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BTN Affordable White-Label Ebikes for Independent Electric Bike Dealers

While visiting the manufacturer and foreign product areas of Interbike I met with the managing director of BTN Innovative E-Bikes, a Chinese company that has been working in the space since 2009. These guys sell blank non-labeled ebikes to shops in Europe and the USA (since around 2015), and can even white-label them if 50+ are oredered. It’s a way for shops to maybe dabble in ebikes or just have an affordable option. What I thought was really neat here is that the minimum order quantity is 1 unit and they ship internationally for just $100 and they are really only targeting independent electric bike shops and dealers vs. going direct. They are offering a two year warranty on parts, but do charge some for shipping, and have a couple of folding ebikes in the $1k MSRP range all the way up to full suspension carbon models. Later in the interview, I was told that over 100 shops already carry these bikes in the United States… but they didn’t give me a specific shop name, maybe to protect the rebranding that they can do? Both gentlemen had accents because Mandarin and Cantonese are their first languages, but their English was good enough to speak and get things worked out for the most part. These guys finished up by telling me about their warehouse with parts in Las Vegas that is meant to help service and support. They created a brand called Concord which was named for Concord California, where their US offices are based.

Hey guys we’re in a different part of the show right now i haven’t really spent a lot of time over here this is where the manufacturers come they sell different products that are sort of white label different components and attendees to interbike some of them being brands that are looking for additional bikes can come here they can explore and get some new ideas it’s

A pretty interesting place too so just to walk through and meet some people and i found this company over here this is btn and i’m hanging out with the managing director this is kevin how’s it going buddy hey you know this has been a interesting situation for me right i saw all your bikes night i even kind of recognized some of them they look pretty nice especially

This folding bike i love it’s got the lights it’s got the rack and everything hub motor it reminds me of some of the bikes that i’ve reviewed but there’s no labels on these so i was asking him like you know what’s what’s the deal with this and he said you know our mission is to sell these to shops that they can then sell them maybe you’re a shop that doesn’t carry

Electric bikes yet and or maybe you’re looking for like a low-priced option because there are of course many many electric bikes that are kind of high priced and you know big networks of companies these ones they’re just there’s sort of blanks i used to skateboard and so this kind of reminds me of the skateboarding industry where you could get a blank board it costs

A little bit less it gives you a sort of a similar level of performance these guys are from china and it sounds like your company started in 2009 is that right yes yes we start at tucson and aniyah with electric bike and conversion kits maybe most of the people know me europe in europe yes a year you also do business in europe yeah yeah most of electric bike and

Conversion kids exports to europe okay so years ago we start from north america mostly so three years who’ve already been in the united states three years and we were talking earlier and it sounds like if you’re a shop that orders like fifty or more they can actually do some custom branding so it’s just it kind of like it made me think of saunders or some of these

Companies that have been selling online and these guys are trying to partner up with shops and of course they also have traditional bicycles even some carbon-fiber bikes they’ve got this little folding one over here and i’m told that what is it carbon folding an electric bike he’s saying yeah i saw the little battery right here i thought that was kind of cute i’ve

Never seen that one before but apparently they’re working on like a carbon fiber full suspension mountain bike is that right wow okay so there are some bikes that they’ve already got going and then just like a lot of these other booths around here it sounds like they can do custom orders i just thought this was was neat and it’s something a little bit different

Because i’m always covering the big companies the big brands and i just feel like you know we’ve gotten to a point where how much is this one eight hundred and i was a retail price you know so what he’s saying it’s like nine hundred a thousand bucks for this folding electric bike that’s not bad and that includes like a dealer margin so if you’re a dealer you can

Sell this also include the tax that includes the tax is that is this also the the tariff like that’s happening right now that yeah already that’s already included in the price okay so to me what like i’m a fan of shops because then you can go in you can try the bike you get fitted and you have someone who can help you service this and shops can service almost any

Electric bike right you know it’s got the same wheels the same brakes and stuff this is a value priced bike but i noticed it does have motor inhibitors it has a more basic display but the price is really good on this and i noticed that okay so this one has a different display but this one had an lcd so some of their technology is actually this but it’s pretty nice

Turn single as turn signals yes okay right that’s kind of cool maybe i’ll get a chance to review these are there any shops that carry it already that you can call out in the united states we have a hundred twenty store checkout bikes and you can find all these bags in north california everywhere and also you can read the beating website about course website you

Can check every single check it out okay well i’ll coordinate with you guys and maybe i’ll do a review at some point i just kind of like this what is this using buffet yes but drive which motor is this this the bbs a1 or bbs oh two bbs hud this is the bbs hd oh man and i like the i like the casing because it’s you know sometimes the old ones they stick down yeah

