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Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Complete Clutch Fluid Change | Motorcycle Maintenance BY LUKE RIDES

Hi, Everyone.

Hello everyone at luke wright is luke rides the prizes back then he brings an interesting video for you to do with how to maintain this motorcycle ducati monster 1100 evo and we’re about to perform some bit of maintenance work and this is how to do it but has to roll i hope you learned quite a lot boys problem it’s show time and is the clutch fluid and if you

Look quite closely it’s quite black which means it’s dirty battle battle so what we’re gonna do is sort that out and replace the actual clutch fluid for a monster 1100 evo’s 2011 so it’s work so we have here a leading bar quite good kick the first part of the job is to get a spanner on that unit over there which is part of the clutch system and we need to begin

Draining it to start sucking up so this is where as we’re about to suck the fluid out of the clutch system is the clear it’s gonna go through these cheated cooled and can go into this bottle which is where all the dirt clutch fluid is about to go and has a little sucky sucky pump that no any help that’s awesome so and we also got a spanner on here the whole point

Of this panel is cracking the seal off this line here bleed nipple bleeding impossible it’s actually called slave cylinder we actually need to take the spanner and we’re bout to crack off the clutch bleed nipple which is attached to the slave the clutch system and by cracking it off that then exposes the fluid which lend let’s just pull it out system very cool

We’re gonna do there but because it will make this paint that’s look at the environment holy so we’re gonna capture it in this tub there’s my sake pump on top there so we’d have lose any fluid on the motorcycle capture it all in this container this is dirty hydraulic fluid in the reservoir that’s just disgusting rather than pumping that through the system to

Get rid of it remains we’re just sucking out of the reservoir nice time i’m just gonna take the cap off and the diaphragm getting together keep them together when you keep it together look at all that dirty clutch fluid but this is probably the original fluid that this monster leavener had from the factory this is probably the original conduit for this motorcycle

And that’s the trick don’t want to put any of the fluid on any painted surface on your monster i like not this plastic color here not the engine casing paints don’t do it because the clutch red will eat that paint away god damn right it will be very very annoying for an expensive build trying to fix it and repaint all the paint that’s damaged it’s not worth it no

Even the fluids discolored is probably just something the seals or inside the hydraulic line something’s breaking down or dirt as ingress into the system change god damn right freshest as possible is the best of the best and it’s definitely tier one this is as high performance as break as much fluid is about to get there is no one better than brembo they are the

Best at what they do oh behave here we go here comes the fresh lovely clear fluid see how clear that is boy it was coca-cola black now its problem is when i stuck it through its gonna shouldn’t take that really quick i don’t want any hair inside the system at all oh no so i need to be fairly quick at what i do and i’m talking about we’re picking a lot of material

Around the clutch slave cylinder because we want to make sure if there is even a chance that some eclipses flow just try and find its way out of the tube that is absorbed by the material so none of it touches the engine casing god damn right just just quickly consider the flare it’s starting to drop down now and you see that already the clutch floods about half

Way now and we never let the reservoir run dry if you’ll allow her to ingress into a system systems not designed to run on air you’ll probably have trouble bleeding it out that’s quite serious that is and a very expensive bill at that it’s not worth it god damn right using the spanner to control how much clutch fluid is coming out the system and the amount ah

But well pumping see see keeping an eye on the at the same time here i guess away gets a won’t get away yellow even the office would it’s gonna make an awesome video an education for all of you nice we’re bringin see we’re bringing it back straight to the maximum line me this is good i mean this is a little awesome progress and pretty much halfway through this

This simple job you can see how much skill this takes i’m offering the camera or say keeping an eye on the actual clutch fluid reservoir at the top of the ducati monster eleven hundred even it’s coming out they’re still checking that reservoirs still keeping an eye on it it’s just i mean oh it’s a minimum now like we have just completed a clutch not only flush

For a complete clutch fluid change what what a difference that make to the monster and it would sir appreciate such fresh new fluid but not some cheap horrible brand we’ve gone for the absolute best best in the industry the best at what they do friendo are top tier brembo prestige they are kick-ass they are the best from experience a mom doing a job like this

When you’re working with clutch fluid it’s noticed straight away that i am wearing protective gloves on wearing latex gloves god direct have this this fluid touch your skin don’t push this but because that will set off the bomb immediately and we’ll all be dead it’s carcinogenic it will – it will mess with your cells and will be very bad for your health and very

Bad for your skin so yeah if you want to protect yourself just wear gloves when dealing with this stuff and you know you’re doing it properly but you’re still keeping yourself safe and even healthy this kits only ever been used for clutch foods at all times but you can still even when dealing with the kit again wearing protective gloves and you have to clean up

Yeah it is takes a lot of ethyl there’s a handy kit in spare body you gotta say it like that bugatti if you ain’t saying it like that you’re not saying it right man shut your face don’t you exercise your right to shut the up boy that escalated quickly thank you for watching everybody and i hope you learnt quite a lot of that and it helps you wherever you

Are wherever you live the chaplains to 1100 that you’re working on i hope this helps you have just done how to do a full proper fluid change on the clutch for the clutch food or ducati monster 1100 evo thanks for watching guys and see you next time at detroit’s maybe an alongside no no my god a monster hey later thanks for changing the way we is unique really thanks thank you

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