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25 things to do in the Algarve and off road electric bikes!


Hey guys how are you i mean now really how are you i’d love to know if you just drop a comment below i’d love to know how you are i’m doing great i’m just about to the night before i’m going out in this paddling thing on my river trip so thanks for asking but anyway today um it’s just on the eve of me going away for a river trip i’m gonna go like for three full

Days and i’ll video it as well but it got me to thinking that there are so many things to do in the algarve i mean look at this there’s tons of stuff now many of those things that you’ve just seen you can do on your own and probably the easiest thing and what the most common thing that people do is just go to a restaurant eat a fantastic meal or go to the beach

And just lie on the beach and enjoy themselves and that’s great and check out my beach life video for tips on which beaches to choose and and how the beaches operate and how much the sunbeds cost all that kind of stuff but now if you wanted to go and do any of these crazy cool activities i’d love it if you just go down into the description there’s a link there

From a car from a company called and they cover tons of things in they’ll grab and if you buy through them what’s through that link i’ll get like a little a little referral and um i just love you know that’s just an awesome way to say thanks if you are going to do that anyway you won’t get charged any extra it’s just a basic affiliate link and as

I mentioned before there’s tons of stuff to do in the algarve like there’s off-road buggies off-road jeeps hikes bikes walks boat cruises boat tours island tours kayaking supplying surfing water sports jet skis parasailing pedals wine tours food tours dolphin tours pirate ship trips horse riding segways sunset crews co-steering climbing paragliding bird watching

And you can hire a speedboat but the most popular things to do are probably to go and take an old fishing boat those really small fishing boats and just clip around through the algarve spectacular caves but one thing that you can’t find on get your guide today is dirty bikes so let’s hop on the dirty bikes and glide up to alt but it’s dirt e bikers and the e

Stands for electric bikes so these are a really cool new breed of bikes i want to go and visit my mate russ who’s running it and we went for a fun thing so enjoy the ride so morning russ how’s it going yeah it’s good i’d love to find out what’s going on with this dirty bikers how did you get the name ah just just came about um one of those things we’re trying to

Come up with an original name and uh because these bikes they’re from new zealand and they’re two-wheel drive they’re originally designed for the farms so that’s where the dirt bike came into it and then with the uh electric side dirty bike has evolved so it’s uh it’s actually worked out it’s a really good branding for us we’ve got the t-shirts coming up all the

Logos um and there’s a lot of connotations that can go with it as well so we’ll see see how that goes uh we’ve even had the uh dirty bikers piri piri which uh we’ve had made for us and that’s just a little sideline but just a bit of fun so how long have you been down here in portugal and was it easy to set up a company well we’ve uh we’ve been living here now for

Nine years um moved up here into the countryside at the beginning of last year um company-wise yeah it’s not been easy very different from the uk we’ve gone through a couple of different accountants to make sure everything is in order and everyone’s agreed with what they’re saying insurance again quite tricky because people want to know exactly what the bikes are

Because they’re not an e-bike and they’re not really a motorbike so something in between so it doesn’t fit into any box it’s kind of like when i was starting stand-up paddleboarding nobody knew what that was yeah it’s the same same with the flight boards and all these kind of things um but we’ve uh got over that hurdle now and so yeah everything’s in place but you

Just have to make sure everything is in place especially with a product like this so yeah it’s been been an experience but uh yeah we got there good morning good morning you’re right oh that was sorry you just got a vaccination should hit you on the other thing so you’re ready for a ride bro yeah these dirty bikes they look quite fun don’t they they look fun

Let me show you more or less where we’re at okay so if you’re coming in to the elgar from outer space which you probably wouldn’t be but if you’re coming in from north america or the uk or even south africa you’ll see that pharah is located fairly in the center now we’re gonna head over to a place called bollycam actually a little bit further north of bollycam and

We’re going to start driving through the bushes and we’re going up to a little village called alt which if you are an astute observer and watcher of my videos you will have known that i’ve actually done a video about alt and that video was called backroads of the algarve i’ll leave a little card up here wow ah all right look at that i thought you were just

Gonna plan it so you’re enjoying yourself absolutely good man these guys hunters over here all these guys parked here probably hunting yeah yeah yeah but it’s what’s the wednesday today you’re not supposed to hunt on wednesday it’s thursday you guys want to come up here it’s wednesday it’s right here yeah i don’t like to do that it’s thursday and sunday and this

Is the public holiday we left the hunters or the portuguese casadores to do their thing and a few days later i popped into the dirty biker’s hub down amongst the green pines of quinterolago it’s really lush but it’s a patch of dirt right now under the trees but russ is going to convert it rapidly into a great location to hang out and ride out okay so let me just

Explain quickly so that container is going okay and there’s going to be like a 40-foot container all the way across here in front so we can store the bikes and everything and there will be a track going all the way looping around behind us over here um coming right around here over there and there that’ll be some toilet ablutions over there so you’re able to shower

And be able to go to the loo whatever and then this track continues all the way through the trees over here with bumps and fun stuff to do so you can get to grips with a bike before you garden a tour or you can even just stay here and just enjoy the track and then over there in the corner it’ll be like a chill out zone with deck chairs and whatever and you can have

Drinks and stuff and relax and and hopefully have pizza one day so it’s exciting news um when’s this going to be ready well we started now uh we’ve cleaned out all the trees over the last few days a container will be arriving within hopefully the next week uh the bikes are already here they’re in storage at the moment so as soon as uh we have the container secure

An alarm the bikes will be coming here so june 2022 for them you want to be ready for easter good man well i want to wish russ really good luck and all the best for the future because it’s a fantastic project and i hope that you’ll go and support russ and i want you to have a fantastic week and i’ll see you next time it’s like over and out for me for a week all right olga’

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