This one it’s well protected yeah and it’s paint match – what colors does this come in right now just default the default colors this one yeah yep yellow if you have any other colors yeah yeah we will have other two colors coming in extra container to las vegas a warehouse what would those colors be uh gray like a bmw okay okay i see what this guy likes the bmw

God’s okay god you know that’s cool so so again i like the punched-out rims and stuff this just it kind of reminded me of saunders but they have hub motors you actually have a mid drive this is a nice little upgrade it’s got a drivetrain over here you know my my forte is reviews and so i’m always like seeing shimano terney you know the basic or maybe what’s the

One that comes right up from from tourney i think it’s sort of tourney and then altis right and then a sera sera so this is three steps up so this is this is not too bad what is the price point on this bike yeah retail price up about 2,400 2,400 bucks okay for a fat tire bike with suspension i want to just check us out pretty good value yeah it’s got the lights

And bluetooth with mobile phone really yeah okay so it’s got an app and you got the throttle so yeah so like what the point i’m getting out here is i love the big brands they have great warranties they’ve got some really cool styles and stuff but you know everyone’s kind of price sensitive and so it’s nice to have options like this are you pairing with the bike

Here yeah yeah we can connect through the disc player and control the bike this is cool this quote well i i think i’ve spent the time we’ve we’ve hit on the different some of the different models i like that one too this one has like a an lcd display right totally seem like a son goes by this one’s just like the saunders like yeah i think i recognize the the

Display what’s is it branded conquered who’s that because you know that we came in here eight years ago yeah so why we call this series conquered because we are located in conquer we met before right when i was out there doing some other stuff with next time when we have some meat drive carring electric bikes i would call you that you to come into i would love

That yeah do some reviews so you know again is there anything i missed i just i thought this was a neat opportunity and you know fun to talk to you guys and see her products i was looking at your your guide here and it’s like you know sixteen seventeen hundred bucks for this trike or you know for that step through and that’s a nice battery to talk doesn’t yeah

So i had one more question we were kind of finishing up we were chatting and i said well what’s your warranty like because you know a lot of electric bikes it’s like we have a one-year comprehensive warranty or something like that do you offer something yeah we offer two year warranty with local companies you know we our warehouse is the las vegas yeah yeah we

We have same building as emp and the phone so they they help us to to repair the batteries and the models and we pay them not customer pay we pay interesting yeah if something broken of the bike then we ship from our factory yeah and we pay and so you so someone has an issue with their bike someday and they bring it to the shop where they bought it and then the

Shop works with you to get the part replaced or repaired and you cover that for about two years yeah so the shop might have to do a little bit of warranty work on themselves but at least they know they have parts you guys have been around for nine years so you have you know we have many experience of the warranty that’s why you know we we do very good business in

Europe so in united states or canada with we want if we want do good good a business then we we we needed a service at first yeah we know the customers okay when a lot of these parts are pretty standard it’s like buying stuff and you know this is a lot of the same hardware that i see on other affordably priced e-bikes we don’t have them here but you keep telling

Me that there’s a really fancy carbon-fiber one too so that’s exciting you may the carbon frame bikes yeah electric one i think about the retail price is about three thousand three thousand for that one okay we’ll make a little bit less you know yeah well buddy this is fun you know it’s it’s just interesting talk to these guys and getting your feedback about how

Your business model works i was afraid to ask you about warranty cuz i thought it was gonna be like we don’t have one and that’s the you know when you pay less for a product you expect to get a lot lower service but the fact that you actually do provide parts and some support that’s good man what’s the minimum order quantity if if you’re shopping you want just

Like a few bikes can you do that one one okay that’s a big deal because a lot of times with this stuff you need to you need to go to china usually or taiwan or you’ve got you need a whole container or something right with you guys you just have just one bike you can do first shots you should be is the shipping expensive like what if i’m a shop that’s in michigan

Can you share a bike to united states on the 100 $100 $100 to the shop yeah yeah yeah okay wow yeah so this is the best of all worlds you get an affordable bike and then the consumer has a shop to work with to help them tune it up or whatever and then the shop gets to sell something that’s that’s more affordable okay i really appreciate that tell me your website

Again how do people learn more about this you grab the catalog bt and – yeah okay this is cool i might keep this catalog is that alright yeah i appreciate a half fat dude i hope you hope you have a good rest of your show it’s been a lot of fun talking to you guys hanging out here getting to see some people zip through the show floor i’ll see you at the rest of the

Show and maybe we’ll cover some bikes bye guys

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