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Advice for NEW Motorcycle riders + My Mile Range | GAS TANK QUESTIONS | Ducati NYC Vlog v1324

The resurrection of one of my favorite segments that I did for awhile but sort of put to rest. GAS TANK QUESTIONS. This time around I”m giving some advice for new riders as well as talk about the range of my bike. Please feel free to drop your questions below and I will do my best to answer them in the upcoming episodes. Thank you all for watching and commenting, I hope you all ride safe! Me – as you are watching this, am packing up my camping site and getting ready to ride back to NYC. 33F at night – some cold cold cold camping I tell ya.

Look at this parking job right here look at this hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to another vloggy vlog on this beautiful wednesday wednesday afternoon literally minutes afternoon as i’m cruising to brooklyn oh that’s a sweet little car there he’s having some troubles with it obviously oh yeah i am cruising to dumbo from williamsburg yay i’m going to my

Office to check the mail to check uh just on the office and just to go to dumbo to eat some food because i’m there’s a bunch of food trucks there and i’m in the mood for some some deliciousness not sure what yeah all right i need to make this light bro that’s fine we did it and uh today we are returning back to the good old gas tank questions it’s like a little

Segment that i did for a while um and i haven’t done one in a minute so the gas tank questions make a return oh we’ll slow down we’ll hang back we’ll hang back it’s totally fine first of all it’s a beautiful day first of all it’s like perfect temperatures like 72 degrees like loving life uh all right gas tank question number one we’re gonna do two today and uh

Also make sure to uh remember to send me more questions and i’m probably not going to be able to answer all of them but i will sure as heck try you know let me pull up a little bit so i can you know these people all of a sudden remember that they can pull up so first question how far can i go on one tank of gas and this is by josh 3936 good question bro fantastic

Question no that’s a bunch of students oh man i hope i just didn’t get a speeding ticket oh okay uh how far can i go in the tank of gas well that depends how much how many beans i i give it you know because some days uh i’m riding like a casual casual uh you know hipster and uh i don’t give it uh too much gas and i can easily squeeze out like 150 160 miles

Easily 150 miles before my gas light comes on about 148 maybe and then you have rear reserve which is uh i believe half a gallon so i could probably go 170 but i’ve never gone 170 because what is going on i don’t know what’s going on behind me they’re like honking and because i never uh i i i’ll be honest with you i have never run out again knock on wood i mean

This probably is going to be the first time that i do run out of gas on this bike but i have never ran out of gas ever so the most i’ve ever had done on this bike before the guest i came on was 155. so that answers that question oh man i picked uh i picked the wrong time to be uh cruising about because this is normally when i start splitting like a savage and

Get places quick but this also gives me a perfect opportunity to answer the second question second question is advice for new writers sage aurelius sage aurelius first of all great name advice for new writers that’s a big one that’s there’s a lot to unpack here uh as a new rider i presume that means you already have a motorcycle and a bike but we will also uh

Talk about that as well uh first first advice is to take motorcycle safety course 100 uh or equivalent in your area depending where you live but basically it will show you the the course for me which i took took uh two afternoons and then a morning and by the end of the morning the third day i already had my license so they teach you theory they teach you how

To ride the bike you know they teach you how to brakes work clutch everything how to uh park and whatnot um yeah because some people don’t even know that you’re supposed to back in the bike to park it you know like at least in new york state uh and other players things like that and they just teach you good etiquette and they also teach you uh some good uh things

To look out for and to think about when you’re riding they also teach you about gear which is very important and after the motorcycle safety course my second advice for new riders is get proper gear do not skimp out on gear wear all of your protective gear boots pants jacket gloves helmet all of it all of it should have pads all of it should be abrasion resistant

Um don’t skimp on gear you know that’s a big part of it like if you’re buying a motorcycle you should have a thousand dollars that’s right a whole thousand dollars set aside for gear because you’re gonna spend uh a third of it on the helmet the other third on the jacket and the rest on boots pants and gloves more or less sky is the limit and you should have more

Than one of each thing i mean obviously i’m uh speaking perhaps from a place where you can afford that not everybody can but it’s very very very important another advice for new riders i would say is to ride by yourself don’t write in groups writing your own pace i mean sure if you got a close person who can teach you and who can be like there to be patient and

Go at your pace and whatnot that’s a beautiful thing take advantage of that but if you don’t don’t show up to a group ride because people there like i always talk to my friends about group rides and how we like to go with people who can go at our pace because there’s nothing worse than waiting for a slower rider and there’s nothing more frustrating for a slower

Rider to be trying to catch up or keep up with faster riders especially if you don’t know where you’re going especially if you don’t know what you’re doing so yeah ride by yourself ride your own ride create little missions for yourself you know like oh today i’m gonna ride to this coffee shop and take back roads or take a little bit of highway and uh work on my

Shifting i always thought to myself that when i when i get a bike i’m gonna like go into a parking lot and practice maneuvers and stuff like that and i never did my blessing was that i used to ride bicycles so uh riding your motorcycle is basically like riding a bicycle you know just a little bit different especially in the city so all the maneuvers that i’m

Doing all the riding it’s it’s basically bicycle riding you know bro not sure what that was about don’t do that advice don’t do that as far as like splitting goes or do a bit getting spicy it all will come natural like if you’re learning how to ride a motorcycle and then at the same time you’re gonna try to learn how to lane split or do stupid i don’t think

That’s gonna end well like lane splitting will come natural when one day you just need to get ahead a little bit same with all the other stuff um yeah another advice is learn your bike learn your bike buy a shop manual 100 so that way it gives you a full breakdowns of all the systems in your bike all the parts it gives you part numbers it gives you how to take

Anything apart so uh right away i started working on my bike and because what’s the worst that can happen like you break something and you have to take it to the shop in my case i just don’t want my bike to be down and not working because i’m i i use my bike all the damn time so i can’t afford for my bike to be not working like if i break something i’d be so

Upset and that’s the only concern i have about that uh but yeah do your own work change your own oil clean your own this and that uh whatever the these people are doing stupid tourists stop in the middle of intersection and take a cheesy ass picture uh don’t do that either but yeah and most importantly uh ride when you’re feeling it you know like don’t force

Yourself to ride don’t uh don’t do anything you wouldn’t don’t want to do basically but some days i’m writing and uh like i just feel off you know uh yeah don’t do that either like don’t like when you see six people about to cross don’t let them all go nice turn signal too yeah don’t be like that person but this is about motorcycle riders not bicycle riders

And look at this is there another food truck what do we got baby brassa no idea what the hell that is i’m gonna have to take a look and see i’ll take uh i’ll take a look-see over there what do we got today wednesday this is what i was going to get uh all right go ahead copper go through i don’t understand what is going on here with this traffic so yeah that kind

Of answers that question right yeah yeah a little bit maybe kind of oh come on bro come on look at this parking job right here look at this this right there literally parked that rebel right there that’s hilarious i know this is my bro right here i know who this is so if i park next to him he won’t be too upset and we can also uh just yank those that revel

Out and park it in the street because that thing um so yeah i’m gonna park right here i think this is gonna be all right anywho that was a little bit of advice i can keep talking about it because there’s a lot there’s a lot more where that came from but i think that we’ll do it for now and thank you for watching uh gas tank questions ducati nyc vlog everybody ride safe bye

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Advice for NEW Motorcycle riders + My Mile Range | GAS TANK QUESTIONS | Ducati NYC Vlog v1324 By Ducati NYC Vlog