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1995 Ducati 900 SS/SP – The Gentlemans Cafe Racer

What’s crackin fam. Today, we take my Uncle’s Ducati for a little spin on some twisty roads. I had a lot of fun riding this motorcycle; there’s something about the old desmodue l-twins that tickles my fancy that can’t be put in words. It’s similar to riding a Moto Guzzi Cafe racer. The Italian flair adds something to the riding experience that’s hard to express. Enjoy!

Good morning folks today we’re reviewing a 1995 ducati 900 ss sp and as you can see this bike is in very good condition my uncle bought it from i think one of the original owners of one of the very very few owners it does have a little bit of engine work done it has some head porting has some cams so we’re close to 100 crank horsepower on this bike and this bike

Being a 95 it is carbureted and we can see she’s only at 26 000 miles and boy is she clean got some carbon bits got an exhaust on it she sounds great cue the b-roll all righty first impressions i mean definitely a little bit cramped but not too bad i got that classic ducati sound got the dry clutch yes siree now unfortunately we’re gonna be riding towards the

Sun guys i apologize this is my uncle he’s on a ducati scrambler which we’re also gonna be doing a review on oh sounds good boys initial impressions is this pretty aggressive seating position feels like a sport bike to be honest i guess that was the point of this bike you know back in the day i probably did more research on this bike but anyways we’re gonna

Go get some gas guys i’m gonna shut the camera off and uh when we get out to dev valley road i’ll go ahead and give my feedback on the bike all right guys we’re cruising on the freeway at about 80. this speedo is definitely fast i just want to give a quick impression of the freeway this bike is actually on the freeway pretty comfortable you know now that i’m

On the freeway and go a little faster and i got the wind holding me up a little bit the seating position doesn’t seem all that aggressive anymore it actually seems pretty comfortable and uh we’re cruising at about 4 000 rpm so i mean the gearing is definitely perfect for just chilling i mean it’ll go to nine grand all right guys we’re out here on this road we

Got a little traffic up here so i give you some quick feedback i mean the motor on this bike is so lovely it’s just so playful i mean you could just roll into it and it’s got it’s got a little bit of punch down low and then when you downshift oh it sounds so good but so far i’ve been in the saddle for about half an hour or so and it’s pretty comfortable this

Thing isn’t too bad the riding position isn’t so aggressive that you feel like you need to get off it immediately this is a great bike if i could compare it to any other v-twin sport tour type of bike i would say it’s like a sv6 it’s in between sv 650 and a sp-1000 if they had better suspension and better brakes that’s what it feels like it’s got more torque

And more get up than sv but it doesn’t have quite the top end pull the sd-1000 so far i’m really enjoying this motorcycle everybody um about another half hour or so we’re gonna hit the twisties here and uh i’ll see you guys in a little bit all right boys we’re at the twisties i’m not gonna be talking too much while we’re hitting the curves again this is not my

Motorcycle so i’m not gonna be pushing the envelope here but uh i’m gonna hit the twisties and then i’ll give you guys the thoughts on the bike so excellent brakes great engine excellent thrust out of the corners so speed up for the turns and down for the straights so hmm this shifter’s in the wrong position i can’t closely shift it it’s too close

To the kickstand okay guys that’s the main part of the twisties i gotta say i really find this bike very enjoyable i see why people become dukatistas it’s a very enjoyable bike to ride it has enough power to get you in trouble but not so much that the bike’s way too fast i mean i think this is about the perfect amount of power these bikes come from the factory

With about 80 horsepower and i think this is the perfect power level 80 to 100 horsepower on a 400 ish pound bike is that that sweet spot but they’re just they’re just so good dude it’s so enjoyable to ride so enjoyable to ride there’s just something to be said about a an old an old classic desmoduvie twin we’ll hop off the bike and take a final look at it i’m

Waiting on my uncle he’s riding on the ducati scrambler which i’m gonna be on in just a short minute here and hopefully he made it through okay but i will say this bike is a little difficult to find neutral i think that’s the case with a lot of uh a lot of motorcycles in general again seating position really good all right boys final thoughts on this bike it is

A extremely enjoyable motorcycle to ride i see why these i see why people get uh kind of obsessed with ducatis they’re very enjoyable bikes to ride this one in particular i think is the perfect bike if you’re at the intermediate or even advanced skill level i mean i think anybody will find this bike really fun to ride the brakes are really good the motor is a gem

To ride and uh it’s a it’s a great sounding classic motorcycle and uh it’s still the looks still hold up even today so uh i think you can’t go wrong with the ducati 900 or even the 800 ss so uh if you see one of these pop up for sale and you’re wondering how good they are they are excellent that’s going to be all for this one folks look forward to the next review

On the scrambler cafe racer peace out folks you

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1995 Ducati 900 SS/SP – The Gentleman's Cafe Racer By Jimmy Kauder