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2017 Zero DSR Review – Test Ride. Completely ELECTRIC Motorcycle!

Definitely a crazy motorcycle but not $18k+ cool lol

Oh i’m excited to ride this thing 100% electric look at this – all that is so cool okay i’m guessing it’s on okay that’s a different modes sport eco custom you’re going back to sport this is weird man yeah nothing this is weird yeah what’s the green light stuff i mean it’s on good to go okay if you don’t mind i’d like me to start an eco okay and then you can

Switch the score once we get going okay that works sure oh no clutch either well i guess that makes sense that was a real stupid question wow this is gonna be weird yeah you know i’m no happy but yeah yeah it’s that’s weird get your hazards snow clutch is going to be weird yeah yeah yeah and if shifter either you just kind of go this thing is the knots oh my

God this thing is nuts this thing is insane this is going to be one hell of a ride i can already tell for those of you guys who don’t know anything about the zero motorcycle brand there are fairly newer brand all electric bikes completely electric battery-powered and kind of cool from what i’m seeing already i got a watch not to accidentally rev this oh my

God this is not so as i was saying the zero motorcycle company the completely electric bikes and that’s what makes it so crazy there’s no clutch as you can see right here there is no shifter down by my foot there’s just brakes and the throttle and what people rave about this is since it’s electric it’s just instant torque the torque on these things is nuts i

Will put all the statistics for this bike up on the screen for you guys cuz i’m not sure what they are this is a 2016 zero dsr now they make a few different models of these bikes and this is i’m not sure where this compares i notice has a bigger battery than the other one that they have here the guy was explaining to me i showed you guys the dash on the startup

You got your battery here you got your time here your miles per hour here your mode here this one’s got 50,000 now not 50,000 this one’s got 50 miles on it there’s the police god this is so weird to get used to with no collection of nothing you told me to keep it in eco muto eco mode till i get out there something’s going to change it to sport right now ah

Oh my god the torque on these things is awesome there’s no exhaust note so you guys like probably don’t even know when i’m accelerating you just kind of see the speedometer go up but it’s it’s eco mode that’s it was all right you know it wasn’t too crazy fast or torquey but this sport mode this is nuts this is awesome i’m going to drop back and see if i can

Do a little pool in sport mode oh my god holy this thing in so turkey i just i gave it probably 3/4 throttle thinking oh it can’t be that bad holy this thing is crazy they weren’t kidding oh my god an eco mode it wasn’t that turkey but in sport mode wow that is insane i’m going to see if i can tilt it down so you guys can get a little bit more of the bike

While i’m riding you’re more interested in the review of the bike then you are these roads it’s not necessarily a typical motive block like i’m normal normally doing it just my beers this seating position is very comfortable though i think the handlebars are placed perfectly far enough out to where they’re still comfortable as you got your lights over here

Your high beams your hazards your turn signal your horn and then here you just got your kill switch and the different mode button this guy was telling me this bike gertz for a little over eighteen thousand dollars it’s got the longer battery life than the other one that they have here and this option right here this little battery it’s like a tank battery or

Something he called it and this allows you to also charge the bike at all of like the charging the car charging stations like the leaf and the and the side and the sonic or whatever the hell that hybrid eco cars are nowadays so you can charge this bike at the same stations that you charge those bikes at which is pretty cool you don’t have to be in a special

Place to charge this bike i love it it’s got a little power and torque meter down on your right hand side so when you accelerate you can kind of see what you’re giving it which i think is pretty cool okay ever use three percent battery so i don’t know the battery liked on these things i’m not really sure what they armed sir i can google and find out if you

Write a normal motorcycle it’s definitely something to get used to with no no clutch no shifting literally just a brake and no exhaust no nothing just a little faster my man i want to give it something i’m not even i’m probably two-thirds throttle too i’d say yeah about two-thirds throttle and it’s got some torque i would love to see this nothing saying

It’ll get beat up by all different leader bikes in six hundreds in the long run but honest to god like the zero to sixty it’s got a chance it really does have a chance this bike is extremely quick off the start and extremely torquey i don’t know about the high end i can’t really judge that being on just a demo ride with this i’m gonna see if i can drop back

Right here i apologize i can only give it a little short burst of tirado i don’t want to pass the guy who’s up front but big shot at the mountain holly motorsports so they’re the ones putting on this demo day and they bring out all these bikes and just kind of let you buy whichever one you want it’s not a not a yamaha specific or suzuki specific or honda

