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Ducati Panigale 1299 S Review |

Arresting performance and beguiling looks, Ducati’s pedigree road racer offers thrills few superbikes can match.

There are ordinary super bikes and then there is this ducati’s 1299 panigale s based on the italian brands already scintillating full-sized superbike this thing adds more performance more technology and a bigger price tag to boot but does any of that make sense for the road if you’re a jacuzzi fan the panigale s is the top of the tree almost second to only the

Panigale r which has a smaller engine but equal power outputs to comply with the world superbike homologation rules the 1299 s sits in the middle of the flagship liner priced at thirty four thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars plus on-road costs it adds a $7000 premium over the regular panigale bringing additional features such as full led lighting olins adaptive

Suspension with semi active steering dampener lightweight forged aluminium wheels and a carbon front mudguard features that mostly have one goal in mind going fast crowded inside the chassis is a super cuatro el twin-engine ducati speak for v-twin it is twelve hundred and eighty-five ccs in displacement and produces a total of 150 point eight kilowatts of power

And 144 newton meters of torque drive is apportioned by a quick shift gearbox and slipper clutch all the while the panigale s weighs only 190 kilograms with a full tank of fuel there’s no official 0 to 100 time but our best guess is about two and a half seconds now for reference that’s more power than the new yamaha r1 the bmw s1000 double r and the aprilia rsv4 the

Big hitters in superbike territory now bear in mind all that performance the logical thing here would be to go to a track spin some laps and come away really impressed that’s being said and done before so today we won’t actually look at what this thing’s like on the road the most striking thing about the panigale is simply its exterior i mean you take a look at it

All the lines the angles it looks magnificent now beneath that stunning exterior there’s even more to marvel at there’s a monocoque chassis that actually attaches directly to the heads of the engine and within that chassis it actually contains the airbox things like the air filter the fuel system and the injectors as well now the other big revelation with this bike

Compared to the regular panigale is a suspension it’s actually got all in semi active suspension what it does there’s two modes you’ve got a fixed mode we can play with all the clicker settings and everything else and it’s also got what they call an event-based mode which basically means the bike adapts to the environment that you’re riding in so if you’re hard on

The brakes it stiffens the front fork so there’s not as much trouble pretty clever stuff indeed now the pentagon s makes no secret of the fact that it’s basically a race bike for the road and i can tell you that because of the seating position alone your legs are actually quite hunched up you’re right over the bar so you’re really heavy on the wrists and yeah it’s

A very forward and aggressive riding position which is great for past corners and everything else but in everyday riding it can become a little bit tedious the other noticeable thing is actually the heat emanating from this rear header pipe comes from the cylinder and 12 underneath this seat here which means my legs and bum and everything are copying all the heat

From it so it does get pretty hot in built up writing that said the panigale is all about fast and on that front it shines among the very best super bikes on offer the powerful engine and racy geometry facilitate explosive bursts out of corners and quick changes in direction making it right at home on a tight twisting road the other saviour i guess with a bike

This powerful is its electronic intervention so it’s got abs it’s got wheelie control and it’s also got traction control and you can go in and basically play with the parameters of each of those functions here in the trip computer now they’re actually eight different parameters for each of those three functions and if that sounds like it’s overboard it’s totally

Not because on a bike is powerful they’re your best friend another huge assistant on the panigale s is its gearboxes quick shifter function which facilitates flood changes on both up shifts and down shifts even blipping the throttle for you on the ladder this combined with the bikes excellent steering and intuitive chassis really streamlines the process of writing

The panigale fast the panigale s might be a lot of bike but out on the road it’s hardly a lot of work now although this thing is totally manageable and fun out on the road i keep coming away the comparison that’s much like a lamborghini aventador and that is you can take it out have fun in a public space but really its most at home on a racetrack and that’s where

It really belongs but trust me unless you’re someone like valentino rossi even out on a private circuit you’re not going to get close to these things limits it’s that good you

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