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I got to borrow a beast of a bike!!! 2022 Ducati Streetfighter V4

The Aprilia is in the shop and I got to ride 208 horsepower beast for a week!!!

I’m gonna start calling this announcement wall because that’s what this is we have a new bike tonight no i didn’t buy this one i still own the aprilia so i mentioned in the aprilia video that my buddy let me borrow this this is after that fact street fighter v4 it’s freaking amazing i’m not gonna hold you guys up too much uh he’s got aero exhaust so it’s gonna

Be extra loud we’ve got carbon fiber carbon fiber carbon fiber carbon fiber carbon fiber carbon fiber and forged carbon fiber right here i just cleaned this bike up to bring it out tonight so hopefully you guys appreciate this i’m going to take it to my buddy who’s let me borrow it i’m not giving it back tonight but i’m going to take it back to them so he can see

It all cleaned up i figured that’d be something nice to do to show that i appreciate him letting me borrow this well the aprilia is already in the shop right at 400 miles it started leaking out of the stator cover um not a big deal it’s covered under warranty it’s actually a very common issue with the 660 so keep an eye out for that if you get one but this thing’s

Already warmed up so i’m not going to keep too much time on this uh in stock formation 208 horsepower and still pretty this one looks even better with all the carbon fiber the clotted lock phone mount that i can’t use you guys a nice little sound bite here i don’t know how much you guys are going to be able to hear but she sounds absolutely amazing i don’t know

How much she’ll be able to hear me over this bike but we’re just gonna get out and go ride um so first off i am going to say as a shorter person this is slightly easier to ride than the uh the toronto honestly as a less experienced rider this thing scares the crap out of me like as you see he has it in race mode and he has everything turned down so we’re just

Going to turn around right here advisor down and we’re gonna go so this is also the first recording in the shoei x14 . if you guys hear me breathing kind of heavy it is super cold tonight um a little hard for me to catch my breath i am going to take it through one of my favorite sections but i’m not going to get too crazy with it because it’s cold uh 55 right

Now um and it’s not my bike so i do have a tent advisor on the showy like i do the city but it’s not as dark ness and this bike is pure joy cracking open the throttle and any gear it’s just there the bike is just ready to go but it’s way too cold to be doing that i will say versus the toronto i definitely um foreign i definitely missed the cruise control

Other than that i don’t really miss anything else about the toronto on this gives you everything the toronto gives um at least the 660 and then so much more with having so much power on top and this thing i have to say turns so many heads like people love looking at this bike i love looking at this bike like this bike is breathtaking to look at it’s breathtaking

To ride it’s breathtaking to hear the thing it is absolutely amazing also i’m gonna have to edit the crap out of this video because i say a lot because i have to process what my own thoughts are so yeah i get used to it it is such a chilly night like the bike has already cooled down since it’s leaving the lot like i warmed it up at home pulled it up to the lot

And it cools down so fast because of the temperature outside but this bike like not having cruise control isn’t such a big deal because it’s so light on the throttle oh god so i did have an installer but i’m like why does it seem so cold the air the air on this bike is absolutely amazing as well like cruising down the highway at 80. it feels like i should

Have like a full arrow hit right now like there’s really not as much wind hitting me as what you would think with it being a full like a naked bike to that oh no i’m low on fuel you know helmet that is a brave man somehow we’ll probably top it off anyways because my friend that wanted me to bike does the same thing i do no mirrors foreign finished

Chilling out tonight oh god i am cold i love this bike though i love my bike but i love this bike too all right my bike my bike is fun at like lower speeds but my bike is fun nonetheless this is a whole different level of fun this thing is like a scary fun i guess nothing but the best sit stay give me give me the i did give me the premium this one this

One here’s that one there you go thirsty girl this thing drinks i will say that foreign like two and a half gallons in here and now i was like damn something sounds good where’d you come from your place because i cleaned it for you i cleaned it for you the good the detail supply company stuff that we get at work it’s not like ceramic no no ceramic coating

Just a good wipe down get all the dust off of it get all the brake dust off the wheels all the little oil spots off of it i’m making a review well comparison

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I got to borrow a beast of a bike!!! (2022 Ducati Streetfighter V4) By Skitzo00 Rides