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Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled 800 review after 24 000km What its like to own it?

This Ducati Desert Sled is with us for a couple of months, and we already have 24 000 km. In this video I just briefly talk about our experience, some minus points, some good points and also what extras we got on this bike. You can rent this bike on

Good evening guys i’m now in uh our office in canary right and um i will have a just quick talk about uh our experience with the ducati scrambler desert sled we bought this bike um a few months ago and we already have 24 000 kilometers on this bike so i will show you what we did our experience and yeah some upgrades what we did on the bike so here we have this

Beauty in this color because you can buy only this one now and we already have 24 700. we did uh recently the the big service uh which uh which is in 24 000 because you have the first one in thousand and then second one twelve thousand kilometers and then big 124 and it cost us approximately 500 euros which is not cheap for sure and as my mechanic says that

Also he doesn’t understand why they changed the why ducati changing the koreas so soon because they were in perfect condition so that’s uh that’s regarding the service the small one it’s the small one in every 12 000 it’s around i think uh 200 something 220 i will have a look and i will put it on the description of the video but um yeah so let’s have a look on

Our extras since we have these crash bars from hepcon becker these are quite nice also we have this hepcon backer as well protected for the oil cool and here as well on the other side and then we have this beautiful uh protection from uk company called evotech performance they are quite sturdy and beautiful design i really like it and then we have this uh phone

Holder intel phone which we can charge wireless i believe this one yeah so you can charge wireless it’s quite nice and then we have the bags side bakes from sw sw motech and that’s pretty much it from the yeah we all also have a smaller seat but it’s this is the standard one the original one so um so let’s talk about our experience okay so basically uh we

Have no issues with the bike but there’s couple of things i mean no issue in the heavy like you can’t actually ride the bike but there is a couple of things that uh from the beginning we had an issue with um what’s the called like uh the cold start when uh if you want to start the bike when it’s it’s really the first start of the day and you want to go right away

You can’t because you have to wait till um i don’t know like approximately four or five minutes to just no you know like without any gas no touching on the bike and uh because otherwise you do go and we’ll just stop so that’s uh one issue and it’s because this is aero 5 engine which is very this goes very lean as the mechanic from ducati told me so they um and

There is no there is no fix until recently and um so the only solution is to just warm it up the bike uh we always you know like you you should always warm the bike but sometimes you just want to start and you want to go right away and i know just slowly but uh that was a quite big issue for us and the solution came a few days ago because when we did the service

He told me that there is um he did some upgrade on software and it’s much better now so that’s uh there was one issue and it’s actually on all scramblers we have because here we have also second unit of these which is just over there we have also uh the uh icon dark so it’s the same on the because it’s the same engine so was the uh same thing another thing

Which was quite interesting is that when you’re going to close the mark of 12 000 you start the oil oil through to start leaking from and you can really see but you will see from other side and you can actually you would see a lot of oil on the on the plate so um and uh that’s also what mechanic told me that they they tried to tighten it up a little bit more but

It looks like there’s some issue with that so just have a be careful to check it out you can’t really see the oil like i’m not saying that it’s dripping on the floor but it’s uh you know you can actually smell it sometimes uh and so check it out maybe it was a bad luck but happened on this bike and happened on other one so so yeah i think something some issue

Is there for sure we have a pair of dunlop meridian this is the i think uh i will actually write exactly what the what is the status of the of the tires but because we don’t rent the bike for off-road we use uh this um download meridian tires which are supposed to hold a lot of uh kilometers and i think we do around we can get like a maximum ten thousand the

Profile of the tire it’s uh sometimes it looks a bit funny you know like it looks that there’s a uh it’s more um flat here but i spoke with the dunlop guys in uk and they told me that uh it is completely normal and that’s for sure you can’t really feel it on the bike when you’re riding that you would you know feel that it doesn’t want to go so it’s actually a

Good tire and uh one of the best of the we get the mileage from as you can see also we use here beautiful uh um we have to change the chain because the oh no basically on all the bikes the the original chain is kind of so after i think we changed it like after 12 000 and we put some nice i think x-ring or i’m not sure which one it is but uh for sure it’s

Better to use premium premium uh chain for sure there is one more thing i noticed that we have also this evotech um that’s for the for this uh you know we can put the stand and also here in the front we have never take protection as well hopefully we’ll stay untouched and uh yeah that’s uh we didn’t have any issue regarding uh the like you can’t really that

You wouldn’t be able to ride there was actually one yeah i remember i’m not sure if it was this bike or the second unit but we had a little issue here on cable that uh it wasn’t it was actually touched somewhere so if you move the handlebars it will just switch off and i think you have we have to change all this but now it’s uh fixed so that’s the little little

Issue but otherwise uh also here but it’s just cosmetic it’s always uh you you know like the shoes will always touch so you can spread it as many times as you want but it’s always cool with it’s not like a damage but you know like used so that’s the only only thing i can think of now otherwise very good looking bike fantastic ride a bit harder on suspension so

I’m not really a big fan of this because it’s kind of hard to set it up but uh yeah uh if you want to play with that it’s it’s actually quite nice that you have also i think this is a rebound compression i’m not sure here you have both rebound or compression and reload so you can actually play with that a little bit more and yeah so hopefully that good thing is

That you can have a the good thing is that you have uh actually in europe i’m not sure about states but in europe you have four years of warranty from the factory so that’s quite nice so you don’t need to be very much and yeah quite solid bike the only yeah we have the protection because this is actually quite expensive part this is like 115 euros just insane so

Better to put protection for clients also this spike i’m talking about and actually all bikes here you can see the stuff are for rent in gran canaria and we will be opening soon tenerife as well so you can ride amazing motorcycle from ducati here in gran canaria and one of the top motorcycle destinations so yeah hope uh it’s helpful if you have any questions

Let me know in the comments uh i always try to reply on everything and um yeah maybe i will see you soon here ciao you

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Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled 800 review after 24 000 km — What it's like to own it? By Canary Ride