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E-Bike Buying Guide 2022 – Ready to Buy an Electric Bike? Watch This Video Before You Buy

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Hi i’m lloyd from bumstead bicycles in ontario california and i carry a line of bikes from a company called avantone i say avinton avento regardless it’s my best-selling brand and i get a lot of phone calls from all around the country asking me my opinion of different brands of bikes or different bikes and there’s hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of

E-bikes out there so i wanted to take some time here and go over with you maybe to help you decide the right e-bike to sort through all of that information and the the one thing that you need to start with is what type or style of e-bike is going to be right for your application your use of the bicycle so i’m going to use this one brand as a comparison because

They don’t just sell one e-bike they have a whole range of styles of bikes and in general bikes just even non-e-bikes when someone walks into my store and says i want to get a bike the first question is what kind of bike what style obviously it’s a bike but what style of bike so let’s start with a few bikes here um avinton’s first bike that they came out with

And that they’ve had for the longest is called the pace and this is a bike that is very comfortable to ride almost the equivalent if people are familiar with a beach cruiser so when you sit on this bike it’s nice as you can see a nice comfortable saddle you sit on this bike you’re sitting very upright it has an adjustable stem so that you can adjust and get

In a comfortable position very laid back riding position great for someone that just wants a comfortable fun bike um not an insanely wide tire but not skinny type so again beach cruiser style something just fun recreational riding that is the pace from now they then came out with a bike that they decided they wanted maybe for someone that’s going to commute

Back and forth to work ride little further distances and so this and all of these bikes come in either a standard or a step through frame but i’m i’m mainly going to focus right now just on the styles this type of bike then little narrower saddle again they’re assuming someone that maybe already has some riding experience a flatter handlebar sits you a little

More i don’t want to call it aggressive but a more enthusiast riding position you’ll notice i’m not sitting as upright like this i’m more centered over the cranks this bike then also comes with fenders and a rack they put a front shock on here because they’re assuming you have more weight on your hands so for hitting potholes or bumps gonna give you a little

Bit of comfort there but not necessarily for mountain riding just for maybe rougher roads but you and same with tire as the other bike again designed for someone that’s not as much comfort oriented maybe more transportation oriented now i have had customers because of the racks and fenders and things and the the look of this bike they had me converted to be more

Comfort put a wider seat maybe a different bar but again style-wise more of a commuter somebody wanting transportation maybe they want to ditch the car or use it to go to the store things like that great bike for that another bike along those lines that they’ve come out with the solterra here trying to go even so you go to even narrower tire again even narrower

Saddle um more aggressive riding position again you know not racer but trying to get somewhere fast light and efficient i think they’re going to market this towards a younger crowd maybe college students or someone short trips they need it maybe they got to go upstairs they get it needs to be light efficient again another style of e-bike depending on what

Your application what do you see yourself doing on the bike this might be something that you would need again you know you just say oh i’m looking for an e-bike this might not be the right bike for you or it may be the perfect one we need to look at the different styles so there’s three different bikes there and the sultaira also a single speed or seven speed

You know again what do you need in a bike another model again same manufacturer so again we’re at one manufacturer all e-bikes considerably different at each model this one called the cinch is their folding bike so this bike you can flip a couple of levers and physically fold it up the advantage here going it you know maybe you need to just you don’t want to

Put a bike rack on your suv this will go in the back you’re putting them in a motor home you have to live in a back to the college thing a dorm maybe you’re going to ride it to the office and you don’t have a lot of space to park it um the advantage to the folding bike is that you can fit it into much smaller spaces now disadvantage for me on this one is the

The riding position of this isn’t the same as the way you just saw me sitting on that now let’s put it just to give you a visual when i’m sitting on this bike very upright very upright riding position the wide tires lots of stability maybe somebody that you know riding on some dirt paths again you’re putting these with the motorhome or the travel trailer and

