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Ducati Monster S2R 1000 Powered Custom Tracker Bobber Build by North Motorcycle

Workshop tour video:

Last week i was at north motorcycle in edinburgh to see the progress of a custom ducati build commissioned by smoke head whiskey we also toured the amazing workshop space i made a video of that and i’ve linked it in the description but in this video today tyler tells us more about the bike and his process project and how it came about yeah what was sort of like i

Knew somebody that knew somebody and the next thing i know is some guys from smoke cutter here and you know want to see what i do the shop is pretty cool sort of like a batcave it’s a it’s a good facility for making and creating and welding and cutting and you know being around machines so a smoke head sort of found commonality between what i do and what they do

And and what you know what their customers and my customers how we can relate so they decided to have me build a bike which is cool yeah i mostly work with ducati i serviced and repaired ducati it’s like that’s really what most of my businesses so i wanted to use a ducati engine and like ducati parts but sort of reshape it in a way just in the style of a bike that

I really like to ride which is like sort of comfortable really fast and has like a you know an old look i just had a frame jig set up a while ago to sort of place the motor and the steering head and forks and swing arm everything in place and just connected the dots you know all the steel tubing is hand bent and it’s all tig welded and i recently wrote it down

A hill just to see if my recipe worked see if it steers and see if it stops see if it feels good so i’m using multi strata suspension i’m using a motor from an s2 r1000 monster and a lot of the parts are handmade it’s i don’t know a couple months before it’s gonna be finished i’m just getting to the point where i’m gonna start shaping the fuel tank this wire is

Sort of like gives you an idea the profile where the tank will sit and what shape will be there’d be a little seat cowl and you know i made this little taillight out of a microphone it’ll probably sit back here somewhere just mix mash up parts and handmade stuff i want to i just want something fast and comfy so what do you get the wheels from a day from a ducati

As well well the hubs are from a ducati sport classic i wanted i wanted to use those so i could use you know a lot of these spare parts i have laying around like the brake rotors and calipers and stuff that i’m really familiar with like modifying to make things work together but the rims are just 19-inch aftermarket rims that are laced up with stainless spokes –

Ducati hubs so like for example the rear the swing arm is from a gt-1000 i’ve modified it to make it a monoshock and still making some adjustments with that but i used a gt-1000 hub which with the right axl and brick how or everything will just bolt up it makes this sort of like a seamless assembly rather than having to make every single part like making axles and

Making spacers and caliper mounts and stuff i wanted to focus more on like overall picture rather than spending months and months on fabricating every little nook and cranny and then there’s some kind of little bits and bobs on there i’ve spotted so the pod filters remove the airbox i guess yeah i’ve gotten rid of the airbox i wanted to run a single backbone in

The and a lot of ducatis are a box frame which gives you a lot of space under the tank but it also makes the shape of the bike very wide i wanted a really skinny narrow look so yeah there’s not a lot of space under here for an air box i could create one but i’d rather keep it really clear and open i mean this bike you can tune it properly to run with pod filters

It takes a little bit of work but i just i like the minimal look i want less stuff on it i think that’s the hardest thing to do when building a custom bike is to have less things and have it still work you know i make people look at it and go something’s missing or you know it makes you focus more on the overall design like when you look at a manufacturer’s design

Of the original ducati monster or something it’s really just like a tank and wheels and like a frame they don’t draw things on like mirrors and like big extended fenders and turn signals that stick out five inches they just they kind of want it to be a in its purest form you know the other kind of i spotted was the d say so damping remotes from the rear shock yeah

So this is a pretty good adjuster for the rear shock so like i said the suspension came from a multi strata and yeah it’ll be mounted to the frame just here and allow you to sort of stiffen it up or loosen up you know depending on who’s riding it or you know how it feels so and then is that resuming my clutch as well i know that’s on the other side but you said

Is it a dry clutch yeah so that dry clutch is standard on on this motor there were some 1012 arcs that had wet clutches but all day i could exposed timing belts and clutch and just having a motor all exposed like that where you can see it’s working bits it’s you know music to my ears a lot of people think hey man there’s something wrong with your bike when they

Hear a dry clutch show up to the gas station but to me it’s like you know distinctly ducati and i love it obviously you’re a professional mechanic so this never happens but for us how much we can accept at home there’s often like a sticking point on something quite simple there is there anything on this build so far there it’s been like a real challenge or i

Think yeah the most challenging bit is making stuff from nothing like you have to mount the battery somewhere so you have to make a box and you have to you know attach it in a way where it’s removable and and in a way where it doesn’t interfere with other things and so you know the hardest thing is to make something design it and then create it and have it work

So there are bikes out there that you know or you’ll see and shows and things and they don’t actually go down the road but i want to want to ride this one so i think yeah building a frame that’s like well centered and symmetrical and like functional and strong that’s that’s probably the most challenging and especially with a fuel-injected ducati it comes with a

Lot of electronics like an ecu and you know it’s throttle bodies with a stepper motor you’ve got about your your coils and and there’s there’s all sorts of electronics that come with fuel injection and it’s it’s it’s hard to make it a simple thing when you have to cram a lot on on just two wheels so what’s what’s left to do on this project so i’m at the point

Where i’m i’ve taken a ducati wiring harness that seems that’s gonna work for me where i only have to make minor modifications to it and i’m making amounts for the coils mounts for the regulator the ecu the fuse box the relays i’m just placing everything and making sure that before i have the frame powder-coated everything has a place that’s bolted up in a home

You know and i’m also moving on to sheet metal shaping so this is the tunnel for the tank it’s the inside of the tank that the tank will be built around and you know it’ll have a little fender and a little maybe a little seat cowell i just have to have all these little bits bolt to something so it’s just a matter of making little tabs and structures that look

Good and are functional it’s pretty time-consuming yeah but and then what’s the plan for the bike once it’s complete well i’m probably gonna do some burnouts and some wheelies and ride it like i stole it a friend of mine says ride it like a rental you know but um i think that it’ll be used like different whiskey events and and you know have a home and different

Shops for a while and be ridden around by by people that work for the distillery or you know whatever it’ll have a good life and it’ll be it’ll be showcased but it’ll be ridden so i think i don’t know it sort of attracts attention like if you go to a whiskey tasting event and everybody’s just really you know thinking about what they’re tasting it’s nice to have

Something to look at something that that can relate to the you know individuality of what type of whiskey you choose like i’m into really pd whisky you know iowa whiskey’s in general and you know not everybody is so that’s the whole thing with smoked it is not for everybody they um you say the guys from smoke head are gonna ride it they were already talking about

Taking it to the male-male mile next year do you know about that race yeah i think anybody brings what they won and just rides it so you say it’ll have a good life but well i mean i’m sure the bike up here at some motorcycle shows as as well as whisky events you know it would be cool to take it to the iowa whisky festival you know ride around and and obviously

Not like when you’re full of whiskey but you know in the morning when the sun is shining just get a little get a little wind in your hair yeah or force it down otherwise it’s gonna be back in for repairs pretty quickly yeah asking for you thanks once again to smoke head for an awesome couple of days which included some whiskey tasting after the workshop tour i’ve

Linked to their youtube channel and website in the description below and also thanks to tyler for being a great host links to his instagram and web site in the description too i hope you’ve enjoyed these videos hopefully i’ll be able to report back in a few months with some footage of the finished build and maybe take it for a little spin

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Ducati Monster S2R 1000 Powered Custom Tracker Bobber Build by North Motorcycle By MOTOBOB