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Spending 2021 with the Ducati Multistrada V4S | MCN


Welcome to mcn and a series of videos where we  talk to mcn staff about the long-term test bikes   about rich’s ducati multistrada v4s hello rich   and you’re not just a member of mcun staff you are  the editor the boss man of which there are many   so first question is how long have you had the  ducati and how many miles have you

Done on it so   i got the first one of these in march this year  um and had about 250 miles on it yeah and then   disaster struck which was when uh ducati had the  engine recoil problem oh yeah so as you remember   they had a problem with valve guides on the new v4  engine and what that meant was the the valves were  

Wobbling in the guides and causing engine failures  so 250 miles that bike went away and then this one   came in replacement since then i’ve done uh just  under 9000 miles on it right a lot of miles fair   few yeah a little bit light for me but uh but yeah  9 000 is a a pretty decent test of a bike so yeah   and how long have

You been riding for um first  rated motorbike when i was five years old so   that’s 20 years yeah yeah 20 20 20 years you can  have a promotion no that would be 42 years ago   but first started riding really in earnest when  i was about 11 years old and i got a suzuki rm-80   having uh convinced my parents that if they let 

Me ride off-road i would never ride a bike on road   it was an uphill struggle yeah i’ve been riding  ever since and got my road license in 1994.   uh so last year had honda africa twin the ases  plus version so top of the range and similar   specs to this bike here really similar price as  well and before that i’ve had bmw gs

Adventure   um i’ve had all sorts yeah you know my my history  and my personal bikes is is really sports bikes so   the sort of adventure bike class is relatively  new in my biking history but it lets you do big   trips isn’t it so so where have you been yeah  where have you been on this not as many places   as i’d

Like to have done because uh obviously this  year’s uh been about as uh free and easy as last   year really yeah so it’s been a bit disappointing  but i’ve still got about a bit i’ve done a few   my kicks from doing long days riding yeah i   love a thousand mile day if i can sneak some in  and my two biggest ones this year on

This bike   i did the northumberland 250 which was a new route  that launched um well last year so that was i left   home in stanford whizzed up to northumberland  then up around bambra castle up into scotland   and then back down again and so that was a 707  miles in a day and then my other big one that   i did on

This bike last year was over into wales  so over across through the peak district up into   anglesey little apple anglesey and down through  the center of wales down through sort of barlow   and newtown cross gates down that way and then  back up through worcester and up to stanford so   and yeah that was 520 miles i think in a

Day yeah  i love it absolutely love it you should have my   job and this bike is perfect for it exactly so  comfortable yeah and you know it’s actually i   would say the most comfortable long-term i’ve  ever had wow it’s all new for this year isn’t it   new engine new chassis but it’s got a lot of tech  on it hasn’t it so

How’s that been to live with   you don’t get to use it really because it’s   you with it for such a short amount of time but  yeah i mean it’s been um it’s all fantastic now   so it’s having problems uh there’s a little  cubby hole here and as you can see there’s a   wired connection yeah and you can hide your phone 

In there and then connect your phone to the dash   and then you can run all of your your connection  through the dash and through the switch gear   a quick update a quick software update solved  that and it’s been absolutely uh thoughtless   ever since and the dash is brilliant you know the  uh especially the nav which i use all

The time and   really really good high resolution clear intuitive  as is all the switch gear and so yeah all that   sides really really good other electronics i mean  you’ve got every support system there’s everything   there isn’t it you know you’ve got suspension and  riding modes all through the switch gear and dash  

You’ve got two-way quick shifter and obviously  traction control anti-lift i mean christ it’s huge   um but it all works really well and you don’t  actually notice it’s there which is you know   a great endorsement the genius isn’t it doesn’t  interfere with your ride it merely supports you   i think i’m right in saying is this

Is the first  long test term test bike we’ve had with the radar   crews yeah what’s that being like to actually live  with i i was really uh one of the sort of luddites   going oh why do you need that it’s you know barely  use cruise control anyway so why do you need   adaptive cruise control actually it’s answered  all

The things i dislike about cruise control   so you set it through the dash you can set how  close you want that intervention to kick in   but i use it all the time now because you can  if you’re cruising down the motorway at whatever   speed you choose let’s not mention numbers 6970  yeah good numbers yeah um you can set it

And then   obviously as you approach a vehicle it’ll it’ll  just hold you at the distance that you’ve asked   it to back from that vehicle as soon as it’s back  out your path it’ll accelerate you back up to   the speed that you’ve picked so it’s really good  because it stops you having to muck around with   the cruise

Control all the time whereas you know  with the old system you’re always cancelling or   clicking it up clicking it down mucking about with  it it’s a real pain this solves it brilliantly and   because you’ve got the rear radar as well oh yeah  and the light comes on you’ve got warning lights   in the mirrors which tell you if

You’ve got a  vehicle in your blind spot and again you know   um but it’s really good yeah it does add something  and yeah i’d certainly rather have it than not   the only time where it isn’t as perfect as  your own inputs would be is uh if you’re   motorway and you’re pulling across to the   the ordinarily you just

