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New 2021 Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini – Full Review WORLD PREMIERE |Know Anything|

This is a review of the new 2021 Diavel 1260 Lamborghini edition.

Um so so for this episode of the ducati world premiere we came to the home of our lamborghini friends we are inside the moody tech the museum of technologies ducati and lamborghini share a territory called the moto valley a unique place in the world the manufacturers of the most sporty and desirable cars and motorcycles in the world are located

Within a 100 kilometer radius around bologna and modena a place devoting great attention to training here there is a program called muna where tomorrow’s engineers working in this field are educated a place with a great passion for food for feeling good but at the same time with a great dedication to work the ability to to overcome difficulties as they

Arise and it is here in the heart of the motor valley that this unique project was born it will be the subject of this episode of the world premiere the extraordinary diavel 1260 lamborghini a project like this could have been born only in the moto valley only between two such like-minded brands and only by working with friends like those at the lamborghini

Style center our factories are only 20 kilometers away we share many passions and work together in many areas but we’ve never done this before on a production motorcycle ladies and gentlemen the diavel lamborghini the diavel lamborghini is a diavel great stage presence unique and distinctive it’s powerful and muscular but also agile between the curves for

Great riding enjoyment its ergonomics are comfortable and sporty at the same time its design perfectly integrates the dvt-1262 test estretta engine an engine that in euro5 configuration delivers 162 horsepower and offers a torque of over 13 kilograms at 7500 rpm the standard diavel is also equipped with the ducati quick shift up and down the chassis is

Sporty and top level single-sided swinging arm o-lins at the front and rear fully adjustable brembo braking system with m50 radial mount calipers the diavel lamborghini has a dry weight of 220 kilograms two of the hallmarks of lamborghini design are the y-shaped stylistic element and the hexagon the seat with suede upholstery a nameplate that echoes the

Color of the frames and rims has y-shaped stitches while the hexagon is found on the exhausts made of carbon the paints are exactly the same as the car the matte green of green jayer and the gold of auro-electrum we have balanced the colours to ensure harmony of the shapes but at the same time give strength to important elements such as the frame and the

Rims as we said before the bike has been designed applying the same stylistic language that distinguishes the car this is as much about the whole as it is about the details in fact to make this new creature we have redesigned all the components that characterize the design of a diavel the air inlets the radiator cover the front and rear mud guides clearly

The exhausts the seat cover but especially the rims the rims are an essential component for a bike like this they are forged beautiful lightweight and make the bike immediately unique a 240 45 sports profile tire is mounted at the back while the front mounts a 120 70 tire and since the inspiration is the cyan fkp 37 the whole fairing was obviously made of

Carbon a beautiful precious and light material you’ve seen the number 63 on the side of the bike why this number it’s a magic number for lamborghini it’s the year of its foundation it is therefore a clear homage to the car that inspired the xi’an fkp p-37 a car manufactured in only 63 units the bike is numbered and limited to 630 units 10 times the number

63 the bike number can be found on the aluminium plate attached to the frame when sitting on the diavel lamborghini you will appreciate many more details even before you start riding it the diavo lamborghini like the whole family is equipped with a double instrument panel a module with warning lights and a 3.5 inch color tft screen at keon the lamborghini

And ducati badges are shown on the instrument panel and the bike silhouette appears these are unique details that underline the value of this bike the instrument panel of course gives access to all the information of the bike and allows you to configure the latest generation electronic systems that it is equipped with the handlebar controls are backlit and

The bike is hands-free like all diavels and still on the subject of attention to detail we have created a dedicated helmet it’s a jet model top of the range inspired by the livery of the bike available exclusively for the owners of the motorcycle the diavel lamborghini enriches the diavel range which includes diavel 1260 in dark stealth color from diavel

1260s in two colors ducati red and black and indeed the diavel lamborghini two jewels of style but also a concentrate of technology and performance it is beautiful to admire them as much as it is beautiful to enjoy them on the road when we started thinking about the bike claudio domenicali remembered the theon fkp 37 dedicated to professor pique which

He saw at the frankfurt show in 2019 and which he immediately fell in love with and we found the perfect link between ducati and lamborghini for a four-handed project it’s a dream for everyone who does this job by creating a diavel inspired by cyan we celebrated the values we share with lamborghini we are italian we are sporty and design is a distinctive

Element of our creations there’s always been a great connection with michael borket the director of the lamborghini style center who is a motorcyclist a ducatista so we started working on the idea and the project took shape but i’d like to hear it from him welcome to the lamborghini style center for me it is important to welcome all ducatistas because

I too am a ducatista at lamborghini we are famous for having design in our dna it all started with the kuntach two things are important to me not only the silhouette but also the architecture of the car we have a very particular window angle that is distinctive from lamborghini almost a year ago we presented our masterpiece in frankfurt the lamborghini sean

Fkp-37 we are very proud of it we presented it for sure also in a very special color a matte green called verdeja also in the sean we have inserted all the contents of the kuntach and we’ve realized a lamborghini of the future we have created this y theme which is important and meaningful for lamborghini and for which we are famous equally important are

The rims which are beautiful and very technical and give the car a very special style i am a ducatista i like super sport bikes and the mudguard concept follows this inspiration i made them so that they seem almost detached from the volume of the car especially the rear mudguard which is like the fairing of a motorcycle we are also famous for the hexagon

In that we put three hexagonal lights as in the contact do you remember about a year ago i came here with a diavel here in this room i parked the bike next to the car and we started thinking you were very good you explained the basic concepts of cyan and therefore this design obviously inspired by the dna of the front nose the concept of the streamlined

Beauty the external and internal flows of the car this design made not only by taking care of the main body but also by adding external volumes kind of like the fairings on a motorcycle don’t you think yes a very nice element to the rims the transition from the rim of a car to that of a motorcycle i still can’t imagine how you could do it the rooms on

Your car are a work of art so we tried to stay true to the rim to the point of using the same color do you remember yeah good combination i asked you what color we were going to use it’s a beautiful match andrea all i’ve seen so far are pictures should we see the bike i’d say it’s the right time we’ve got the bike let’s go see it spectacular i love this

Piece wonderful beautiful gorgeous we have to take a ride we have to take a ride but andrea but i’ll take the bike okay i’ll take the car so so you

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