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2022 Ducati Panigale V4 And Panigale V4 S First Look

2022 Ducati Panigale V4 And Panigale V4 S First Look

Welcome to auto mobile center ducati revealed new panagal v4 and v4s models for 2022 announcing updates to the aerodynamics ergonomics chassis engine and electronics these evolutionary changes represent the most significant update since the vifa’s debut in 2018 and the result of input from ducati’s racing program visually the 2022 panagal v4 looks similar to its

Predecessor the most obvious difference is in the aerodynamic winglets the new double profile wing design is thinner and more compact than the previous design while offering the same vertical downforce of 37 kilograms at 300 kilometers per hour 81.6 pounds at 186 miles per hour the lower fairing has also been updated with new vents to help improve the cooling

System there’s also a small extension to the body work just ahead of the exhaust the 1103cc desmosadichi stradale 90 degrees v4 engine has been updated with a new oil pump and lubrication system the silencer outlets are now larger in diameter reducing exhaust back pressure and improving performance for euro 5 markets these changes increase the power output to

Acclaimed 215.5 horsepower at 13 000 revolutions per minute a 1.5 horsepower gain over the 2021 model while torque remains at the same 91.5 pound-feet at 9500 revolutions per minute unfortunately performance numbers for the u.s spec panagal v4 are slightly less impressive with ducati claiming 210 horsepower at 12 500 revolutions per minute in 91.2 lbft at 9500

Revolutions per minute the transmission system also received some updates with more racing oriented gear ratios the first gear is 11.6 percent longer with ducati claiming greater engine braking and improved acceleration out of tight corners ducati increased the second gear by 5.6 accordingly to allow the recalibrated quick shifter to work more effectively with

The longer first gear the sixth gear is now 1.8 percent longer which combines with the increased power of the euro 5 spec engine to raise the top speed by acclaimed five kilometers per hour three miles per hour ducati also added a new acropovic titanium exhaust system to its parts catalog the akra system is equipped with silencers that rise up towards the tail

With ducati claiming performance improvements of 12.5 horsepower and 5.2 lbft and an 11-pound weight reduction the ride-by-wire system was updated offering four ride modes full high medium and low full offers an unfiltered performance outside of first gear while the high and medium modes offer new dedicated mappings for each of the six gears the low power mode

Is designed for street riding offering a more manageable throttle response and limiting power to horsepower the panagal v4 suspension is unchanged from 2021 with a fully adjustable 43 millimeter showa big piston fork the 2022 panagal v4s replaces the previous nix 30 fork with a new olin’s npx 25 30 electronically controlled pressurized fork derived from olin’s

Racing forks the npx 25 30 uses a new pressurized cartridge damping system that ducati claims improves braking support better bump absorption and increased feedback on demanding braking sections on the track the rear suspension remains the same for both variants with a fully adjustable sac shock for the panagal v4 and a ttx 36 rear shock for the panagal v4s with

The olin smart ec 2.0 event based control system to reduce rear end squat and improve acceleration ducati raised the pivot point for the single-sided aluminum swing arm by four millimeters the braking system is unchanged from 2021 with both v4 variants equipped with dual radially mounted brembo monoblock styling m 4.304 piston calipers up front and a two piston

Caliper at the rear the lean sensitive bosch cornering abs evo system comes standard other returning electronic aids including ducati traction control evo 3 ducati wheelie control evo ducati slide control engine brake control evo power launch and ducati quick shift up down evo 2 the 5 inches full color tft display also returns getting a new track evo information

Screen for 2022 the track evo screen switches the tachometer to a horizontal scale along the top of the screen and places the gear indicator in the middle of the screen four indicators dedicated to traction control wheelie control slide control and engine braking control stack up on the right individually lighting up when activating this gives the rider more

Information to make adjustments to the respective electronic settings to improve track performance the 2022 ducati panagal v4 is priced at 23 295 while the panagal v4s comes in at 29 995 both models will be available starting in december in the classic ducati red livery you

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