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2011 Ducati 796 Bike Review

A review of the 2011 Ducati 796.

Okay so here it is the ducati monster 796 it’s the middle brother between the six nine six and 1100 the main reason what this bike is here because the american public might think that you know there’s seven nine six monster and a six nine six monster what’s the point well in europe the insurance regulations they tax pretty heavily on pretty big motorcycles above

1,000 ccs and so there are riders in europe who have kind of grown past the six nine six monster and they want something bigger but they can’t afford the monster eleven hundred so ducatis answer is this bike right here it’s got the same seven nine six twin engine of the hypermotard two-valve air-cooled and then it’s got also some other trick bits that the six

Nine six doesn’t have but the 1100 does have kind of like a in between other to the single-sided swingarm something that the six nine six doesn’t have but the bigger brother does brembo monobloc calipers four pistons what else we’ve got kind of small styling package here and there like i said before the wheels are different and the brakes are different the

Suspension is different it’s even sprung a little bit for a heavier rider than the six ninety six but overall i would equate this bike more towards the 1100 and the 696 because the regarding position is about the same you’re not as far-fetched as you were on the old monsters and then yeah it’s really compact the writing style is really compact and the engines

Got more grunt than the six and just a little bit less they’ll have 100 as you would expect and so it’s weird though because sometimes you need to like clutch it and get the revs up before you can really go because it kind of bogs off idle we’re like off of corner exits when you’re getting in the canyons and stuff like that so it’s got traits of both the big

And the small monster but it’s kind of got us the unique style all its own in the canyons here today that’s that small compact feeling mixed with the heavier sprung suspension really makes it a blast to ride around here you wouldn’t think so because it’s got no difference on the front and just preload and rebound no prelim compression in the rear but you know

It scoots around here pretty good it’ll hold a line really well it tips in really good and yeah these diablo rosso pirelli tires they come up the temperature pretty quickly and that got a really good grip for a street tire so all-in-all as a package on paper it looks pretty bland but when you write it in person it’s a really fun motorcycle and then yeah so in

Case you’re wondering why there’s a six nine six and a seven ninety six blame the euros but either eight we get a cool bike this is just a thousand dollars more than the six nine six and so and we don’t have those regulations and the insurance company that the europeans do so there really is no reason sorry tecate to get the six nine six monster when this one

Can pretty much do all that and more but yeah as a as a whole package ducati has a winner for the intermediate and beginner rider right here and even the advanced rider right here 2011 ducati monster 796

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2011 Ducati 796 Bike Review By Tom Roderick