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Air Filled vs Solid Tyres | Which is BEST For Your Electric Scooter?

Which is best for your electric scooter, Air filled or solid tyres? In this video, Michelle goes over the strengths and weaknesses of solid and air filled tires, covering the 6 key factors to help you easily decided which is best for you.

Hi i’m michelle from pure electric and today we’re going to talk about an important decision when it comes to electric scooters do you go for air filled or solid tires in this video we’ll briefly introduce air filled and solid tires then go over the six key factors when deciding which one is best for you but before we get on with the show don’t forget to like

This video subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon below so you get notified every time we upload a new video so here are the six key factors you should keep in mind and to help you out we’ve also identified which method wins for each category number one is ride quality and here airfield tires always beat out their solid counterparts fundamentally air

Filled tires are better at deforming under impacts such as when mounting a small curb or rolling through a pothole making obstacles much easier to scale additionally that deformation also provides significant shock absorption resulting in a more comfortable ride this makes riding and living with your e-scooter much easier on a day-to-day basis so in terms of

Ride quality airfield wins every time number two is rolling resistance this is the energy that is lost when the tire is rolling a well-established benefit of air-filled tires is lowered rolling resistance compared to solid tires which means your battery should last longer and take you further this is due to the reduced mass that is rotating around the rim

Of your wheel as well as the ability of the tire to deform over any small bumps in the road all this means that in terms of rolling resistance air filled tires can mount on top again point number three is puncture resistance and this is where solid tires have the edge over air filled tires as there’s no air it’s impossible to puncture for many this is a

Powerful plus point however what you gain in puncture resistance you lose in the aforementioned ride quality you get with air filled tires if you’re keen on air filled tires but are worried about punctures then they can be filled with puncture prevention fluid this fluid can be inserted into the air cavity creating a layer of self-hardening fluid that can block

Holes from sharp objects almost instantly however while puncture prevention fluid will seal most holes a huge tear or gash on the side wall of the tire may cause too much damage so if you want the absolute most secure tires possible and are willing to forgo the advantages you get with air-filled tires then solid tires could be the way to go point number four is

Grip where once again air filled comes out on top the properties of air filled tires make them more effective at gripping the ground in almost all situations this is down to their superior ability to deform under pressure which increases the contact patch of the tire air filled tires tend to be created using stickier rubber compounds which provide more grip that

Being said in recent years solid tires have made strides forward in this regard if you have air filled tires you can adjust the tire pressure within recommended ranges to get better grip for example lowering the tire pressure in wet conditions can help give you better traction point number five is maintenance if you want a fit and forget solution then solid tires

Are the marginally stronger method the fact that they can’t puncture is an obvious plus point and even if you get a sharp object lodged in one most of the time you won’t notice and you’ll be able to keep on riding arguably solid tires wear more slowly thanks to often being constructed of a harder compound that said when they do wear their performance drops off

At a sharper rate due to the flattening of the tire so on the whole if you’re looking for a fit and forget solution then solid tires could be the way to go our final point is ease of fitting and removal when it comes to replacing a tire air filled varieties have the edge thanks to their more flexible sidewalls this allows you to gain easier leverage with tire

Levers enabling you to pry the tire off the rim a little more easily the same applies when fitting a new tire but it’s also worth noting real size plays a role in how easy it is across air filled and solid tires smaller wheels like those found on e-scooters have tighter tolerances which can make it tougher to remove and refit a tire because of this we carry out

Thorough checks in our stores and service centers to verify the integrity of a tire as well as offering a tire replacement service should you need it check the links in the video description for where to find all our pure electric stores so in conclusion both air-filled and solid tires have their uses for some solid tires will offer peace of mind however in

Almost all other respects air-filled tires win out especially when you consider the everyday benefits include better ride quality and higher levels of grip there’s links in the video description to where you’ll find all pure electrics air filled and solid tire scooters but what do you guys think would you go for air filled or solid let us know in the comments

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Air Filled vs Solid Tyres | Which is BEST For Your Electric Scooter? By Pure Electric