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A very short motovlog concerning selling some one’s motorcycle.

In the night you wake me up when the sun goes down feelings right you wake me up when the sun goes down sleepless nice quick rate motorcycle for sale you guys saw the thumbnail and no i’m not selling the chocolaty smuggler and i’m not selling six hours out to d1 talent and get this and open it yeah that’s mrs. j mac of course i’m gonna blur the screen like crazy

Come on and as you can tell the jocketty scrambler is still low but i had it hooked up to the battery tender i need to replace the battery soon all right i’ll see you guys oh what the heck is going on the mnd yes look who it is ah they’re doing that look it’s bond here they’re doing they’re clearing up an osteon their kupuna i was gonna go talk to him but

It looks like he’s gonna punch me in the face never mind hello oh no way for the el tráfico i mean if was that a rat that sucks hello everybody seven well right now i want to say that i apologize mash you may see it’s not a long video it ha was this a quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick announcement and as the tano says this

Is something about for sale and like i said earlier i’m not selling neither this file or descrambler believe you guys have seen my chest this tuesday yesterday about the ktm duke 390 because they’re new to my channel and if you guys are subscribers you guys don’t know this yet but i’m only uploading chest this tuesday every last week of the month or every last

Tuesday of the month it’s not a weekly thing is not a daily thing or whatever i already said this in my previous vlog designer most of you didn’t caught that but owner of the duke 390 i messaged me last night and he asked me if i know anyone who’s looking for a build 390 and apparently he’s selling his bike tall he’s selling it i told him i don’t know anyone

Who’s looking for one awesome if he wants me to put it on my blog and he said and uh cool he’s selling his 2017 to 390 and the odometer reads out 5,000 5,000 kilometers so if you guys are interested in that bike give me a holler hear me yeah i just went around yes i can’t go anywhere right now early in the morning that was just my quick announcement if you guys

Are interested on the duke 390 you know just test it which is awesome by the way head to my facebook page drop me a message and we’ll talk we’ll talk you out and i gotta tell you that bike is perfect condition the reason why the owner is selling it he wants to get one of these hey kawasaki z1000 as well i’ll be back on sunday with hopefully with a regular upload

Again again and much like a mad max but it’s not an n max how do you expect to do with motovlog in the morning and a traffic like this really it up right now know why my lenses fog you know is that him brush fatigued gross i was so excited to come out and ride i totally forgot to brush my teeth ross here i am walking with a bad breath one one last thing thank

You guys for watching mrs. j max first vlog the guys haven’t seen her first even link down in description if you’re wondering how she did it go to her channel right now well after this go to channel subscribe to her channel i guess expect more videos from her she’s gonna do another vlog expect some dual vlogs from us if it’s gonna be uploaded on this channel or

Her channel it doesn’t matter we’re 1 1 1 i’m random vlog then i’m gonna go home because i need to take a i forgot to go to the bathroom before i laugh i was so excited to do a motovlog for y’all i know short of sorry another videos coming out tomorrow to play back thursday and the quickie friday on friday and a whole new episode on the manic monday

And the test is tuesday and i want to tell you off that i don’t have come on on manic monday on tuesday and friday yeah show you guys that so now you know all right all right that’s all it’s also i’ll be back with a regular oh no i don’t want to say that’s it and yeah

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