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Riding the Ducati Hyperstrada in San Francisco

Had to reupload due to copyright issues with the first version. Enjoy my comments on this beast.

Hey folks today you’re writing this gorgeous beast in san francisco and so i’m gonna tell you guys what i think about it all right so let me first apologize for the really weird camera angle believe it or not this bike has basically no where to suction cup of gopro on no the best one i could find on like the the radiator cowl sort of thing believe me i don’t like

It either because my microphone cable is pretty much pulled tight so let’s hope that’s not an issue and also i don’t know how i’m gonna sound because this helmet is not mine and so my microphone is just in there but i have a no chance to test it or anything like that so i don’t know as mentioned today i am writing this beautiful beast is a 2015 ducati daddy caddy

Hyper strata 2015 in i like it it’s a lot of points obviously sounds great it’s you’re caught eat when it’s nice and farty and grunting and yummy and all that um i do i do like it a lot it’s a it’s a fun bike to to be on i’ve had it this is the second day i’ve had it i’m obviously in san francisco i’ve been here i was here during the week for work and decided to

Make it a long weekend and thank you soon decided to make it a long weekend here in the city and rented a ducati just for fun and i’ve been riding all around yesterday i was up on the north side of the bridge in the hills up there this morning i went down and so talking went down and visited stanford for a little bit and then rode the hills up above palo alto

And menlo park then i rode up the coast back up to the city area and it’s been a lot of fun no what can i say and so i put about how many miles have i put on you my dear put about 300 miles on it since i’ve got it picked it up yesterday i have it through tomorrow and i’m playing a ride pretty much all the way down to monterey tomorrow from the city so anyways

Let’s talk about what i think of this like i do i do like it a lot i like this bike a lot but there’s a lot that i don’t like about it first of all at the ducati right so it’s kind of clunky and you know unrefined and party and back fiery and and all those things from that are typical of a ducati right what it it’s too clunky and the way i say that i mean that

The engine is it’s pretty good you know the only thing i sort of noticed at the engine obviously it’s a great sounding grunting twin what the only thing i really don’t like it well i don’t it’s not that i really don’t like it it’s that i just noticed it is that the throttle response on it is very poor and when i especially for example if i’m you know if i’m like

If i flip the throttle when it’s idle it it take it hesitates which is kind of interesting it’s i didn’t you know i expected it to be more you know quick to it than that no but it sort of hesitates and i mean not that that’s really a problem i just sort of expected it to be more precise than that you know this is of course the i believe it’s the 8 to 1 engine that

Shared with the monster the smaller the baby monster while not the baby monster but the smaller of the monsters come on subaru light so yeah it’s it’s a newer engine but it’s i don’t know it just it and you know it’s supposed to be sort of quote on unrefined and rough right it’s a ducati but just something i noticed the the place that i really really actually take

Issue with this bike is the gearbox god the gearbox and this thing is trash and i i don’t want to offend anybody by saying that but it’s it just is it’s way very very clunky and many times it struggles to find a gear and you know that sort of stuff it’s it’s and i you know i’ve hit multiple faults and neutrals on it then and that sort of stuff that it shouldn’t have

At least in my opinion it shouldn’t have right and it really doesn’t like to shift into first from neutral and it’s really hard to find neutral in the first place there’s just a number of issues i have with a gearbox that make it really annoying and in general it’s just it’s really loud when you shift it’s very clunky it’s very you know it just seems really not

Great it feels like it’s like a out of a you know 50 year old motorcycle not a you know one year old motorcycle right so that’s like the one big issue i have with it right it it just seems like it should work better than that but it doesn’t and i find that rather frustrating and try to turn here what’s up nice it’s a supermoto ktm so but honestly other than the

Gearbox i i haven’t really found any major issues i have but this motorcycle it’s it’s a lot of fun i mean it’s it’s fun in every way right it’s like it just it’s extremely ridiculously fast like beyond anything i’ve ever read are you kidding me how does it even accelerate that stress you know it it’s ridiculously quest to be on a level i can even like comprehend

Really let’s see in terms of it sort of features you know its traction control and abs which are fine i mean i actually to have needed to use the abs already so that’s why i mean traction control is kind of whatever you know it doesn’t doesn’t matter as much to me but the abs is nice to have and you can it has you know of course like different settings right so

It has a you know a sport mode a touring mode which i have it in right now and a urban mode which all pretty much they don’t do anything to the engine or the suspension they just sort of change that sensitivities of the abs and traction control right so it makes the traction control you know more or less likely to pick in more or less likely the abs more or less

Likely to kick in i don’t know you know that kind of stuff but really other than the the traction control and abs and the settings within those the bike is surprisingly basic you know that the gauge cluster is extremely simple doesn’t even have a gear indicator or anything like that which slightly annoying since the gearbox sucks in it’s hard to find a gear or any

Way or figure out what gear you might be in these people are crazy so minor tip there i don’t know i wish it had a gear indicator and uh but other than that it’s super simple it’s a really surprisingly simple bike i figured that this bike would sort of have more to it right which is kind of odd so well can i say it’s a comfortable bike obviously it’s very upright

And you know it’s easy to throw easy to throw around its a super it’s basically a glorified supermoto right simple it easy to throw which is great you know makes it easy another girl phy do have with it is the fuel tank you know it’s got that little tiny sort of supermoto as fuel tank right and so it doesn’t hold much um that only gets about it gets decent mileage

But it only gets maybe a hundred i mean from full to empty empty maybe 150 on the tank which is not ideal but whatever you do it’s a ducati right you so you you do get a lot of looks on it i mean at the bright were ahead ducati which is i mean whatever it’s i guess it’s kind of cool that you get looked at but you know it’s whatever right but it definitely is sort

Of a showy kind of motorcycle speaking of which this has a stop exhaust on it oh my god i never knew us stockings off the town so good the other thing i know that’s on sitting on it you know is especially here in the city where i’m not moving it gets hot and it gets hot quit like right now a little temperature gauge is up to 13 to 15 and just goes up it

Takes very little time before the fan takes home for the radiator it’s just hot sitting here right now it’s like slowly burning my legs so i don’t know it’s a lot of fun it’s you know i’ve got some gripes with it between especially the gearbox man it’s like it feels like the gearbox is broken look it just doesn’t work sometimes you know typical that’s a one-way

Street that’s a one-way street that’s a one-way street unless you’re doing a u-turn you’re apparently doing a u-turn so it’s fun it’s got a lot of fun stuff going on with it i guess the real question is at this point is what i own it what i buy one and i think my answer is you know it’s fun don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of fun but it’s to me it just seems it’s a

Lot of money to pay for the name and for an unsorted refining the motorcycle right now to an extent it’s unrefined on purpose right it’s kind of kind of like a harley you know it’s it’s sort of grunty and jumpy and and all that on purpose but it’s a pain it’s not it makes it this is not an easy bike by any means – right it’s not at all easy especially with the

Gearbox issue and it’s just overall jumpiness and pork and all that stuff you know what it’s definitely not easy definitely not easy to ride and it just it’s a lot of money to pay or an unrefined douchebag in the gtr

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Riding the Ducati Hyperstrada in San Francisco By Nossorama