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Ducati Streetfighter V4 | Motovlog | Whats Next

Fianlly nice enough to take my 2021 Ducati Streetfighter V4s motorcycle out for a motovlog ride!!!

What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel thank you for cooling with jay as always back again with another video on my 2021 ducati v4s street fighter in the dark stuff colorway obviously it’s custom today she’s going under the knife she’s getting her lip injections her botox her her booty lift no no just kidding uh she’s getting some modifications put on

So gotta head down to the shop drop her off to get that stuff done on the way i’m gonna head to the gym get a quick workout head there drop it off and then take a lift or uber or whatever the case is home before she goes under the knife i want to do a quick little recap for those of you who are new to the channel welcome please hit that like and subscribe button as

It greatly helps my channel with the algorithm guys i really appreciate it so quick run through for those of you new i apologize for those of you who are back again if you are a viewer thank you again for the support so starting from right to left i’ve got the evil tech radio guards i got the so this is a question i get all the time this was painted so i painted

All the silver bits um they are ceramic coated satin black to match the paint including this so these are covers guys that come off these are covers that come off and then they get um paint and they get put and put back on fairly easy thing to do um also shout out to quadlock for their support guys use promo code coolin with j at checkout to save on quad lock

Products so anyway starting from the from the right to left and also i guess i’ll get these questions all the time so i have to keep saying it over and over again all of the list of parts are in the description so they’re all in there um minus the custom paint work because obviously you can’t get that online so anything you can buy online i think i’ve updated it

I’m pretty sure everything that’s on there i will double check but yes all of the parts are in every single video’s description anyway evil tech radio guards custom matte black finish on the silver covers um i have the oh cnc uh screen protector i have the bottom itchy little levers heated grips i have the modal gadget in view um pace um these are glass list

Bar in mirrors with the desmo world adapter i have the desmo world screw for this the desmo world gopro mount um there obviously i have the quad lock uh mount pro um now um i have the the arizoma oh i’ll tell my head the resolver turn signals i forgot um which ones those were i have the desmo world oil pan protector obviously the exhaust i already did painted

The rear sets this people don’t do but for me i’m a detailed person engine mount painted as well as they have the unducated performance tank grips one design tank pad shout out to umoto for the custom seat gel insert with the core social media handles i have the uh race cow or race tail section or whatever you want to call that um i have the future moto tell

Tidy um kit with the top plate uh i like the tuck over having been pulled over for it so far cross fingers on that and then um black will not um look over real quick i think that covers the biggest pieces that i’ve got on it but yes more is to come which is why we’re going on this video so let’s get into it let’s get going complimentary sound check of course

Very soon don’t worry that will be changing get going and let’s discuss some things while we’re on the road like this ducati v4s panigale sp oh about that i know y’all saw that on my dash do you see how i changed gears but this was saying nothing understand i’m not saying a single word but it was in here obviously because i was moving forward so i was given

The throttle so i’m just going to leave it at that unless you’re living under a rock you have seen the v4s sp uh the new one which funny enough consequently looks exactly like the old one and i’m gonna open it about that now this is just again my opinion but you’re marketing the uh so you’re marketing the the sp right as a special edition obviously right

You know it has obviously uh you know the custom paint it has the all the bits and pieces that make it special and it’s numbered so i’m not trying to get into all that i’m trying to get into the technicality of it right so you’re what you’re trying to advertise and this is a special edition get it while the last kind of thing okay okay that’s fine right but the

Problem with that is then you come out with a the new version of the gallery which of course we’re about to do for that okay we’ve got a little little let’s call it mid life cycle upgrade which is weird because our product off cycle all upgrades because the things the wings came out earlier than their typical mid mid life refreshes and then you refresh it again

But again i hear that my head on that part of the topic but so you’re trying to sell it to a customer you are giving something one of a kind that one of whatever 1500 people i think it’s a 1500 total and the world will have right okay i make that i agree okay but then the people now getting obviously stuff happening in the world shortages computer chips yadda

Yadda all that we already know all this okay so there’s people out there who are still getting their first edition if you want to call it or the first sp that was created there’s nothing wrong with that you know obviously we all understand what’s going on it sucks it’s frustrating but we all get it okay all right cool but there’s taking delivery right now i’ve

Seen pictures just recently of people taking delivery of their first sp and you already have a new sp but here’s the catch it’s the exact same light in the in the context of color that is my hold up on this esp and why i disagree with this direction is because you’re now your customer i don’t even buy it but i’m laughing in my opinion in my helmet in my brain

Because i’m like much up for the guy who’s you know he who wants to have the latest and greatest special thing and he’s gonna roll up the cars and coffee with the guy who has the newest latest special thing it looks exactly like his that’s my thing right is i’m not saying cars and coffee should be the staple but you know it’s a we can call it what we like right

But the truth is when you go to cars and coffee with your with the latest bugatti everybody knows what it is they might mispronounce the name they might not you know know how much it costs but they know it’s freaking expensive and they know it’s it’s a super rare thing that they know it just looking at it they know right so most people would where they go

