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2018 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Test Drive!!! – Motoprimo Motorsports

Our first test drive on the Ducati Scrambler 1100 was a blast! This bike is ready for anything you can throw at it!

Hey everybody damn pray for moto primo motorsports in lakeville minnesota and today we are going to ride the ducati scrambler 1100 good sound good feel make sure our mirrors are right let’s see what we need to see hopefully you guys can see what i’m seeing here so ducati scrambler 1100 brand new for 2018 price tags start around 13,000 go to about 15,000 depending

On options and designs that you get we are currently writing the standard option of the scrambler wait check out the channel you know watch more videos and you’ll see more test drive videos coming up i wish i would have had gopro options and in youtube when i first started kind of doing this and test riding bikes and just getting the opportunity to get on a lot

Of different things so with that being said we’re gonna do a little route here this is kind of my test drive route so if you ever out of motor primo and you do a test drive and it’s pretty much what we’ll do it’s all pretty standard issue there is an option here we could do some gravel but i’m not sure i want to do that on a brand new motorcycle i don’t want to

Have to clean it look at this guy yeah get some bouncing around there so going up to the 1100 here there’s only a few things that i can think of that i would have wanted to see done differently if at all differently and so far i’m feeling it suspension feels a lot tighter than 800 i wouldn’t say more nimble or anything it just you know first couple corners

Here it’s it’s just more in tune with the bike i’m not a little guy so you know hair over 200 pounds you know the scrambler kind of winces a little bit it’s not set up for me but this bike and stock trim i haven’t adjusted suspension nothing’s changed since it came out of the box feels good feels real good doing about 40 miles an hour right now a little over and

This is not the best road so you know bumps and it’s not abusive i’d say it’s a good ride we’re in fifth gear you know here under 4000 rpm the motors not bogging it’s not asking to be ridden harder but there’s a lot of power they’re in fifth gear just a fifth gear roll-on it holds real nice but that sall fifth gear roll-on feels good so i’ve been watching

A lot of listening sounds fantastic hopefully this uh this mics picking this up this sounds really good i’m really impressed book road hazard like a cv boots somebody’s car and this thing sounds good so quick electronic pack walk through here pretty standard i’ll trip one trip to that kind of stuff as all there also has ride modes which i’m kind of searching

For her there we go hold the enter button down and you go into the ride mode options there you go stop ladies hmm very peppy very very alive feels great horsepower bumps from 75 to 85 i’d have to look at torque spec i don’t know off the top of my head what that was if you know throw in the comments oh i appreciate it otherwise i can look it up when i get

Back to work but rolling third gear a little over 4,000 rpm and the singing very happy come on to a red light here we’ll take a right and north america right i read oh yeah that’s a great feel man this thing’s oh and i forgot to have the new levers on these are kinda they’re a lot like if you use custom levers or a lot like asvs they actually have a roller in

The lever you can just twist it and you get different levels of adjustment just from twisting it so if you use aftermarket levers of all at all typically we use like crts or asvs oh man i think sounds great so back to whoever sorry get distracted so asb levers have a different toggle than the cr ds do and it’s actually feels really good being able to roll that

Instead of just being dialed into like five clicks u-hall more adjustments shifts are great if you if you shift fast it shifts fast it feels great you can match up you know revs really well since you back in your seat a little bit if you wanted to she’s fast so so ride mode options here we’re gonna get a green light pretty quick here but active journey and

City so actives obviously sport load journeys kind of your standard-issue middle-of-the-road good throttle response full horsepower a little bit safer to ride around in and then city is city mode so that’s gonna be your reign mode your urban mode you know whatever you want to call it that’s what that’s gonna be let’s see we’ll switch it up into active we’ll

Try that so just like all ducatis where are you going everybody definitely can feel that throttle response changed a lot going in active mode tracks control drops a little bit but it didn’t go fall off just surprising not stop lights that you know stop playing active mode is definitely active as a scrambler we should be able to stand up and ride right

The shot kind of gets your leg a little bit so let’s throw this back into journey mode activate golden easy enough i already know what city mo is gonna do so we won’t worry about city mode all the scramblers have kind of like cool little features on this is like born free on the gas tank and stuff like that and then there’s a lot of accessories for these bikes

Oh big difference of gear change feel between active and journey let’s the scrambler i feel like we should take it off-road a little bit now they’re doing road construction up here it’s not real long it’s about as off-road as we’re gonna get around here but let’s do it brand-new bike meet some off-road will clean it when we’re done all gods are unclean it

Good feel handles really well tires are great you know i love these tires they’re just they look good they feel really good on the road they’re not like straight-up nabis where you’re like all over the place but they have a good road feel very comfortable i don’t know if i could say much bad about it this is a pretty good feeling motorcycle i think the only thing

That gets me you know it’s in the same ballpark market price wise as yamaha mt 10 and you know some of those bikes the new cb 1000 r that’s coming out from honda for 2019 there’s a few other ones that it’s just you know i’m not real sure i mean it doesn’t compete obviously it’s a different market but oh big bombs all right a little stand up riding on the just

Dirt break is here everybody’s doing burnouts from stuff

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2018 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Test Drive!!! – Motoprimo Motorsports By Motoprimo Motorsports