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Ride On The Ducati Panigale V4S POV

A Random Ride On The Ducati V4S.

Let’s just go see where he is my baby looking good oh my days so yeah we’re here all to arena well they changed all this up a lot but i don’t recognize any of this place damn they’ve been there for a while anyway this message we walk into the o2 arena i’m fully geared up people look at me like who’s this guy this rusty is this the mixed race rusty let’s

Not show that oh i’m busy not gonna lie i’m very busy ah baby i’m back don’t you worry ah fire this heat this heat is here now i feel that when i’m standing still not freaking riding damn but you’ve got roger gear on talking i do better to be safe than sorry and there’s hella traffic today what’s that about mind you sunny day one morning about what’s

Up oh remember nice summery colors on she knows got the yellow and the black should say black and yellow oh man ah when you sit over the bike that is how you get it to lean in that’s g rugs uh look at this surface man this is what i’m talking about it is so damn dusty it’s not even funny it’s not a nice surface to ride on if you don’t want to lose grip that

Is i mean i don’t want to lose any grip so i’m taking the easy as hell you could never ride spirited on the surface like this it’s just it’s a recipe for disaster honestly absolute recipe for disaster uh uh maybe we’ll go this way because our visa shall we well hopefully it’s heated up more for race mode now oh man yeah you guys i’m sorry i’m not even

Like speaking much that’s enjoying my ride simple yeah i’m loving this forever this is the right weather for the bike man there’s a lot of people out today wow oh them that’s just i finally get to use race mode as well i’m not allowed to finish the neutral accent so when that one neutral i can’t find it when i don’t want it it’s just there like it’s like hey

Neutral man yeah i don’t know what’s up with that still but but hey oh wow my nuts oh bruh i can’t wait to discuss the only suspension because i’m not gonna lie unless you’re a super super seasoned rider i don’t know if you’ll open it gt3 but like that i don’t know if you’re gonna notice because man if you give her something hard you feel it in your soul

I’m kidding you know you feel it right in your soul and it hurts i mean i don’t know what my the good old sperm cat will be after this but hey i assure you it is probably reduced not a couple of million of them out there kind of hurt but hey ah well yo the heat from this bike now the cat you’re running hot wow the temperature’s actually quite high so my legs

Are i feel like someone’s blown a fan of cold day onto my legs what i’m saying before you guys let me know what you guys want to see in these videos i mean what do you want to see from this bike would you want to see me do you see me do cold labs with people get some more bikes involved get some more carbs involved what you guys want to see let me know and let

Me know comment below also don’t forget to like share you know subscribe support your boy i haven’t read the eraser for so long and i’m telling you guys it makes a difference like the full power output the frontal like look at that look how much i twist my wrist the timeless amount it’s ready to just launch you off the bike like it isn’t that sensitive that’s

Why i don’t really use race mode in time it’s a bit too sensitive but if the road is clear nothing’s in front of me i’m sad why not but he seems to be very cautious out uh i need to figure out what else race mode does i know what it does to the engine dynamics and whatnot but i can order that stuff but yeah i don’t know about the rest of it you see it’ll still

Power really easily like flipping hell man is so damn responsive oh the way it handles man are you serious it’s like you could dance on this damn thing nah man the way it feels oh you guys the way it turns and the downfalls you feel from the wings like this stuff feels so agile yeah i love the string yeah with me in the spike we are one we are united 171 for

Fuel are you serious my days it’s just getting expensive everywhere like this is stupid i don’t know about that it’s header expensive ah my legs are burning bike do you have to be this hot all right 254 damn nah my legs are burning it’s not even funny so so see something else you know is it the bike that’s making me hot now it’s not even the freaking weather

Man honestly my phone’s sticking out my pocket looking real awkward right right now damn this is sold out now the flag is sitting in my face what’s that about freaking hurt man my days i can’t believe that flight i saw it from fine it’s like bang like a bullet in my face freaking hurt i’m not the one yeah my eyes are shut now that’s around the highway right

Race is so yeah you know we have to flip that frog i need that loud exhaust man i need you to know from from before that where i’m at it’d be kind of hot today man i need the visor open again i can’t breathe like this come on guys oh ah how do you do do you

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Ride On The Ducati Panigale V4S (POV) By XavzLife