Specific demo day it’s just all their used bikes they’re very friendly people over there so if you’re local in the area definitely go check them out they’re great guys very informative and they got a nice bike selection they said they put this on every year they got a few demo days every year but this is definitely a comfortable bike the only downside is it’s

Like it’s windy as i’m i apologize if you guys get too much wind noise okay i’m going to do some acceleration here oh my god okay that was full-throttle that was full throttle and that’s that is quick now i retract my statement obviously it would not be to 1,000 or a liter bike off the start but it would be closer to 600 that it is quick it is very quick

Okay i don’t know if i mentioned it earlier but this whole this whole tank charger option that’s a $2,000 option for this bike so it’s definitely pricey these aren’t cheap bikes they are all electric and they’re new to the market new order to the market i should say but they’re not cheap bikes at all but as i was saying the one thing the one downside is bike

Is the seats not that comfortable and it’s it’s a pretty small seat i tend to think i have a normal-sized ass or fairly normal and okay well i just want to go pull in the clutch silly me i wonder if you can get one of these things that wheelie i’m not going to try because they specifically adds us hey sir don’t be flying around don’t be popping wheelies on

Our pretty much brand new bikes so i said yeah that’s fine i don’t know i wonder if you can maybe not because it’s electric but that’d be definitely interesting to try see that’s that’s another thing i’m noticing the battery life does go down pretty quickly in my opinion i started at like 97 percent battery and now i’m at 89 percent and i’ve only been around

For maybe 10 minutes maybe different seeing in battery mode as to a fuel gauge maybe it just looks like it’s going down quicker i’m not really sure but yeah the seats not too comfortable i believe i had to feel behind me for that one but there is a rear seat if you want to ride with the passenger on this bike but the seat itself just is not that comfortable

And i’m sure you can change it out for a more comfortable seat that’s not a big deal it’s not like it’s something mounted onto the bike that you can’t move the one thing that’s weird is you have no exhaust note it’s just kind of a slight whine coming from the bottom of the bike you know what i mean it’s nothing crazy and i thought i just find kind of weird and

Every stop we come to i keep trying to pull in the clutch because i’m not learning that this is an electric bike but this zero dsr i know they have other models i believe the other one that they have here is the 0fx maybe and maybe not i don’t know don’t hold me to that now i’m not a fan of electric cars i hate them actually i really do not like electric cars

But this whole electric bike concept is pretty cool i find this to be really cool it’s a completely different change from the normal motorcycle ride it’s a different kind of style of riding i guess there’s no clutch no shift or nothing like that and it’s just instant power i definitely suggest keeping this thing in sport mode though eco mode wasn’t really too

Fun i gave it i was giving a full throttle right out the bat earlier in the ride and it wasn’t too fun but the sport mode it’s quick it’s fun it’s responsive overall overall i really do think this is a great bike it’s cool the whole electric now i don’t know maybe it’s because of the way i’m sitting i feel like the steering the whole steering column is kind

Of a little bit off to the right i don’t know if that has anything to do with this by personally or i doubt it’s the weight design it’s got to be a little bit dangerous but overall it is 2016 zero i believe 2016 not 2017 zero dsr is an awesome bike it’s kind of crazy to be honest just this whole electric thing for any of you guys who haven’t read them before

I definitely i would definitely try to get out there and see if you can ride one somehow go to a demo day or something like that i know the big electric fat starting to sweep the world and i don’t like it but for the motorcycle i know i still prefer a normal gas-powered engine driven motorcycle but it’s definitely fun and the comfortability on this motorcycle

Is great i am extremely comfortable that the hand position is perfect the mirrors are perfect i would need to adjust them a little bit more for the mirror the mirror place is perfect the front brake the front brake is fine it feels great but the rear brake felt a little weird i don’t know if that’s just a spike but the rear brake feels a little weird when you’re

Coming to a stop like i said i don’t know i don’t know if that’s just respect or not but we’re back at the dealership now so this has been a review on the 2016 or 2017 unless or which zero dsr i hope you guys enjoyed it and if you’re stopping in for the first time make sure to subscribe give this video a thumbs up peace yeah yeah very

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2017 Zero DSR Review – Test Ride. Completely ELECTRIC Motorcycle! By RR Rob919