Breeze straight  past the radar of course sees it and goes ah   you you’re effectively off the throttle as   goes oh it was all clear wasn’t the problem   doing what it can see and it’s not obviously   own brain at processing that information   but that will evolve as well won’t it largely  thoughtless so i want

To bring you to the front   quite contentious oh it’s got a wheel it’s got   but yeah the cat you’ve gone with the 19-inch  front wheel compared to the multi-striders of   old so have you found that um that’s been a tale  of two tyres really so um this bike originally   comes on um scorpion trail 2 brother really good 

Bloody good tyre yeah absolutely and the only   is it slightly numbs the front end feeling   and it’s a little bit too adventurous spec or  a little bit too touring sort of focused for   this bike and this is like a massive supermoto  really it’s such a fun aggressive live bike that   you want that steering control so i know

You’ve  picked up on it in road test quite rightly that   19 at the front that you have with the 17 but   these dunlop mutants yep they’ve got a more   aggressive front profile they’re a little bit  softer um and it’s it’s returned all that feel   most of it they look like wets as well don’t they  yeah i mean they work

Like wets as well brilliant   tyre yeah really impressive um but they’ve given  a load more confidence and feel and composure   back to the bike yeah um and it’s and it’s taken  away most of the downsides of having a 19-inch   as a 17 but if you really want that obviously   there’s the new bike speaker yeah exactly now 

Which has got that so you mentioned the comfort   really really comfortable bike yep another big  question um is that this this goes up against the   gs really it’s a ducati gs isn’t it so what is  it like against the gs because you’ve owned one   i’ve probably done over 60 000 miles on   gs’s absolutely love them as well

So yeah one  of my favorite bikes uh every year we try and   think of new ways to criticize the gs and it’s  difficult almost yeah um how do they compare   but that’s because 99.9 of my time spent   on the road and i think this bike just offers  a slightly more refined road riding experience   to go off and do a round

The world adventure   i’ll take the gs it’s simpler it’s easier to work  on and it’s less delicate off-road yeah and in   every other sense it’s just as good as this the  only reason i prefer this i suppose on the road   comfort slightly better wind noise is lower the  airflow management’s much better on this bike  

Terms of flexibility on the road it’s just a nicer   package than the gs but yeah i mean you could only  either and never be disappointed exactly it’s not   a cheap bike obviously especially in this spec  is it is it worth it quality wise you you getting   your money’s worth yeah absolutely i mean this  bike in this spec which

Is what they call the full   v4s so it’s got all the extras all the heated  stuff panniers carbon front fender and every extra   going basically and the uh cropper which is  hiding behind this pannier you can’t see that’s a   shame yeah it’s uh it’s a sweet looking thing yeah  but it’s in there yeah um but yeah that’s 22 and

A   half grand uh in that spec but last year i had uh  africa twin ases plus that was 21.5 grand and the   difference between the two bikes is just yeah  not even on the same planet that shouldn’t be   that much should it that bike no not at all um  but the beauty of this is everywhere you look   the quality is visible

You know you can see where  your money’s gone it feels like value for money   the fit the finishes i mean this is a 9 000 mile  bike now in all weathers it’s been off-road it’s   yeah it rides like brand new the tech works   yeah it really is worth the price tank so apart  from the engine obviously that was a teething  

Problem with these bikes at the beginning which  is sorted and and the issue you were talking about   with the linking up with the dash have you had any  other problems with it no none at all it’s been   absolutely seamless apart from those two things  and i say yeah the engine thing was obviously   regressible for for an all-new

Engine platform  to have a problem at birth is always a shame   but you know it’s been absolutely bulletproof  since and ditto the connectivity is completely   sorted by the software update so yeah no issues  at all so the thousand dollar question pound   question would you buy one if i had twenty two  and a half thousand pounds

Yes uh yeah i mean i   i can’t afford to buy a bike that’s this expensive  personally um but i’d well i have a collection   buy one of these what have you got by the way   you’ve got some lovely stuff in there yeah i’ve  got a few nice ones and so i’ve got a ducati 996   um i’ve got a honda sp2 uh as in the original vtr 

Thousand sp2 i’ve got one of the last for 2007.   and i’ve got a slabside gsxr 750 and i’ve got a  honda vfr 750 fiw so the last of the pre-vtecs   and a 1975 cb750 single overhead cam wow with the  full dumpster kit on it so it’s a proper 70s gin   palace it’s uh yeah an intriguing bit of kit very  few toys in the in the cupboard

But you know i i   can’t personally afford this but would i recommend  it to people to buy yeah absolutely yeah okay it’s   worth it yeah and it won an mcn award this year  didn’t it yeah as our as our best all-rounder for   2021 yeah and rightly so because it just does  absolutely everything you know it’s as comfortable  

To tour and as an rt yeah and more comfortable and  more costly i’d say than a gold wing actually yeah   um and you know you can you can ride off-road it’s  got enduro modes it’ll look after you and it’s you   know it’s docile in town compliant but it’s a bit  of a hooligan on the b roads if you want it to be   as well it’s great

Everything it really is well  hence we gave it the all-rounder award he’s happy   it really can do it all well thank you very much  for talking us around your bike thank you and   thank you for watching and stay tuned for more  of our long-term test videos coming up soon you

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