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2012 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo

Hey guys thanks for tuning in this is russell drives coming to you from becky’s pub which is actually my garage but i want to show you something new since i uploaded a video so let’s get right to it okay guys so here’s what i got a 2012 ducati monster 1100 evo so when i was looking for a monster i was actually looking for a red one but this black one came along and

I gotta tell ya i think she’s pretty friggin cool shiny shiny shiny shiny black now of course i added a few little red accents along the way just to kind of hide oh no make the black pop a little bit we’ve got some red brake and clutch couch or levers we got the brake and clutch reservoirs with the red lids and the caddy socks a little bit of red down here with the

Rear brake cover and the oil cap oil fill this bike came with a set of termi mufflers but i took those off and when we go for a ride i’ll i’ll tell you why but the bike just didn’t work right so i put the the stock exhaust back on and it’s working much much better this bike has the single-sided swingarm which i think it’s so cool brakes on this are awesome brembos

On the front here double discs fully adjustable front shocks it’s got the single fully adjustable shock in the back this has actually a this is a two seat but it’s got the cow on here so it gives with the illusion of single side or a single rider which i think is really cool this will probably always stay on i don’t know i think the bikes a little small for two

Up although it’s more than capable i put these guys on their tank grips by text back they work really really well you get to hug the the tank with your with your knees and gives you much better control of the bike to blur frame i’m not going to get into a whole lot of specs on this bike that’s not really what i do i just like buying on riding used bikes so we’ll

Take this guy for a ride we’ll chat a little bit more about it this is a 2012 the caddy monster 1100 evo and if you watched any of my other videos you might have noticed that i tend to buy a lot of used bikes and i’m pretty bad at and changing bikes pretty quickly so i’ve said it before i’m like jay leno without the money most things it’s not i don’t i don’t

Sell them because i don’t like them i sell them because i see something else i like better so the last bike i i had that was you know new to me was a ducati hypermotard 1100 s and that bike was pretty awesome but it was a trade i had done on a mistake i had made a bike that i had a ducati 1098 and it was just crazy for me very racy and this wasn’t my kind of bike

So i traded a guy and it was you know great trade he did good i did good i liked the bike but it probably wouldn’t have been a bike that i would have gone in and chosen you know i liked it but i thought this summer i thought well maybe if i sell that one i’ll buy the ducati that i really like so i really like the monster always have never written one never even

Sat on one but i just like so i figured okay first things first so the eddie hypermotard and it’s actually not it was a fantastic bike but sometimes the caddy is a little bit of a limited market like people that like to caddy to love to getty and probably already have one so trying to find i’m trying to find a seller or a buyer brother or the hypermotard wasn’t

As easy as i thought it was gonna be you know i thought i’d sell that bike in a heartbeat now i’m in a smaller market i’ve been you know how about canada and you know not a big population so that limits your market as well but it didn’t sell as quick as i thought it would but it didn’t sell eventually and i probably sold it maybe a little less but i did okay on

It so i sold that and then it was like okay time to shop for a monster and there were a few that i was looking at but i had in my head i had to have read one to caddy just seems too just scream red didn’t really think of any other color at first it was part of the the caddy club was selling it i didn’t even really give it a second only because it wasn’t bread

So anyway thought you know what i gotta go look at it it’s really awesome really really was pretty cool so the evil i think came and red and black but so it’s 1,100 cc like i saved 2012 i ended up buying it from the guy and i to be honest with you i kind of glad i got i didn’t get bread because any event that i go to that has you know a few daddies they’re there

Already and you know i’m kind of unique and i like that i did i did little aftermarket gizmos on just to kind of make it my own to throw a little bit of red in there so that so like i showed you earlier i have some of these sorts of things but the big the big thing was you know this bike when i bought it came with a termi slip off and you know everybody raves

About how awesome intermedia slip-on exhausted and you know my understanding is a slip on doesn’t really change performance too much it’s all about aesthetics how it looks out sounds and it didn’t sound kind of cool but the bike honestly seemed to run like crap and it didn’t make sense to me because i did i don’t think a slip-on needs to be you know changed with

The ecu and either remapped or any of that but i think they do anything below 4,000 rpm it was like a sputtering mess like it was coughing and spurting and and you know how do you keep it at 4,000 rpms when you’re you know going through a residential neighborhood in the first year at just a second here so it was coughing its burping and backfiring and kind of

Sounds cool i suppose in a way but to me it just didn’t seem to be working right so i thought you know what i’m gonna i’m gonna put the stock exhaust back on which the bike came with and just compare the two and i gotta tie it almost immediately it was like yeah that’s how this bike supposed to work it sounded good it was like a nice rumble to it i don’t know if you

Can hear it in this video you know rumble to it and you know right away i could tell the yes that’s how this bike is supposed to work if the smoother or wasn’t stopping a little bit of that but you know the cadi i expect it not to be same li smooth that’s just the way they are but you know i asked on the forum and they were like oh no that’s the way they are was

Like now i don’t think so so anyway so i got the stock exhaust back on and i’m probably gonna keep it on because it just seems to work much much better now i could spend the money and get it remapped and then you need to put a power commander on and spend the grand on that you know really not to get any performance so only to make it sound and maybe look a little

Bit better and some weight savings but anyway so i’ve had this bike for a couple months now and i love it it’s so much fun it’s oh there’s light hey buddy it’s it’s so light the bikeways i think 300 and 72 pounds dry i think somewhere around there and the bike has about a hundred horsepower which i think goes sort of a first for mobsters like the at 372 pounds

Or whatever it is it just has so much torque and you know that just makes such a huge difference of light bike and 100 horsepower is is awesome so it’s got plenty of power it’s fast it’s very agile you can move this thing you know there you go

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2012 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo By Russell’s Rides