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Cake Motorbikes: All Electric, No ICE! | 100% Independent, 100% Electric

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At last robert has sent me out to look at an electric motorbike and i’ve come to stockholm in sweden the home of cake bikes welcome to fully charged alban that looks so much fun the power that you’re generating to come out those tons it’s just incredible because i know the bike’s quite light the amount of power it’s got so how long has kate been going

So we started or we produced our first bike in early 2018 or launched our first bike in early 2018 so it’s almost yeah two and a half years from now um and it’s the bike you see here yeah and the bike we have been riding at the track today and now two and a half years i do have actually six month models on the market okay what was the ethos what was the

Motivation behind starting a company so we found out that it’s it’s a gap between um yeah it’s a gap to fill with this bike this is just between a motor motorbike and a bicycle so we got all the e-bikes and electric motorbikes or motorcycles but this is just between so we have developed all components from scratch to support the electric drivetrain keep the

Weight low and fill this gap between a bicycle and motorcycle we found out pretty quick that bicycle parts are too weak and motorcycle parts are too heavy so we have reinforced everything and build it our own way to get this bike at only 69 kilo kilos actually 69 kilos so the power to weight ratio must be incredible yeah it is so then this is your of all the

Bikes you do this sort of flagship right this is the or so tell them about this bike yeah so it’s only 69 kilos and as i said all components are developed from scratch to support the electric drivetrain uh it’s direct drive uh so no transmission no gearing uh to keep us less moving parts in the engines as possible to make the or to keep the maintenance low

Um it’s super easy to ride everyone can ride it you have adjustable ride modes from one to three which one is the easiest mode and three is the most powerful mode what would you say an equivalence of bike so i usually would say it’s like a 250 okay at the third gear so the top speed isn’t there but the torque is definitely there and the the three giga version

The calcan is equal to 125 or certified uh to a 125 cc bike okay so there are a few difference between this bike and a conventional combustion engine bike in that they there’s nothing there’s no there’s no gears clutch no clutch there’s nothing for your left foot to do nope there’s no rear brake for your right foot the rear brake is where the clutch would

Be yeah on the lift and the front brake’s still not the same place okay but that’s yeah it’s going to be a little bit you just get used to someone who’s used to normal bikes the fact that a there’s no clutch but also you get used to pretty fast yeah we did a race last year with um a really good enduro rider with constant and he first said that he wants a foot

Brake because we have a foot brake on the 3 giga version but then after a few more tests he said that i can i can go on the race with a left rear brake um because i like it as much as the foot brake so it’s just to get used to it yeah more yeah right now for the best bit uh alban how to make it go yeah so this is the right modes one is for beginners it’s

Super easy and gentle to you two is a little bit more powerful and three is full torque full extra acceleration and you reach top speed of eight kilometers per hour the braking modes one is no engine brake at all like a bicycle two is like a two stroke a little bit of onion break and number three it’s like a four strokes of full engine break okay and the

Braking modes two and three also really gents you get power back to the battery now the caulk or is your flagship bike but it’s not the only one that cake do no so now two and a half years later we have actually six bikes on the market uh we got the streetlight version of the calcowar which is the calc and the calc inc and the calc inc sl the

Inks are pretty much the same bike but they are black and they are a little bit heavier with another suspension not their lens and other wheels and tires uh which makes them a little bit cheaper as well uh and then we got the ursa that is more utility bike workbench on wheels yeah so it’s a clamp-on system it’s a big beam that you can clamp on yeah pretty

Much whatever you want baskets skill racks surf racks and bring what you need i like the analogy of it being a workbench on two wheels that was a lot of fun it’s a really nimble little machinist even on a tight little circuit like this but i’m going to swap this one for the road legal version and go and take a tour of stockholm so all that

Power has come from the battery here so you know what’s the lifespan of it how long it’s going to charge how long it’s going to last is it changeable yeah so you can change the battery in 90 seconds it’s only two screws on the receipt remove the seat and then you can take out the battery so it’s super easy you can ride for about three hours in one charge

