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How to Install Termignoni T800 upmap Ducati Panigale V4 S 2018 – 2022

In this video I go over how easy it is to install the Termignoni T800 Upmap on a 2019 Ducati Panigale V4 S. This is a similar process for all motorcycles that use the t800 upmap from Termignoni. The setup is easy, find your conneciton port on your bike, for the Ducati it was under the seat, connect the upmap and then connect it to your phone. This was a little tricky my phone is older and required it to be close to the upmap for it to connect. After it connects it will update the firmware for the app. ***Then download your bikes stock settings under the motorcycle tab in the app. ***Make sure you do this before uploading any maps to your bike. After that go to the store on the app and purchase the desired map, with your t800 purchase you get a free map, so make sure you use the code from the website. after that download the map and install it on the bike following any prompts. It took approximately 10 minutes for the map to install. Thanks for watching and please subscribe.

All right next up we are gonna do the up map i just gotta remove the two four millimeter bolts here for the seat so we can get to the euro5 or euro4 plug on this bike all right so i got the firmware updating i had to put my phone like really close to it for it to connect uh so once that’s done then i gotta download the map for it and probably gonna go with

Either the full acropois exhaust or the full terminate for you sight exhaust the map for this because i have aftermarket cs racing exhaust then the t80 doesn’t support that but it’s a similar free-flowing exhaust so it’s going to go with the best tune that they have on there i already got the sprint filter installed um so once this is done we’ll download the

Map get the tune on here all right so i want to make sure y’all before you update your map on the bike make sure you go into motorcycle and then i already did it but it says restore original map it’ll say download original map if it’s your first time make sure you do that before you update the map to whatever map you download so to download the map you’re

Going to go to this looks like a heartbeat line that’ll take you to their website that’s where you go to download it i already downloaded one i downloaded the i downloaded that map right there and now we’re gonna install it so i just like to set it close to it it was kind of hard for it to recognize it with the bluetooth so you see it’s now downloading

We’re at zero percent let’s see how long it takes all right 95 didn’t take very long maybe two minutes three minutes something like that 97 anything’s going to change on here yet oh no it’s doing something else this new map set up 20 percent all right the map was successful it took about 10 minutes for all of it so let’s turn it off racing pro hell yeah

Awesome tuck it in here somewhere i can leave it on here you can check engine codes with it you can uh it’s got app while you’re riding the bike you can get speed since sensors data and um all kind of analytics stuff so gear speed lean angle battery voltage temperatures so it’s kind of handy when you’re on the bike so i might use it but there you go so

It took about 10 minutes a little tricky downloading the map make sure you use your termi gift code for your first one but uh let’s fire this bad boy up and see what it sounds like with this new up map foreign sounds good i can’t wait to ride it all right well thanks for watching stay tuned subscribe if you haven’t subscribed alright see y’all later you

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How to Install Termignoni T800 upmap Ducati Panigale V4 S 2018 – 2022 By V4 Racer