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How much does it cost to Service and own a Ducati XDiavel S?

Ducati maintenance isn’t cheap, and it’s good to know how much it is going to cost to service your Ducati, in this case XDiavel S before you jump in and buy one! So you have an idea of cost of ownership.

How’s it going guys and welcome back to the discovery and today we are going to be looking at how much does it cost to service a ducati xd apple okay so i’m riding out with my boy uh bunny here and we’re heading off to uh ducati preston because i’m taking my bike in for a service and it is an open day as well that we’ve got going on um so yeah i thought i’d mention

Because a lot of people you know uh that might get put off about ducati ownership because they think the cost of running is really expensive i’m not gonna lie because you know this is my second official ducati service right now um and yeah you know they are they do tend to be more expensive than like your uh japanese inline four bikes um but uh you know is because

They do use a lot of um uh gadgetry and tools that aren’t normally used in japanese bikes so they have to have specialist tools and training to figure out how to service these bikes because they are exotic bikes and um and how to uh you know open things up and you know the whole desmo uh stuff as well so you know you wouldn’t want to trust it with someone who’s

Not ducati trained anyway so yeah there is that but they are a bit more expensive but they’re not you know well it depends which year of ducatis you’re looking at for servicing because uh yeah the older ducatis they’re a lot more expensive they’ve got more frequent service intervals um you know but then uh the newer ones after the ducati group was bought out by

Uh audi lamborghini uh volkswagen group um they uh you know did wonders for the reliability and the service intervals of the bikes and they made it a bit a lot more accessible than um uh what a lot of people thought they you know were about you know so that kind of helped so they’re not miles apart so we’re going to be pulling up to ducati preston in a second and

We’ll book it in and we’ll see uh what the sheet looks like and see exactly what they’ve done as well and here we are we’re at the ducati preston and they’ve got the nice archway up because it is the ducati manchester group open day and you know i’m gonna have to throw my uh bike in there because i’ve actually booked in for a service but it looks like they’ve uh

You know put this barrier so let’s have a look what’s going on oh we’re being called over maybe it’s for cars going on yeah here we go i mean i booked him for a service anywhere so so with me i guess i got a vip entry you know official ducati owners club group anyway so we go in the back anyway changes all right guys so i’m back in the garage now and i’ll

Come back from ducati preston where i just had the service done so i got the invoice over there just on the uh uh table so let’s have a look what the damage is okay here’s the invoice guys i’ve just put this cloth here to hide my address so you can ignore that but anyway here we go this is ducati preston now these prices could change you know depending on where

You are and what the parts prices are at the moment you know in the market but this is what we’ve got at the moment so this is ducati x diablo s it’s only done four thousand miles so relatively low mileage and it’s just an annual service that we’re doing here that’s on the job note standard annual service this is where you can be expected to pay so this is what

They’ve done um so here we’ve got the oil change we’ve got the oil filter we’ve got our washer here as well and we’ve also got assorted lubricants and bits and bats and we’ve also got waste disposal of your previous oil and oil filter you can ignore this this is the sweatshirt i bought you know so that won’t be on your bill in case you know uh unless you decide

To buy one but here’s the kicker here we got here retail labor now this is where the bulk of the fees are because the parts and stuff aren’t too bad but the both of the fee comes from retail labor ducati workshop labor isn’t cheap 75 pounds an hour and it’s two hours worth of work so that’s 150 pounds and these are all xvap prices okay so when you actually come

Down to it and you add it all up that’s what i paid but bear in mind that includes that ducati sweatshirt i bought up there so you won’t be paying that so what the actual price is here of an annual service on a ducati xdavel s service 274 pounds 39 and that’s including the vat so and the sweatshirt i bought was on off first i’ll go over 47 quid but ignore that yeah

Unless you want one so 274 quid that’s what you’re looking at to service one of these bad boys annually which you know what it’s uh it is expensive for a two-wheeler because my car is actually cheaper to service than this bike um but you know it’s not too bad uh for uh you know a nice italian beautiful motorcycle like this thing is it’s expected it’s going to be

A bit high for the labor first you know because they do need you know certain specialist parts and tools to actually take the stuff apart and simple things like you know like this wheel um needs a special key to uh unlock the knot that takes the wheel off this simple things like that and there’s all sorts of all bits and bats in the actual bike that’s similar to

That kind of thing where it’s hard to actually get out and and you kind of need a bit of knowledge of the bike to know what you’re doing but that’s what a service costs 274 pounds a year uh obviously that’s a ducati direct obviously you might get a cheaper labor if you took it to maybe a local garage um or you know someone who knows what they’re doing with ducatis

But that’s you know obviously what you depends what you want to do but you get your 350 stamping your service but get the value of the bike as high as you can get so hope that wraps it up and hope that uh helps you figure out what the cost of ownership is or one of these things another thing that you need to think about as well is at 15 000 miles uh ducatis need

What’s called a desmo service which is specific to uh ducatis with that desmo engine the um with the desmodromic valve so what that’s going to be quite an expensive service what i’ve heard uh but it’s only about 15 000 miles there’s no time in like no you can have it for whatever many years but it only gets hit at 15 000 miles now i’m not sure if i’ll have this

Back at 50 000 miles i don’t do that many miles a year anyway i do about probably one or two and a half three thousand miles a year so i will hit it eventually and maybe i’ll decide to keep it or sell it i don’t know but that’s another thing that i’ll probably do another video about when i come to desmos service thanks for checking out the channel guys i’ll catch

You on the next one thank you

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How much does it cost to Service and own a Ducati XDiavel S? By Dipscovery