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2022 Ducati Panigale V4 S First Ride

The 2022 Ducati Panigale V4 S features a variety of technical improvements intended to make riding it easier for novices and experts alike.

Hey folks we just got done riding ducati’s 2022 panagoli v4s now for the 2022 model year ducati has done a number of really significant upgrades to make this leader and above class superbike easier and more capable at the racing circuit let’s start with the engine now this bike continues to be powered by ducati’s 1103 cc water-cooled v4 engine this engine is

Totally awesome when ducati debuted this engine for the 2018 model year they just really blew us away with this power plant this engine has tons of charisma it literally sounds like a desmosadichi gp motogp bike it has tons of power it makes for a motorcycle that is so fun to ride and for 2022 what ducati has done is they’ve done some really subtle tweaks they have

Fitted all new power and combined throttle power mode maps now what these maps do is it allows both an expert level rider and a novice to feel more comfortable when you’re behind the windscreen of this bike in addition to the high power mode and medium power mode ducati has added a new low power mode that limits horsepower to 150 horsepower and more significantly

They’ve added a direct response full power mode which gives extremely intimate throttle response when you twist that right twist grip i was really impressed with that full power mode it makes you feel more connected to the vehicle a lot of times manufacturers when they when they have those aggressive throttle maps it makes for a bike that’s real herky-jerky and

Real snappy this wasn’t overly sensitive it wasn’t too snappy it just allowed you to have real good connection between your right wrist and the business end of the 200 series pirelli tire and it’s got a new color tft display that has better fonts a little bit more intuitive layout the menu navigation is still a little too clunky for me for instance you have to go

In the menu select your settings and then go out of the menu they could easily remove some steps in making adjustments from the motorcycle now ducati’s also overhauled its traction control mapping its semi-active suspension maps and i couldn’t believe how effective this bike was today at the horiz racing circuit coming to this test i was really pessimistic i didn’t

Think ducati could really make a motorcycle that would be significantly easier to ride but they have that new gas charged olene’s fork is a big step forward for ducati i was always a big fan of the previous olene’s fork on the 2018 spec panigale v4s but this gas charged unit it just gives more support when you’re really on the brakes going through a corner fast

When you go over bumps you feel every bump in the road this motorcycle has a very very very good front end if you’re a motorcycle rider who lives and dies by feel you are going to like the handling dynamic of this vehicle now ducati did some other slight tweaks in terms of ergonomics the seat although it’s a tad higher i really liked how flat it positioned me i

Like that i like the reshaped fuel tank it was much easier to squeeze with my knees when i was going from fifth gear into first gear on the back straightaway here at her ref i also really like that ducati continues to refine the aero package on this motorcycle these wings have been reshaped to reduce aerodynamic drag loss at speed yet they still produce over 55

Pounds of down force at 150 some miles per hour that really helps keep that front front end planted on the ground when you’re driving forward off corners and when you’re entering high speed turns good job ducati overall i’m really impressed with the overall package of this 2022 panigale v4s it’s still fast it’s still wild but it’s easier to ride the electronics

Package allows this vehicle to go from mild to wild with just a few swipes of a button i also like the new front suspension and just how good this bike handles you’ll really be hard pressed to find a 431 pound vehicle that offers such a wide range of performance which brings us to the price this 2022 panagoli v4s rings in at 30 000. 30 000 for this bike that is a

Lot of money but if you are looking for a very visceral fun exciting motorcycle that is now easier to ride this panigale v4s might be the bike that you’re looking for all right folks that’s a wrap from our first ride review of ducati’s 2022 panigale v4s make sure you surf on over to that is where all of our written content lives give this video

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2022 Ducati Panigale V4 S First Ride By Cycle World