You’re gonna ride on some dirt roads or around the campground the wider tire works for that this particular model is a step through which is nice for someone that maybe doesn’t want to have to swing a leg over i don’t think is fast and efficient as some of the other models i showed you let’s say for commuting back and forth to work if you don’t need the folding

Feature i would recommend a bike that looks like a traditional bike so i guess that would be my main thing there is if you need the folding feature it’s awesome if you don’t i would lean towards a regular bike but again you’ve got to consider all these different things don’t buy folding if you don’t need folding and on to another one also from avantone this is

Called the adventure here they went after the recreational rider that wants to ride on all kinds of riding conditions the biggest deal here are the the wide tires lots of traction lots of buoyancy all kinds of riding conditions easily rolls over sand snow dirt they do again standard and step through frames the main thing here is that for i would call more than

Anything off-road conditions now i do get a lot of customers that just love the look and feel and ride of this bike and they’re riding on city streets again you have to decide is this the right style of bike you know consider yes we all look at oh wow look at this bike looks amazing but is it the right vehicle for what you’re wanting to do with a bicycle um

It’s gonna ride in a more natural riding position or then the first one we showed you doesn’t ride this doesn’t ride like a beach cruiser but it is very stable because of the big tires but then you are more of a weight disadvantage this bike weighs from some of the other models 10 others you know almost 20 pounds weight difference now true on e-bikes we’re not

Just lifting the bikes but in the ride quality you’ll notice the difference in in the weight between the bikes the e does take up for some of that but something to consider is do i really need the wide tires or not so again another style of bike completely different than others but it’s still an e-bike and it’s still from one brand i’m gonna switch over to two

Other bikes that are from different manufacturers this one we carry and these are getting popular with a lot of people they they look like a motor scooter doesn’t look much like a bike at all other than the fact that it does have wheels and cranks and handlebars to me this looks like something i as a kid i remember the the old um lawnmower motor mini bikes

You know back in the 60s and 70s so for me lots of memories of that this again something you just want to jump on it and run to the corner store maybe again you tow it behind the motorhome or something and you use it to go to the little camp store and things um i wouldn’t call this a great riding bicycle if you had to pedal it somewhere probably not because

Of this style of seat and the way you sit on it not the greatest pedaling bike but you can pedal it again this is something if you’re interested in more motor scooter and less bicycle it’s still efficient quiet you know is rated as a bike so it can go on bike paths and things that any of the pedal bikes again something to consider if that again your needs

Are more that and less pedaling and then last of of the models is an e-tricycle i get customers that whether they have balance issues they’re getting older they’re just hesitant to ride a traditional bicycle i’ve had some people because of the bit on this model the big front and rear capacity of to carry gear will buy this because they’re going to haul stuff

They’re going to deliver things they’re going to go to the grocery store and load up on groceries we’ll go try over traditional bike i would always prefer traditional bike over trike if you don’t need it for the stability of the three wheels you are bigger and bulkier harder to transport but it’s definitely an option for that customer that stability is an issue

They do make an e-trike that’s readily available so again kind of to sum up there’s so many different styles of e-bikes and as you can see here you have to narrow down what your wants and needs are in an e-bike to then hone in and start comparing that particular style of bike you know then you start going into how big is the battery what kind of motor those

Issues that we’ve covered in other videos but i think the starting point is what style of bike is going to suit your needs the best because that’s going to be the the best deciding factor on how happy you are with your e-bike you know if it’s the right motor and the right brakes and all of those but it’s the wrong riding position sometimes you can’t change

That depending on the bike so now you’ve got a bike that you know you find out six months later oh it was the wrong bike you know not because it was the wrong price or the wrong fee um motor or those things but the wrong style of bike for what you need in any bike so i hope that answers a lot of the the questions i get you know with phone calls and emails and

Things and can give you some good information on purchasing an ebike you

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E-Bike Buying Guide 2022 – Ready to Buy an Electric Bike? Watch This Video Before You Buy By Bumstead’s Bicycles