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8 Incredible Electric Motorcycles You Have To See

Welcome back to our channel, in this video, we’re taking a look at 8 incredible electric motorcycles you have to see, here’s everything you need to know

Hi there welcome back to our channel in this video we’re taking a look at some incredible electric motorcycles you have to see but before we get into the video we want to take a moment to thank each of our viewers for their continued support it’s an honor to bring each of these videos each week and the greatest inventions that the tech world has to offer we truly

Appreciate your support you guys are awesome and now let’s jump into the video first on the list let’s take a look at damon motorcycles one of most people’s concerns when it comes to riding a motorcycle on the roads is how dangerous it could be would involved in a collision damon motorcycles has invented a motorcycle that will not only deliver a smooth ride that

Has improved comfort but the technology in the motorcycle also scans the road continuously to alert of any hazards on the road such as the driving of other cars around you called the advanced warning system for motorcycles awesome meaning that the more that you ride on a damon motorcycle the safety will continuously improve by learning the patterns on the road of

What contributes to road accidents in order to prevent them in addition thanks to a cloud system the technological data collected from other riders on damon motorcycles is also used to help improve the safety measures of your ride as well next on the list the ultraviolet f77 the ultraviolet f77 is an electric motorcycle that similar to damon motorcycles wants

To deliver a unique riding experience by adding technology that allows the motorcycle to adapt to the rider as opposed to the other way around in addition the ultraviolet f77 app available on both android and ios devices allows for riders to pair their device to the motorcycle to fine tune their riding experience giving them hands-on control over settings such as

Understanding how much energy they can serve while braking or driving in specific ride modes in addition the mobile app also connects riders to the ultraviolet f77 charging network listing all charging points that are nearby the ultraviolet f77 reaching at least 80% charge within three hours on the standard plug and can get a full charge in 1.5 hours on a fast

Charger with three battery packs the ultraviolet f77 can carry up to 150 kilometres in range and reach a speed of 60 kilometres an hour in less than three seconds up next the milan der sm 250 the milan rsm 250 is an electric dirtbike created in moscow russia that is defying what traditionally has been possible for a dirt bunny with the ability to reach a top

Speed of 120 kilometres an hour reaching a hundred kilometers an hour in four seconds this bike can also work while underwater potentially the melander sm 250 such as many other electric vehicles is completely sealed from the elements which could theoretically allow this motorcycle to comfortably thrive through water it’s been tested and it’s not perfect as the

Rider in the demonstration did face some challenges as the wheels filled with mud the main reason that electric the company behind that melander sm 250 created the bike is to offer an alternative to dirt bikes that are fueled by gasoline while also delivering a quality product that will last longer than bikes with traditional combustible engines next revo nex

Electric street bike kymco is no stranger when it comes to creating electric vehicles that are unique and their revenue is no different the revit x street bike is a system that has quite a lot of power with the ability to go from zero to 100 kilometres an hour within 4 seconds flat and can go from 100 to 200 kilometers an hour in less than 10 seconds all powered

By a six year manual gearbox needless to say the revin ex is charged with some major power that will get you from point a to point b kymco is continuously aiming to redefine what is possible in motor bikes and the overall experience that riders have implementing features such as kim cows designed launch control a feature that ensures that the revving x and other

Bikes in the kymco fleet always have a perfect launch each time that a rider takes off which allows the riders to focus completely on having the ultimate riding experience each time they get on the revenants next the 0s are electric motorcycle the 0s are electric motorcycle is a force to be reckoned with on the roads and has enough power to out accelerate a porsche

The battery life on the 0sr is remarkable a fully charged battery has the ability to last nearly 10 hours of driving time and the approximate amount it cost to charge the battery each time is less than 2 us dollars the starting price of this motorcycle starts at around fifteen thousand us dollars which isn’t a bad price especially if you live in a place where you

Can collect incentives for driving an electric vehicle like the zero s off as the 0sr is a completely electric motorcycle like the others on this list when you factor in the numerous areas where routine maintenance is no longer required such as replacing the clutch or fueling up on gas when you look at the benefits that the 0sr electric motorcycle has to offer the

Choice is simple up next saavik has released an update to the prototype that we shared last year designed to be a precision racer saavik latest release of the generation 2 prototype is leaving a lot of people with high hopes for what’s to come designed by australian designer dennis saavik and his team the first prototype had a number of design flaws such as the

Initial square casing of the battery pack which scrape on the ground when rounding corners a problem that presents a clear safety concern in fact the design team went back to the drawing board to address this along with 150 additional concerns raised by customers when the first prototype was released on the second generation saavik said goodbye to the squared off

Battery box the original seat was deemed too narrow and has been rounded and saavik has added their own 8 inch display and added additional tools on the bike such as advanced braking systems and regenerative braking while there have been huge improvements with the release of the second generation zabbix team is still working hard to fine tune their creation to the

Last moment next we’re taking a look at the caulk and from swedish company cake if you’re a fan of unique design that comes with versatility the caulk and is an electric motorcycle that’s worth considering starting at fourteen thousand us dollars for the standard one battery motorbike the caulk and was designed to navigate through the tight streets of a crowded

City and also to conquer the terrain of off-roading the call cam can reach the top speed of 90 kilometers an hour and has a range of three hours on a single charge while riding on trails and around 86 kilometers when riding through the city on a standard outlet call ken can completely charge a single battery in just over two hours what’s driven cake to create

This line of electric motor bikes is the desire to create lightweight off-road motorbikes that evolved from the technology of traditional motorbikes making an option that’s more environmentally friendly compared to a combustible engine motorbike closing off the list bsts hypertech electric motorcycle with a design that’s sure to make a scene the hypertech is one

Electric motorcycle that’s sure to make an impression every time designed by pierre terre blanche who is also drafted up some of the model designs of a few ducati and a number of other motorcycles over the past era the hypertech is completely built by hand to ensure precision and passion of the bst is placed into every model the hypertech is able to quickly charge

On a standard outlet in half an hour by far the fastest charging time of any motorcycle on this list which can last for approximately 300 kilometres the body of this motorcycle is pretty sturdy at 205 kilograms ensuring that you’ll feel grounded when you’re riding on the hypertech the frame also being made out of carbon fiber if you’re interested in the hypertech

It’s going to be a bit of a wait as the bst team is still conducting testing and reconfiguring the design on this innovative motorcycle however there’s no denying that the hypertech would be worth the wait thanks for watching this video i hope you enjoyed it and if you want to learn more about any of these electric motorcycles links will be in the description

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