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2021 Ducati Diavel 1260 Lowered Seat Review

Compare the lowered seat with regular seat

Hey guys so uh in this video i’m just going to show you what the diavo’s low seat looks like compared to the factory one so this is the low low seat and uh this is the factory one so um if you take a look at the well let’s take a look at the factory one first so it looks like every everything is like kind of like alcantara texture and uh also on the side okay

And if i turn it to the side you can probably see the thickness okay i’m just gonna lay it on my side here okay and let’s take a look at the uh the thinner one so it’s supposed to lower the c height by 1.5 centimeter so everything looks exactly the same except at this point it’s not alcantara texture it’s kind of just like some kind of fiber i’m not sure if you

Can see it on the video um so here is the uh the the factory seat and here is the uh the up uh no another aftermarket one the it’s still ducati but the lower seat lower seat height so uh maybe i don’t know if you guys can see the difference on the camera okay and on the side uh so this material kind of goes all the way to the side as you can see there’s there

Is a visible difference here here and here right where the uh the original one it’s the same texture okay there you go right and uh so let’s uh so if i put it on side by side i’m not sure if you guys can see the difference so um or as you can see in here is it’s a little bit kind of like shape a bit right compared to the factory so if i put it on so if i

Put it on on the to the side so maybe you guys can see it like if i put it on the side there you go so the the lower seat it’s kind of significantly slimmer compared to the forward compared to the factory one right so the factory one is like that but the lower seat it’s significantly slimmer so i’m gonna put it on the on the bike and i’m gonna sit on it and

So you guys can see if you if you can pick any visual difference okay so this is the uh the factory one okay there we go okay so i’m about five to seven and my engine is uh yeah thirty so a little bit longer than the most people at five through seven so here’s what my feet look like but the bike is upright okay and if i try to remain upright so this is where

My my feet procedure to the tank okay all right so let’s uh let’s do the lowest thing so all right as you can see yeah the my my leg is like fully flat-footed and in my leg essentially bend a bit and here is where my leg position to the on the back right so there you have it the difference between the factory seat versus the low seat see you guys next time

Transcribed from video
2021 Ducati Diavel 1260 Lowered Seat Review By lotoqui