And it takes two and a half hours to recharge it from zero to hundred in a standard outlet to twenty or one tonne these three giga versions we would say can go about 86 86 kilometers uh and uh some models goes from 10 100 kilometers to 120 kilometers the final thing i want to talk about because i just i love this detail because it kind of shows that the

The conservation mind behind these products is the tires yeah which don’t look much different but there’s something there’s a secret behind them yeah so it’s our own tires as i said everything is developed from scratch by us so this tire is actually really kind to the surface you ride on you don’t rip up the trails unnecessarily much and it’s it’s still good

Traction because of the good power delivery from the controller so it’s a it’s called trail savers so save the trails but yeah yeah so the idea is to reduce basically erosion of the trails so that was the calc and the street legal version of the off-road bike and what makes it street legal is a few things it’s got things like lights indicators

Mirrors it’s got a kickstand it’s got license plate at the back the big difference for me is is the speed so this bike will top out at 100 kilometers an hour 62 miles an hour and whereas the off-road bike will top out at 80 kilometers an hour at 50 miles an hour and the reason for the extra speed is it means that this bike can keep up with traffic and not be

An obstacle on the highways and the motorways of europe in north america and how that’s done is interesting is the same basic bike um but the rear sprocket is slightly small on this bike so you lose a bit of acceleration but you gain in top speed but crucially for those who might want to use this big commuting at weekdays and then ragging it around the forest

At weekends all these road legal bits come off really easily and you can turn it into basically that bike there but for me bikes like these are for getting out in the wild and exploring so i’m going to hop off like this and hop onto that and take it for a ride around the scandinavian forests i so right so most importantly what

Does the cake cult like to ride well in the road this beautiful spawns really well i mean it’s perfect for commuting around town on the open road again up and past 60 miles an hour is not a struggle in in the third riding mode yeah admittedly it’s not it does feel if you’re used to big fat 1000 cc road bikes you’ll feel a little bit insecure and a little

Bit unstable but that’s just the nature of a lightweight bike like this and then out here in the environment it’s really built for what’s it like well it’s massive fun and i really really like it having multi-ridden like 250 cc combustion engine uh bikes been placed at this in the past this is just so much easier it really is i mean you haven’t got a clutch

You haven’t got gears you should have one or two things less to worry about so riding over the terrain it’s much much easier and the lightness of the bike actually helps a lot in dealing with the sort of the off-road nature of tracks like these but for me the biggest noticeable difference between this bike and also ridden the path combustion engine bikes is

That software that alban mentioned before which really helps with the control at the low speeds the throttle is so smooth at those low speeds so picking your way through this just doing a few miles an hour it’s actually really easy whereas with a combustion bike when you try to feather the throttle on the clutch and first gear you know it’s it’s a lot more

Difficult and that’s i think one of the biggest things that makes this bike attractive for me for taking off road that and the fact that it only weighs 69 kilos so for someone who falls off a lot and therefore to pick it up a lot that’s a bit of a bonus as well so yeah i can see why bikes like these are making a big impact on the market in europe and north

America these are great off-road electric motorbikes and actually one you can use for commuting and on the roads they’ve been on the market the last couple years and that market really had a gap which these filled yes you’ve got the lower end with the cheaper bikes that are lighter weight and less high performance like the kuberg like the dell staff like

The stealth and then the higher end the big heavyweight bikes 120 150 190 kilogram bikes like the the ktm free rider or the zero fx and then in the middle sat the cake fast light and i’ve got to say fun to ride there is a new bike in the market from uh super soccer the tc max which is almost um in the same sort of vein as as the cult so off to see how that

Performs in the future but for now this is champion of that market for me personally it’s the exquisite build and design that i absolutely love if apple made off-road electric motorbikes they’d make these ones of course it’s a big thank you to our patreon supporters and our youtube members without who support episodes like this would not be possible if

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Cake Motorbikes: All Electric, No ICE! | 100% Independent, 100% Electric By Fully Charged Show