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Ducati XDiavel S review | Visordown Road Test

Suddenly a cruiser makes much more sense.

Ducati broke the cruiser mold when it launched the diavel in 2010 you might say it smashed it to bits and that the result wasn’t really a cruiser at all but a naked bike but now the county’s put them all back together and had another go and the result the ex diavel still isn’t quite like a cruiser at least not any i know it makes 156 horsepower and 95 pounds foot

It handles well it stops really well it’s comfortable and it’s got a full electronics package including launch control cornering abs traction control riding modes and cruise control the cat has been using the phrase low-speed excitement in its marketing for the ex diavel but there wasn’t much of that on the launch ride in california it’s got a thundering burst

Of torque from about 6,000 rpm to the redline at 9,000 and there’s a powerful temptation to use that all the time to always accelerate as hard as you can launch control seems unlikely on a cruiser but i think i get it ducati is gunning for the us cruiser market with this now think of all those us films and tv shows that have featured grudge match drag races it’s a

Kind of pop culture fantasy in a country of straight roads the fastest straight-line accelerating vehicles the coolest and launch control means it’s still fast off the line even if you’re not it’s not bad at cornering either tipping in and out of lanes quite easily considering its massive 240 section rear tire ground clearance is excellent maximum lean angle is 40

Degrees according to ducati only one degree less than the d avals which has centrally positioned pegs compare that to a harley fat boy with a maximum lean angle of 27 degrees on the left and 26.2 on the right the xda level feels more natural than many cruisers your feet aren’t quite so far apart the bars aren’t such a reach away i felt at home on it straight away

And i thought if this is a cruiser then i get it the engine is the cat is tester treta v-twin as used on the multistrada 1200 but with capacity increased from 11 9 8 to 12 6 to cc thanks for long that means it’s got the catties variable valve timing aimed at maximizing torque at both ends of the range the engine sounds good but it could be louder the noise police

Seem to finally be getting to ducati the torque curve is interesting it’s got two peaks the first of 95 pounds’ foot at 5,000 rpm and the second almost as big at about 7,000 400 rpm given that so the xda ball didn’t feel quite as strong in the low to mid range as i might have expected in fourth gear at about 40 miles an hour with the rev counter just below 4000

Rpm it picks up briskly but not so you’d guessed peak torque is only 1,000 rpm away even in sport mode there are three preset riding modes with urban in addition to sport and touring each offers a different level of traction control abs and throttle response touring and urban provide cornering abs courtesy of a bosch inertial measurement unit which knows how far

You’re leaning over is designed to let you grab a handful of brake mid-corner without washing out or going straight on sport reverts to conventional abs only on the front wheel and you can create a bespoke mode choosing your own combination of settings i also found that i had to be going quite fast to enjoy using the highest gears on the hd evelynn vi at 60 miles

An hour which is about 3500 rpm the v-twin felt a bit labored and chuggy when i open a throttle it seemed much happier and smoother in form with the revs a bit higher but that was on winding roads when you want power on tap on the freeway whack it in to cruise control and it feels completely at home a constant fifty miles an hour and sick i think it’s got two sides

To its character really the aggressive v-twin that makes you want to accelerate hard all the time or the comfortable cruiser that makes you want to sit back and take in the scenery there are two versions the base model and the ex diavel s both have brembo front brake calipers but the s version has higher spec m50 mana blocks the base model certainly aren’t lacking

But there’s more instant buy it from the m50 s the s also has bluetooth connectivity among other things it can enable the tft color dash to alert you of incoming calls possibly the last thing i’d want while riling it there are also cosmetic differences the s has gloss black paint to the base moderns matte and lots of machined aluminium bits with a base model dozen

And they’ve got different wheels the base model is 1579 five plus on the road charges while the s is eighteen three nine five that might seem like quite a lot either way for a master level but that’s not what this is it shares no parts on the diavel except for the brakes and pirelli diablo rosso two tires according to ducati it’s got a longer wheelbase it’s got a

Lower seat a longer rake and it’s belt drive it’s a completely different bike traditional cruisers can be expensive too and i think the xda ville deserves to tempt some riders away from them i also think it could be one of the first bikes that we can actually call a cruiser but which also makes sense and is desirable to ordinary motorcyclists like me

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