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Electric Bike Accessories | What I Use Summer 2020

Summer 2020 electric bike accessories:

Hey everyone ryan from ebike escape one of the things i talk a lot about on this youtube channel as well as on my website is electric bike accessories many of you are aware that i have a list of recommended electric bike accessories this is a list that i curate and make changes to over time of all the most popular electric bike accessories that i personally see

People purchase but what i want to do is twice a year talk about the accessories that i personally use and then if you’re interested you can delve deeper into any of the accessories that i talk about many of them i have done write-ups on many of them i also have youtube videos on so if you’re interested you can view those i will have a link in the description

To all the accessories that i’m talking about today as well as a link to my full electric bike accessories list so with that let’s talk about the accessories that we’re using for summer 2020 so first we’re going to talk about helmets the first one that i want to talk about is the thousand chapter helmet this is the one that i most recently received it is

Their newest helmet offering after the heritage helmet it is mips and also has a handy rear light and then we also have the abyss pedilect 2.0 this is abyss’s helmet dedicated specifically for people who ride electric bikes so definitely another option it also has a rear light it is not mips but also has some additional protection rated for electric bikes

So be sure to check that one out if you’re interested and then of course the last one that i want to talk about is actually my wife’s helmet she uses the thousand heritage this is the gt stripe she really enjoys that helmet now i want to talk about mirrors which is a very common accessory that i see people purchase so half knee a couple months ago sent me a

Bunch of their different offerings so i did a video comparing all these types of mirrors but i actually really like what happened offers the other one that you might want to consider is the miracle mirror and i’m just showing here half knee also has bar end mirrors so tons of different options definitely check them out if you’re looking for a mirror it’ll make

Your purchase decision a little bit easier so the other accessory that we use on the handlebars are cell phone mounts and there’s a ton of different options of cell phone mounts we really like it because we often use gps and we’ll also play music sometimes of course making sure that we can still hear what’s happening with traffic this one clamps to the side

Of the phone which doesn’t actually work with my pixel 3a so something to be aware of its is very sturdy though and there’s tons of different options that look very similar to this one but actually the one i prefer for my phone is made by night eyes it doesn’t look like it would be as sturdy but i found that it holds up just fine it’s nice it actually attaches

To the handlebar just with a rubber strap and then it as you can see it just touches the corners on your phone as well okay so let’s talk about lights on the red wagon you can see there we have the premium headlight i did a separate video on that comparing it to this one from planet bike so check that video out and you can make a decision on whether the premium

Headlight is for you i really like this blaze headlight from planet bike it’s super bright it offers daytime visibility with flashing and it’s rechargeable so definitely worthy of consideration and then also we have the rojo 100 again offers daylight visibility so i’m a big fan of that one accessory that i haven’t reviewed yet or written about is this front

Rack offered by old man mountain this was actually sent to me as opposed to me reaching out to the company and asking if they would provide it for a review it is a very sturdy front rack and i do like that about it my only complaint so far has been that the instructions were a little bit confusing and in my opinion the mounting points to the fork could be a

Little bit better of course i really think this is going to depend on the bike you’re using next we have this portable pump offered by pro bike tool one of the great things is it mounts straight to the bottle cages and on the limited this works perfectly because it’s really frustrating when you have a bottle cage mount there because it’s harder to remove the

Battery the reason i reached out to pro bike tool about this one is because it actually has a gauge next we have these really awesome pedals from half knee these are actually two different models that they sent me that aren’t widely available yet unfortunately but i do find that they offer much more grip with the pedals and this was confirmed by various family

Members that i asked to decide whether they felt that they were worth it so definitely something worthy of consideration i’ll be doing a separate video on these pedals then we have these bags from roswell i realize that they don’t look as nice as the pannier bags that you often see people purchase but at forty dollars they’re an absolute steal this is an item

That we actually went out and purchased and i have to say it is something that we are using far more than we thought there’s plenty of storage that top bag actually removes and it has a strap so you’ve been taking this to the farmer’s market so love the bag great value definitely one to consider speaking of bags we also have this top tube bag from rock brothers

This is another one that we decided to purchase what’s really great is the accessibility since it’s right in front of you the outside is touch screen sensitive so it offers an alternative if you want to put your phone in there we often use this bag to put keys or sunscreen or other random small items that we need for our bike ride next is this saddle bag this

Is one that i actually took off my mountain bike and i’ve had for a number of years on our most recent ride i put a spare tube in here as well as a few tools so this is another option if you’re looking for additional storage space on your electric bike now we have my son’s favorite accessory this is the thule yup maxi child seat we purchased this earlier this

Year and now my son is nine months old and he absolutely loves this thing one of the great things is the rear racks on the ones that are integrated as well as the rear racks you can buy separately are made to work with this child seat and of course my son has his own set of keys the seat is also easily removable so if you have a passenger and you want to take

It off quick it’s really nice it also locks on so it’s definitely a high quality child seat if you’re looking for one highly recommended and of course we have to talk about bike locks we are using the abus bordeaux 6000 alarm i really like this lock it is mounted very nicely underneath our 2018 radwagon we use this lock all the time this is the version that

Is slightly longer so something to keep in mind if you’re looking at purchasing this one you might want to consider the longer one just makes it easier to lock up your electric bike in different scenarios and of course it has that alarm capability so no need to have a separate alarm as soon as someone bumps it it’ll give a warning and then it will give a really

High pitched alarm so really like that from a security perspective and while we’re down here we also have the other pedals that hafny sent me they’re very similar just different colors and a slightly different shape really like those having those on both e-bikes the other lock that we’ve been using is this one from hip and what’s interesting about this one is

It’s a bike lock that’s meant to be worn so while i really like using chain locks they are heavy and you don’t really know where to put them and this company has solved it by making it so you can wear it this is not actually what i do often since i use this to lock my bike up at home but i plan to do a separate video on this hip lock also makes a wall anchor

And this is what i’ll use to secure my electric bikes at home stay tuned for an upcoming video on that and also this is a company that opted to send me this lock so i could share my thoughts on the back of our ride one up limited we are using the planet bike versa rack this is the same company that makes those lights that i talked talked about earlier and we

Are also using a rear fender offered by the company that attaches to the seat post so those are both options if you’re looking for those products of course many electric bike companies have their own rear racks and then finally we have the cloud 9 seat which i really like and then of course the sr suntour ncx suspension seat post i most recently did a review

On that my wife calls it a game changer definitely something to consider if you’re looking to improve the comfort on your electric bike so i hope this video gives you a little bit better idea if you’re trying to figure out what electric bike accessories you might want to purchase one that i didn’t mention is our hollywood racks hitch-mounted bike rack check

That video out if you’re interested otherwise if you have other accessories that i haven’t mentioned please share in the comments below one of my goals is just to help people with their electric bikes we’ll see in the next video thanks again for watching

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