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72v Denzel 4-Spd Electric Dirt Bike Review

So i doubled my battery pack to 240 cells 20s12p for a 30ah pack. I got out on the bike going thru the typical few miles of trails hopped the few downed trees, crossed a few rivers while trying not to dab and get my feet soaked. I was planning to get out and give the bike hell since it was nice out and i had plenty of AH’s

So just a quick update i got another 120 cell pack and they’re supposed to have 10 amp rated high power cells which it does but i put them in series and the bms is tripped like the second i touched the throttle so i had to tear them apart and bypass the bms on the discharge again and i slapped that pack in yesterday which it’s that big rectangle one in the center

And i wrote it and it seemed like almost the exact performance of the other pack that had the lowest c rate of china cells i mean i did buy it cheaper so i it was over $100 cheaper anyway so i’d ended up just putting them both together so right now i have 240 cells so it’s 20 cell in series 12 in parallel it’s not perfect i mean i just taped the hell out of it i

Got a little supports here and there and it’s all resting as good as it can be a little velcro tape holding it in place right there but i’m gonna get out on a ride i’m gonna set my gps so i have some sort of idea of range and speed now that i extended this pack and it’s so big my hand shifter just barely clears the battery right here kinda in the way so the hand

Shifter is not going to be there forever seems to have a little more power already off the gate just having this many batteries in there it barely fit into the frame like this i taped it all up like this and just had to end up getting it in from the right sags it wouldn’t fit from the left side like i normally do it but let’s give it a ride and see what happens

Well the trails out here just absolutely destroyed i’ve already had to go through like to really swampy areas and go around four or five down trees and now the trail is completely washed out with the river going through it and i may have to attempt my first water cross here bikes already a little tiny bit wet nothing crazy you know i got exposed wires everywhere

Still batteries seem to hang on pretty good considering only i was a bungee cord holding them in onto some velcro straps so it is what it is i still tend to stay in second gear on all these rocky twisty trails and i mean sometimes i’m at full throttle just about ready to shift to third but then when you shift to third and then you need second again it’s kind of

A pain still i’ve been thinking about looking at some sort of a linear actuator or some sort of a pole solenoid or something to have a button up on my handlebar to shift here maybe something that look into they’re kind of expensive that one to pull this weights like a hundred dollars and they’re made for like diesel pickup trucks or something crazy so no if i

Really want to get into that but the bikes still a ton of fun and my gps thing screwed up i think you got to leave the app open and it says my top speeds 14 miles an hour and i was in 4th gear wide open so i’m thinking that should be more around 40 right now with this 30 amp power pack i’m not sure if i cross this if the trail even keeps going these trails are so

Overgrown and there’s not a lot of them out here i keep doubling back it and lost and getting washed out to places where i can’t even access this looks like it’s about a foot deep at the deepest so i can probably cross it

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72v Denzel 4-Spd Electric Dirt Bike Review By EBIKE Scott