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Straight Piping My New Ducati Scrambler Nightshift **The most underrated Ducati?**

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Hey guys welcome to another video i know it’s been a really really long time since i’ve posted last almost three years since i posted the volvo which i had modded temporarily um it’s still not like that actually my mom is looking at getting a new car here in about a month so i will kind of show you guys what she ends up getting it could be pretty cool we’ve had on

Order for a little while now so that could be pretty exciting but today i do have something cool and new to show you guys now i know you know it’s a motorcycle it is a ducati but the question is which one ducati has so many cool beautiful awesome bikes that i love so much and i ended up just getting this one last week i’ve been wanting for about a year to get a

Motorcycle so without further ado let me show you guys my brand new motorcycle so this is the 2022 ducati scrambler night shift now a couple things with this bike as you know kind of has a cafe racer feel now this isn’t their cafe racer lineup but they do have a lot of parts that fit on this bike that also fit on the cafe racer and a lot of the different ducati

Scrambler bikes i’ll kind of walk around this bike and show you guys tell you a little bit about it it’s not going to be stock for long i’ve already done a couple small things to it i’m going to do something actually really cool today that’ll change the bike a lot but let me just walk around the bike show you guys some cool stuff features that it has as you can

See at least for me first glance you kind of notice the seats so this seat is not stock i actually ended up getting ducati’s leather aftermarket seat this is super cool because it’s more of a single seat the stock one is flat and black and it allows you to fit a passenger which you know i don’t really care on doing too much so i went with this and i think that

It really adds a lot of angle and a lot of cool style to this bike kind of gives it more of a cafe racer feel these are the stock mirrors however i did invert them so i had to flip them from the other side i personally like them upside down like that and i can see just fine out of them so i that’s sort of another little tiny mod i didn’t really have to pay much

Which was nice for that besides that so this motorcycle is a 803 cc l twin motor it actually sounds really cool personally i like more of the sport bike sounds um i was actually going to get an mt09 i really love that engine sound i think that the three cylinder bike sounds really awesome and i also love the liter bikes i think they sound amazing but you know i

Just wanted to get something fun cool something i could have for a really long time and this bike sounds really cool and very unique now this doesn’t have that much tech it’s pretty simple as you can see on here i can kind of show you the gauges so it’s pretty simple you just have no lcd screen just a simple round analog display here there are no different riding

Modes it sort of is uh you turn it on you go which is kind of cool and something that i like about it probably one of my favorite features of this bike is actually the headlight so if i back up it’s actually a really cool kind of circle halo which you can also turn on the main light so this is like a daytime running light which is really cool i think it adds a lot

Of cool style to the bike it also does have more of these kind of off-road kind of gravel tires here and the one on the backs a little bit bigger but i do really like these tires and they actually are perfect for the roads that i have over here they kind of grip really nice and then the other thing this is the stock fender or the license plate so i’m not in love

I’m gonna do something about this probably in the next couple days it’s not terrible it’s better than having something big that hangs over right here for the meantime it’ll do i might change that now for some reason the united states they do have a band on the cool smaller led lights so these are a little bit bigger personally i don’t think they look as good so

I might swap these out here eventually but for now there are a couple modifications i want to do that will change the bike significantly so for me that was the seat and the mirrors and probably the biggest one it’s also for kind of safety is a new exhaust system so i do have something cool to show you guys today i did pick up a new exhaust system for this bike

And i also have something else coming in here in a couple days so today i’m just going to show you sort of what the bike sounds like stock and then i’m gonna install the exhaust again i’ve had it for about a week put on a few hundred miles i have to change the oil here probably in another two weeks but i do want something a little bit louder so people can hear me

I personally think the bike is pretty quiet stock you know it has some potential i’ve watched some videos it does have some potential to sound a lot better than what it does sound now but further dude let’s start the bike up so you just turn the key there we go and then so again um i don’t think the bike is super loud that that is you know stock just uh

It is warm the bike is not cool i did ride it just a little bit ago but i can’t give you a little rev to see what it sounds like on stock and then i’ll show you what the exhaust system i got and uh show you what it sounds like afterwards because i think it’s gonna be pretty awesome all right so give it a couple rubs hopefully that audio didn’t take too much for

You guys i am using the rode pro plus microphone but that’s what it sounds like stock engine is loud but the exhaust nothing comes out of that so let’s change it up and have it sound a little bit better i’m gonna take the bike into the shop and i’ll get it set up on a tripod and show you guys what exhaust system i bought for that and then uh show you guys what it

Sounds like after all right guys so we’ve got the bike here in the shop i’m gonna be quickly or trying to quickly install the new exhaust system so let me go grab that and i’ll bring it back and show you guys what it looks like and what i end up going with um so here’s the exhaust it’s not a full exhaust system i just got a muffler let me open up this is actually

From a company called radiant cycles order this off of amazon i will include the link in the description before i got from i was going to spend 500 bucks to get just a muffler but i found this online instead so i have not opened this up yet i haven’t seen it so pretty much this is just a muffler and it’s not much of a muffler you can see it’s pretty much just a

Straight pass-through pretty much just straight piped at least from the muffler black or just a muffler delete so what you can call it but i’m really excited because i did like the results that i heard of this bike online did sound really good i’m going to install this i’m often i’m not going to show too much of the installation process looks like there’s probably

Six to eight bolts that i have to undo it’s not like a how-to or tutorial i think it’s pretty straightforward but i want to get this installed here in the next 20-30 minutes and then i can show you guys what it sounds like outside and do some fly-bys for you guys all right i’ll be back in a sec alright guys so i’m back here i just took off the exhaust and uh put

On the new muffler and i just wanted to show you guys what it looks like so right now pretty clean um i’ll actually show you the other this is the stock so this weighs i would say probably maybe 12 10 10 to 12 pounds maybe maybe 15 pounds and that weighs pretty much nothing it weighs maybe a pound or two so i’m saving a lot of weight and i think it really looks

Well with the bike it’s pretty clean i like how it gets rid of a lot of the space down there it’s a little bit more open so now let’s do the first startup now i am in my garage it will echo it will be a little bit louder which is why i’m gonna do some flybys and kind of show you guys what it sounds like outside let’s do this let’s do the very first startup i’m a

Little nervous because i know it’s gonna be really really loud um i’ve secured it on there so it’s not going anywhere yeah so here here we go all right this if you guys can hear is very very loud oh yeah oh my god holy cow i don’t know if you guys can i mean in person i watched a video on this and it sounded pretty awesome but uh that’s super loud it sounds

Amazing um i’m kind of speechless now i just want to write it and just see what it sounds like so i’ll give you guys some couple flybys here unfortunately i would show you a camera i do have a gopro and i do have it set up on my helmet but i’m having some issues with the audio i have the hero9 and it makes it a little bit difficult because the usbc plug-in on the

Side will not do audio pass-through which is really unfortunate so it means i’m gonna have to run another audio source which i have i’m just trying to make it work so i’m hopeful hopefully later this week or in a couple days you guys will have another video of me writing um that’s really want to show you guys just clips of me riding around here all the beautiful

Roads take you guys on some of my adventures yeah i’ll show you guys some flybys and then that’ll be the end of the video so thanks for watching and uh please like subscribe if you guys subscribed years ago thank you for still being here i’m super excited to start my channel again and to get it going with this motorcycle all right guys um i hope you guys can

Hear me so i just finished doing that fly by i’m gonna give you guys one rev just to see if it shoots some flames that’s crazy guys all right peace out catch you next time

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Straight Piping My New Ducati Scrambler Nightshift **The most underrated Ducati?** By Jayce Knerr