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2013 Ducati 848 EVO Review

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What’s good everybody it’s ktg and today we are doing a review on the ducati 848. i have a 2013 model here man is she pretty she is definitely a beauty this looks amazing i already have the walk around videos you guys want to see full walk around i have the the link where i’ll do a little thingamajig right there in the upper corner today we’re doing the review

I’ll give you my thoughts and opinions on it it is my first ride on the ducati 848 evo subscribe right now give a big thumbs up and notification bells right now so let’s get it all right let’s start her up oh sounds amazing it’s that v twin single side arm that just makes it look even more beautiful it’s like the wheel is like just floating right there

Anyways let’s get this show on the road you guys want to hear my opinions on it let’s go and if you’re not familiar with the channel i have a cbr 929r um so that’s what i’m writing and so i can kind of give a comparison and before that uh cbr 600 double r let’s get this show on the road that d20 it’s amazing this is very nimble it takes a lot less effort to

Flick it back and forth versus my 929. it’s like a 600 with more grunt more mid-end torque more you know just that mid-end but it’s nimble like a 600. i like the seats my butt just stays there the seating position it’s pretty aggressive the sound of that v-twin though versus those inline fours it’s it’s a big difference it sounds so manly yeah i love

The under seat exhaust bed the modern bikes don’t do that anymore i get it for the weight saving and all that but it looks aesthetically it’s just so much better it’s responsive the throttle i like it all right it’s gonna be like 80 today so from what i’ve read about this bike it gets really hot um looking at his heat shield on this right side of by my leg

It looks like there barely is a heat shield then again i’ve only ridden it for about five minutes so we’ll see yeah i like the seat like if i have to get in in my tub i feel comfortable but i like the way sports bikes are so that’s comfortable for me honestly those mirrors are useless it just feels so easy 13 000 rpm redline all right yeah after riding

It a little bit it is definitely feels more aggressive than my cbr but it’s not bad in my opinion that’s the point right of a sport bike you’re on it but you’re like in like a little cockpit and i like the way the tank is it has these indents for your legs so when you are gripping it with your legs it feels amazing it feels great there we go shifting it

Feels so smooth it just goes right into gear i was actually looking at one of these um i think it’s a 09 with like 14 000 miles i think i should take it on the highway huh i mean that would give me a real good feel everything feels good here’s my house right there just kidding i wish we’re getting there we’re getting there baby oh that’s the gas light yeah

That was a fuel light good thing i was right nearby a gas station all right so let’s put some gas in this baby it looks like he had some gasoline explosion this sucks all right let’s see how much it takes to fill her up and putting premium all right that’s pretty good right there as you can see just filled and yeah i gotta learn to do this that twist right here

Twist no drip look at you twist it nine dollars and 45 cents for two and a half gallons so i wonder if the tank is like three gallon three something gallons okay so now we know that yellow light was a gas light i just couldn’t tell i can see it kind of now it’s a beautiful day to ride i think i already said that these mirrors are tiny they’re tiny brakes feel

Good really haven’t had to use them yeah but they feel good they feel they work which is always a good thing yeah it shifts right into gear smooth it’s a temp it’s 78 degrees that’s cool yep brakes still good all right maybe i should look at this stuff before yep so temp of the bike 177 temperature 78 degrees oh nice you can read it all it’s all there and i

Think that’s the shift light over here i can feel that heat that definitely is a bum roaster what bum is getting toasty we’ll see how it feels once i get on the highway of course it’s going to get a little warm once you’re at a standstill i mean that’s where every bike my bike gets a little warm and i’m sitting standing there all right we’re gonna take it on the

Highway see how it goes too bad i got all these cars i’m like i can’t do better man it felt good over 100 itself felt good really stable doesn’t want to be in a higher gear when you’re in a power band it feels really good you know i feel comfortable on it this exhaust is loud it’s not annoying like the suzuki that i rode that was just ridiculously

Loud i purposely missed my exit but i still want to ride yeah it gets up it goes to that first and second gear really quick if you’re not paying attention you’re hitting that rev limiter that heat is no joke though seriously that is one thing you have to keep in mind because from the looks of his heat shield i’ll show you a picture of it um compared to

The uh that 09 ducati this looks like it’s just a little carbon fiber piece whereas that other thing is like some big thingamajig and it’s 78 degrees out right now i got all my vents open my butt is toasty if you do a lot of highway riding it’s it’s not bad and i hope it’s picking up all my audio from my voice because the bike is loud i love all the pops and

Gargling it does again it’s that v20 so keep in mind if you can’t deal with that heat this bike might not be for you all in all this bike feels really well made and if you do decide to buy this bike other than the heat issues it’s a good bike it’s a great bike it’s feels easy to ride mechanically everything feels so smooth i mean it’s a ducati you’re going

To get a lot of looks it’s definitely a head turner if that’s what you’re looking for all right but i think that’s the end of my review i appreciate everybody watching subscribe hit that like button if you find value in this video how can i be able to see you subscribe please subscribe subscribe please subscribe i’ll be right to this hell don’t judge me my nails

Look look for me you about to be on there okay

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2013 Ducati 848 EVO Review By KTG612