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Electric Bike Company – Top 5 Ebikes reviews our Model E.

We would love to thank Top 5 Ebikes for reviewing our Model E bike. You can design one online using our online configurator at

Hi this is damian and this is omar and we’re from top5ebikes so today we’re going to talk about the model e from the electric bike company really cool company that’s making beach beach cruiser style e-bikes right here in southern california so in this review we’re gonna cover specs components uh optional features that you can get added to this e-bike we’re

Gonna talk about some pros and uh some cons reasons why you think maybe you should or or shouldn’t purchase this ebike the model e comes in a step through style one size fits all frame it has a 48 inch wheel base and is recommended for riders between 4 6 and 6 8. this e-bike starts at 17.99 before parts and accessories if you want to add fenders and a front

Basket that will add another 238 to the total one cool thing about this e-bike is that there are a lot of unique customization options that are free you can choose between brown white wall style tires or plain black the bike comes in three stock colors but for no additional cost you can mix and match those three color options between the frame the fork and the

Rims so if you wanted you could have a red frame with the black fork and white rims for no additional cost for the seat and handlebar grips you get a choice of black or tan we really enjoy the look of the tan saddle and grips against the stock white frame the mxus geared hub motor delivers 500 nominal and 1000 watts of peak power you found hills pretty easy

To tackle as long as you build up a little momentum going into your climb for the very steepest hills expect to work your muscles a bit more especially if you’re carrying additional weight on the bike like groceries or a small child if you encounter these scenarios a lot you’ll want to upgrade to the 7-speed drive trade the saddle is super cushy and is one of

The most comfortable bike seats we’ve ever encountered as a standard option the motor allows for five levels of pedal assist and also includes a thumb throttle finally the model e comes with standard bengal hydraulic disc brakes which is a very nice option for a bike that starts at eighteen hundred dollars now let’s talk about the pros of the model e i’m going

To start off with the first one which is how comfortable ride it is you don’t really know how comfortable ride it is until you actually get on the spike and ride it and there’s a few reasons for that one of them is if you notice these handlebars these swept back handlebars they’re in a position where as you’re sitting down you don’t really feel any stress in

Your shoulders and your arms it’s not like one of these bikes where you’re hunched over or maybe the handlebars are too high so i think the placement of these the the type of handlebars and the placement of these handlebars and things like even the stomach adjuster make it to where it’s a super comfortable handlebar in addition to that you have the seat which

Is super cushy so i think the combination of the seat and the handlebars make this such a you know such a comfortable upright ride so um again i think that this is one of the to me one of the first things that stood out as i first wrote it was how nice and comfortable right it was yeah and i noticed right away because i i’m used to riding um likes with like a

Shorter handlebar you kind of punch forward a little bit you feel it in your wrist right oh yeah this one you can ride pretty much all day um the second thing we really liked about this e-bike is just the powerful motor that you get for 17.99 so um this is what they call the best motor in the world right they say that it’s it’s highly durable and will last 18

Years that’s what the website claims um but you can feel the power when you’re going uphills it’s a very quiet motor and the max output of it is actually a thousand watts which uh you don’t really typically get no no and actually i remember when i read the specs as i see back when it was released that a thousand watts was the first thing that stood out to me

I was like wow thousand watts for you know under two thousand dollars and at the time it was actually cheaper when they first announced it now it’s that it’s it’s a it’s regular price but even then a lot of value for having 1000 wall motor oh yeah totally so the next pro and this is i think something that you should really pay attention to and a lot of times

You kind of gloss over this is the warranty and with ebc you get a five year warranty on the battery and a 10-year warranty on the frame like pretty unheard of actually if you look at most e-bike brands typically you get like a two-year warranty and i would say even more so than the warranty it’s that you have people here in the states that you can call yeah

So because ebc is based out of southern california you can actually call or email there’s obviously there’s a big community online as well people can help you but just the fact that they have such a good warranty behind this great bike and the fact that you can call someone if there are issues that you need to use that warranty but again i think something that

Normally even we gloss over and reviews and i think most people aren’t thinking about a warranty i think um you know super important and happy that ubc is willing to back up their product with such a great warranty well and it’s it’s because a lot of the bikes are reviewing they’re not offering that kind of warranty five years that’s that’s that’s pretty unheard

Of so i’m going to talk about two the last two things we really loved about this bike and and it hasn’t just been uh the two of us that have ridden i’ve actually let this my friends borrow this bike and um it just feels really dialed in and very high quality the way the frame is molded the way the parts are attached i mean you know that a human being actually

Assembled this we’ve been we’ve seen it we’ve seen them do it someone really is there checking off the checklist we’re not just telling you because we saw mike at all’s videos we’ve actually been there we’ve been there we’ve talked to sean and phil and um so and right down to even just like you know the the basket the fenders they just you know i don’t feel

Um any anxiety when i’m going down hills when i’m when i’m going really fast it doesn’t feel rattle just very i mean right like yeah very well put together put together um i think a lot of times when you get e-bikes delivered to you and you’re putting it and we’ve we’ve assembled most of the bikes but yeah there’s always some level of low level of concern or

Anxiety i think sometimes just freaking out you’re like oh did i tighten everything right and i think with evc bikes you know that everything is going to be assembled well and that people actually but it wasn’t that it was in a container right and came directly from overseas and then it shows up on your front doorstep yeah like the way they deliver these bikes

