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2018 Ducati Panigale V4S OZ GASS RS-A Wheels Installed

The wheels are on and I’m impressed. Really like the look. Shout out to for the military discount and quick shipping, good coms. #OZwheels #brembo #ohlins #arrow #arrowexhaust #amsducatidallas #ducaticorse #panigale #ducativ4 #ducatiperformance

Hey good morning everybody mark here from markzware’s today i’m going to take you through a uh segmented journey of installing my oz wheels i did a video on unboxing last night so as you can see right now we’ve already got the front off getting ready to take the discs off the uh front march cassini and test fit them to those z’s see over here i’m going to show

Y’all my static balancer setup that i got with my ducati uh cones for the rear wheel some various weights stuff like that so we can balance the wheels so i have a nomar tire training machine these are highly recommended if you don’t have one or never seen one they basically allow you to do wheel changes yourself these are some of the tools you’re going to need

Here this this uh bar right here is probably critical it has daryl in ends on both sides for mounting and dismounting of the wheel that’s the disc the mount dismount bar that’s the center center post that you use i’ll show it when it’s all set up on the nomar here in a little bit and then uh let me see for my nomar i did have it mounted in my garage in my old house

On a pedestal but i moved to california and did uh some time in the air force there and i lived in base housing so i couldn’t mount it in my garage so i invested in a uh a uh receiver hitch mount so no more this is no more classic it’s been great for me i said i’ve done tons of tons of tire changes on this used to do a little side business on it carbon fiber wheels

On my my zx10 magnesium wheels aluminum wheels you name it the only wheel that ever gave me any trouble at all that i gave up on was first gen uh cars areas they’re junk uh don’t even get me started on those wheels first gen one sucked i know coremoto is doing a better job now but first gen ones they didn’t have a deep enough uh center uh drop center in them so

It made it almost impossible to do on the no more machine all right we’ll check back later i’m gonna do the this swap now and check out fitment there so i got the front wheel in the machine with the bead broke and then the test fit on the rotors everything looks square and fine there no problem should be a straight bolt on all right it’s looking pretty good and

We’re gonna first what we’re gonna do is pull the front lip over this with with the tire machine and then work from the top again to get the back lip over the top as well too pretty easy with the machine there are plenty good videos of this nomar out there on on the internet the guy that actually uh invented them and sells them has some some great instructional

Videos i highly recommend taking a look at no more tire machines all right we got our first tire mounted pressure now we’re doing static balancing if you need you all haven’t done this before it’s very simple you’re gonna put it in this static balancer here and wait for the wheel to settle when it settles the lowest spot or the heaviest spot of the wheel will

Be at the bottom and you simply add weight to the opposite side of the wheel until you can turn this wheel and not see it have a tendency to gradually fall pretty simple stuff a very effective especially for motorcycle wheels where you don’t have a lot of width now cars will will you’ll balance both the inside and the outside of the the tire with the motorcycle

It’s not really necessarily it’s like the stem is going to be the heaviest part of the wheel look at these things though these are gorgeous man and super coarse attire super super easy to mount like i literally probably could have mounted these without any any tire uh lube paste at all they were so so soft plus it’s super hot outside today i mean almost it’s 11

O’clock now and it’s almost 95 degrees already in louisiana down here so that really helps when you’re doing this outside the tires are pretty soft so no problem at all getting the tire off of the mark cassini or onto the oz both good quality products plenty of room in there in the in the drop center perfect so yeah look right there now we’ve got it to settle

We’re going to do is add a tape mark to the very top of the wheel that way i know where i’m working from and we’ll start adding weight there until we get it to balance up so it looks like it’s going to take about three quarters of an ounce to balance this tire which isn’t bad considering i i i missed the this is a used tire and i missed the dock for the uh most

Tires will have a red dot or a yellow dot for some manufacturers that’ll give you the heaviest part of the tire you generally want to line that up with the stem this tire is used so i didn’t see that dot outside but then when i was airing it up i i actually did so it’s off of that a little bit but it looks like three quarters of an ounce what you wanted to do is

You want it to stop at any given spot on the balancer and not have a net the tendency to fall which is exactly what this did right here so um always uh check your weights before you put them on permanently obviously so i use just a little piece of a masking tape to keep it on there before i permanently install them go ahead and do that and get the brake rotors

On and get this front mounted up well i’ve got the front uh on and buttoned up everything’s on torqued up looks freaking awesome i’m going to take a quick lunch break come back out and hit the back looks sick that’s all i can say looks sick can’t wait to finish it up and get the back one on and look at the whole finished product love it all right everybody we’re

Back with the final wrap up on the oz gas wheels insulation the 2018 panic galley v4 do have to say it looks amazing amazing how much just a small small difference makes v4s wheels obviously aren’t bad stock but just just changing that up to a gloss black finish with some better forging and a better looking design in my opinion just really really satisfied with

With these wheels and the appearance i do got to give a shout out to oz for fit and finish anything that they could do and everything that they could do to make those wheels as simple to bolt on and everything perfect the holes all the threads on everything for the brake rotors was all just perfect you know there was no no issues at all putting these things

On i mean they really do fit as as oem awesome another clean look at my uh carbon that i put on there the other day i hadn’t had a chance to take it out and get clear pictures and videos of it in the sun these things are just sick i love these wheels so very satisfied can’t say how much much i uh i like these i’m not regretting my my purchase at all on these

So gotta love it coming along great as always like click and subscribe now leave a comment in there leave your criticism in there good for all of it’s all about the community take care see you all in the next video

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2018 Ducati Panigale V4S OZ GASS RS-A Wheels Installed By Marc Jorgensen