To show off their one-of-a-kind thing is cars and coffee again i’ll use this as an example i’m not saying this should be the measuring stick i’m just saying as an example so if i roll up in mine first generation sp panigale and someone else has their second generation panigale and we roll up people gonna look at our bike like they’re gonna first pass aren’t they

They look the same but they’re not we don’t want to admit it but what we really want is for them like unmistakable evidence that what i have is different than everything else like you can’t mistake it right so why buy it right because if you want a vanilla car you’d go buy a vanilla car but if you’re paying for something special that’s limited it’s because you

Like the rarity of it but then you make two vehicles look two different they ride different they look different their body’s different so let’s call them two different bikes completely the same the exact same exact same as all my exact same real exact same paint in the exact same order that’s that’s for me is yeah i can’t i can’t get down with that now again

I’m not knocking on four i think that was a four mistake and then you put it on the on the you know the street fighter is also an sp it’s it’s a little lazy to me in my opinion it’s a little lazy because you’re taking something that was cool and you’re diluting it now so now what is every sp going forward aren’t the exact same you know what would be cool if they

Would alter the colors to be honest that have been dope so take the same sp and just alternate it so you’re still using the same color palette same color palette so where it’s black it’s red and where it’s red it’s black they keep the and keep the tank the same something i mean i’m saying it’s like that that’s not a terrible like you’re not you’re not departing

So much away from it but you’re doing subtle changes where you know okay that is different but the exact same okay man that is that’s tough for me and it’s interesting because maybe i’m just living under a rock but it also seems like people aren’t really you know um invested in the new kind of galley maybe it’s just me but i remember when i don’t know maybe it’s

Just me but when the when i got mine in 2018 and especially came out on me everybody was like oh my god i can’t wait to help that boy right and then when the weave came out it was again but i just don’t feel like you know when they did the the the refresh was that 2020 yeah 2020 when the wheels came out people like oh yeah okay i get down with that and then it’s

Right now with the kind of the same wings with the lower lower fairing vents you know obviously there’s different changes underneath and i’m sure this is what the you know i’m hearing a lot of people say this is what they wanted it to be back in 2020 like how it feels how it runs and i’m not arguing that i haven’t been on it i don’t know so i know it’s a good

Thing but it doesn’t it doesn’t seem like the audience is is jumping up and down like oh man like i need to go to my dealership and rush to get this bike you know what i’m saying well everybody’s obviously rushing for an sp of some sort but as we know those are hard to come by in general whether you like it or dislike it but it’s a smart marketing move because

You’re getting the same people who who wouldn’t necessarily buy one to now buy one so it’s it’s smart there’s no question about that it’s definitely a smart it’s like i like the panel galley but it isn’t it isn’t enough to do a ad you know i’m saying like to add to my collection too because i still like and someone says all the time like eighty percent of me

Likes the street fighter 85 of me likes the street fighter there is a little bit of me that does like a full fairy bike i see the looks you know the speed which i shouldn’t be doing on you know roads you know the looks is a very a big thing because they look beautiful they do i mean when i first got my 2018 right and i would pull up to like lights and stuff

And go places like i mean it the people with the the level of drool you get on a full fairy ducati oh man i didn’t know what i was getting myself into but you would think the hottest girl on the planet just walked past everybody just yeah it’s like the mutual agreements at every light that everybody around you is like yep that’s tight but you know like you

Know some cars or bikes everybody’s like meh that’s okay that’s kind of cool but no no no everyone’s like yep yep that’s dope i’m gonna be that guy i’m gonna be that guy tommy shouldn’t be that guy i’m i’ll be that guy so quiet on a saturday all right guys i will be back okay all right my protein post gym shake so guys answer tell me this what do y’all

Think about the sp the street fighter sp in just the direction of um what do you know what the card is doing what are your thoughts on it would you upgrade if you have a um the first v4 would you upgrade if you had the second legit gin with the wings would you upgrade what would you say what you have or would you wait to see if they do like a speciality again

Next year it’s just weird that they did it this year and not like really like announced it this fall and then released it next year it’s kind of weird they did it like that but who am i to say but it’s time to go get the mods put on i’m excited because finally we’re getting back into you know spring all right let’s go i’ma miss this i am going to miss it

A little bit while she’s gone but it’s all right i’ll get her last pull for a while so the one thing i do love is having this showy uh transition it’s so clutch because i don’t have to what to call it i don’t have to uh do different visors just i just saw a tent when they hit the light the sun just now i love it well guys as always thank you for coming with

Jay as always and yeah we all see this baby again she will be upgraded she will be modified she will be even more black yes we love things in black so anyway guys i appreciate all of the feedback all the comments all the love all the support on my channel i promise you now that we’re getting back into warmer weather i promise i’ll be doing a lot more content on

My street fighter all right guys i’ll see you on the next video

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