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Custom Skid Pan on My 2022 Ducati HyperMotard 950 SP

So with my Winter plans to use the bike more and possibly try the off-road again, I wanted some sump protection but there was nothing out there for a 950.

We’re all right people yes back bike is in the garage yeah look the light is back on uh yeah so track season is over uh and i am just doing some bit of maintenance so i’m gonna do an oil change i am gonna get my off-road tires on which are these pirellis mt-60rs’s got the back already on there you go look at that uh and the reason why there’s nothing happening in

The front is because i’m trying to fit this skid pan which i will attach the picture here i’m doing this video in reverse because i tried to make a start on this and i couldn’t get anywhere spoke to my mechanic friend who came and helped me out so this is the current state of what we’ve left it in this is the skid plan obviously you can see it there fits nicely in

This section here somewhere so we started off on the easy side let’s get this under brace on which you can see here goes all underneath the bike fits to the kickstand here no problem there it is it is really close if you see there isn’t much gap so what we’re going to do is we’re going to somehow drill some holes or make the whole bit bigger so we can lower it down

A bit so it clears the sump so it doesn’t catch and scratch the sump so that’s another step that we’ve got to do but because i’m running the duke bike rear sets the bolts that came with this weren’t long enough because obviously this is more spaced out because of this so we had to find one of these and good job you had one in the shed because we tried that one and

That wasn’t long enough so yeah so that’s that’s the easy bit the hard bit is trying to get this all to fit on a bike that has a normal car all coiler but it’s designed for a bike that doesn’t have an oil cooler the bracket is this okay which is supposed to sit inside there which obviously you’ve got those that bolt there and at the same time fit this on there and

Those two on there line it all up uh and then be able to access those two that go into there which secure the front end these oil cooler lines aren’t long enough so it just won’t clear so what do we do get longer oil coolers but i think it will still catch the radi the oil cooler because of the wheel is going to get closer so that’s a bit of a risk so i don’t want

To knuckle that piss all everywhere so the other option was to let’s go and do some engineering and we’re gonna cut that off there so that all completely goes so that frees up all this and all this can just go back on so that’s good and then work out a way attach the front of this somehow to the bike um so that’s the current state bit of a mess so day two we’ve

Got this hooked on that’s been snipped off the front and now we’re gonna try and get it to sit somehow let’s see what happens so we’ve got this little s bracket which would flattened down smashed a bit through the hammer that is gonna sit on there and then the other end is going to go on to the bottom of the oil cooler evo rad guard thing so that should clean up

The line and make it look nice and symmetrical let’s see we’ve got a proper air gap now nice and bent out a little bit clears the salt perfect on this side look at that you can focus nice and on this side as well that should protect that uh there we go look at that so that’s how his body there everything bolted to the back there and this isn’t going anywhere look

At that once the wheels on i reckon it’s sorted you won’t be able to tell because honestly you can see there’s two little bolts there and screws but who cares man what’s the wheels on it’s all about the protection weight that’s right sorted that’s it guys skid pan is on custom skid pan from an eight two one fudged and made to fit on a 950 covers everything nicely

A little bit of that’s how we’ve managed to fit it together just in black looks tidy i think it looks quite sleek so it looks alright doesn’t it covers everything all up all the wires are hidden front end there see it’s nice look at that angle looks quite good i like it i actually think it looks fine i’m happy with that what do you think it doesn’t it’s not too bad sort of discreet

Transcribed from video
Custom Skid Pan on My 2022 Ducati HyperMotard 950 SP By hypermotardking