And the care that they take and just in the time is you know you can feel it when you’re writing for sure okay the last thing i want to talk about is what’s what’s pretty obvious to i think most people and and one of the reasons people look to this brand just the customization options available with the bike the custom colors you know the way you can do the

Bask in the front you could do uh paneers in the back racks in the back you can customize the grips right the c color the um the rims right the tires right we have these cool reflective white walls so you know very few e-bikes companies are doing that and um this is one of the things that really stands out about edc and why you can see that they have so many fans

Yeah i think it’s great because you can you can order a bike and make it yours right and you can customize it the parts the colors that you want and so i think that makes it really attractive for a lot of people rather than you know most companies have maybe three or four colors yeah these guys you can actually send them the color that they can buy fruit in the

Next year so don’t do anything all right and as always let’s talk about some of the comps it’s not all good stuff with this nobody’s like or anybody yeah there’s always some guys to keep your bad stuff right yeah you got to keep it real um the first one i’m i’m going to l i’m going to tell you about is it’s related to the cost so although we mentioned that in

1799 yep which is a base price very reasonable price for the bike this this with the together with the specs of this bike and warranty and everything we mentioned it’s a great price but however we mentioned that there’s a lot of customizations available and that adds up really quickly like for example if you want a custom color that’s three hundred dollars yeah

If you want a rear rack you know that’s 89 yeah eighty-nine dollars this is a hundred and fifty dollars i believe right yeah so you could see already that it quickly can add up i mean this this particular model the way it’s outfitted is a little bit over two thousand dollars yeah i think it was yeah something like that yeah so although the base price is 17.99

Just keep in mind that that’s just for the base bicycle and if you add stuff then it’s gonna quickly add up and you could you know you could spend 2500 you could easily spend twenty five hundred yeah so anyways i think it’s a con in the sense that yeah at seventeen ninety nine you could be spending twenty five hundred dollars or more potentially depending

On what how you outfitted yeah totally good point um the other con i want to talk about is you know this bike is i think we say this with pretty much all our videos this bike isn’t for everyone right beach cruiser style e-bikes it’s kind of like has this old cadillac feel to it where it’s just like a big boat that you’re kind of like it’s got a big super heavy

Step through frame that’s not for everyone i personally i like the um more traditional frames like the model x has a more traditional geometry and a frame so you know um like i said not maybe not everyone lives next to the beach then everyone moves looking to live in santa barbara right or newport beach where ebc is i think you had one more con right yeah

One other con and i know a lot of people have mentioned this um i mean it’s one of the things that i noticed right away when when we got this bike the kickstand yeah can’t see it here but um maybe we’ll upload some pictures and layer them on the video but yeah the kickstand actually gets in the way of the pedals of the crank or the crank arm yeah um so it’s

Kind of you know an annoyance more than anything right right and if depending on you know where you lay your bike and you put you put your kicks in you might want to take off and then the crank arm will get stuck yeah and the uh i should have almost mentioned that the kickstand so yeah the crank arm will get stuck in the kickstand so more of an annoyance i

Think yeah obviously design wise they just put it there and did i i think it just has to do with the weight of the bike and just maybe that’s where the the best you know pivot point for the yeah that’s true that’s a good point it’s just a wave but it’s uh i don’t know probably could have done a little bit better than thought yeah thought that through where they

Posted okay i’ve spent uh a lot more time with this bike than omar so i’m going to give you my final thoughts there are three things that really stand out about the model e the exceptional build quality and ride feel of their bikes the unparalleled customization offered with each model and the company’s emphasis on components manufactured in the usa having now

Ridden four different models from the electric bike company i believe these three things can be applied to every bike in their fleet let’s start with the customization there’s just no other e-bike company that allows you to build an e-bike with this level of personalization the color can be literally any color under the rainbow and we witnessed first hand the

Extreme links this company would go to to match the color requests of their customers we saw bikes of every shade brilliant greens deep blues just really vibrant color combos that reminded me of marvel superheroes but it doesn’t stop there the fact that you have two color options for the tires the grips the saddle and have the ability to customize the chain

Guard or the battery case even two color options for the front baskets there just aren’t other e-bike companies that provide their customers with that much freedom second if it’s important for you to support products that are made in the usa and companies that employ people here in the us then then the electric bike company is leading the way virtually every

Other e-bike brand manufactures and assembles their bikes overseas ebc on the other hand assembles their bikes here in the us and does its best to source as many of its components here write down on the wheels the bike accessories and the custom paint used on their frames the last and maybe most important thing i want to highlight is the really smooth ride

You get on this e-bike the build quality is exceptional and on par with the most expensive bikes in their fleet the model e really feels built to last which is not something you can always say with a bike that costs under two thousand dollars also i think there’s just tremendous value um for 17.99 to get a bike of this high caliber high quality um yeah i mean

There’s some things that are not perfect about this e-bike and it might not suit everybody’s lifestyle but overall it’s a joy to ride it’s fun it’s comfortable and um you’re going to get a lot of uh people asking you to buy this bike i think because uh that that’s what happens to us um so thank you for watching please remember to subscribe to our channel like

This video share this video and uh thank you very much we’ll talk to you next time if you enjoyed this review please subscribe to our channel leave us a comment visit us at or some of our social media accounts thank you

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