a steering damper on that just might eliminate that you’ve got the radar system for the adaptive cruise control i’ve been super impressed with this i’ve done a couple of like long motorway runs and this works absolutely superb i’m well impressed i’m sure you’ll start to see it on all the manufacturers in the near future but when you sat

On their motorways this will break for you this will increase your speed cruise control is good but adaptive cruise control has got to be better especially when you’re following people in a group and they’re not always keeping a steady speed this will just do all the work for you so if you’re sitting on the motorway a lot or you’re using it for commuting then yeah

Definitely get the one with the radar system on and we’ve also got the blind spot indication in the mirrors again i’m sure you’ll start to see this on more bikes within the future okay as you can see i’ve kept the exhaust standard on this bike this is the v4s it didn’t come with the full system i’ve got the radar system on this i didn’t go for the carbon mud guard

And i didn’t go for the um akropovich exhaust system purely on the basis that i know we now live in this world where we’ve got to be euro five compliant it doesn’t draw too much attention to myself so i did another test with a friend of mine that had got the acro can on it uh i’ll pop that link in the description as well i’ll be honest i wasn’t impressed with the

Difference so i wasn’t prepared to spend the money if you if you want some noise out these bikes you’ve got to get the full system on it and that’ll probably set you back over three and a half thousand pound i’m absolutely loving this skyhook suspension as well semi-active everything you can do on the fly um to go from the tour into the sports modes really good

You can really feel the difference well i’ve used it on the track you can put it in maximum settings and really stiffen the front and the rear up um very impressed when we’ve got a pillion on the back as well and now they’ve got that feature where you can reduce it into a minimum preload uh so you can get your feet down a little bit flatter if you’re a little

Bit shorter in the leg so the heated grips work well i use them all the time to be honest i’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cold the seated seat i kind of wish they’ve got a medium setting on that you’ve sort of got a low and a high uh the low is absolutely ample the high just burns your ass so um hopefully on a software update they might just drop another

Setting in there so something on the bike that i’ve not been overly bothered about and not really used is this little compartment here where you can put your phone it only works if you’ve got a really small phone you can’t even get an iphone normal size one in there it has got a usb there um i mean all i tend to put in here for uh is a pen it drops down quite five

You’re going to chuck a gear in anything like that then um you know you’ve got some sort of long fingers to get it back out so the crash bars are one of the features i put on the bike i’ll be honest i know some people think it ruins the look of the bike me personally you just don’t notice them after a while i don’t know how effective they are i’ve not dropped the

Bike yet hopefully we won’t find that out in the near future and but i’m sure they’re going to offer some sort of protection i love all the electronics on this bike the fuel gauge works really well i know ducati had a problem in the past with some of their other other models i used to have a 1200 monster in the the fuel gauges were just so temperamental on those

So the fuel gauge has been really up here i’m super impressed with the screen been really clear i have put a screen protector on there as well which is actually gives it a little bit of a different look so i’d probably recommend getting a screen protector on um but electronics work really well i know we’ve got the ducati connect which works with the sigi cap

To bring your navigation on the screen i’ll be honest i think it’s absolutely rubbish it’s one of the bad things about this bike um that’s why i’ve ended up going for the tomtom um and eva tech setup which has worked kind of well um either tech have done a fantastic job with this this bracket that just fits nicely behind the screen and i think you can get one

For the garmin and you get one for the tomtom i just tend to put the sat nav on when i’m going on the longer distances and i don’t think it spoils the look and as for the city cap yeah i don’t i just thought it was absolutely pointless and just over complicated didn’t work so i don’t know anybody that’s actually bothered with it i did a video on that as well i’ll

Pop that link in the description if you want to know more about that so once is it like for the pillion well i wouldn’t know this is the first time i’ve been on the back of my own bike but to be honest the seat feels really comfortable you’ve got these grab rails here and you’ve got the top box on the back which i think super important if you are going to do some

Distance it’s got a bit of a backrest there as well but that kind of feels really comfortable as as good as the actual sort of riding seat as well so the good thing about the rear seat as well it’s got an independent switch there between your legs that you can use to turn it on and off in them colder winter months so there we go guys that’s my little feedback for

The 12 month review on this bike the ducati multistrada v4s it’s very hard to say negative things about this bike every time i go on it it puts a smile on my face it’s so well built and performs absolutely fantastic whether it’s on track or on the road and the other good thing is you can use it all year round so we’ve got the autumn and the winter months coming

Up now and we can still use this bike all year round so i hope you like the video guys if you’re not subscribed to the channel please do say give a like and i’ll see in the next one

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