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Electric Bike Laws and Classes in the USA – Larry Pizzi on CA Bill AB-1096 for Ebike Regulation

A bill in California (drafted during 2015) specifies three classes of electric bikes. This bill is meant to guide how and where people can use low speed electric bikes and enable some classes to be usable on mountain bike trails in a way that is not disruptive to existing human powered bicycles and pedestrian hikers.

Yeah there’s a great update we’re you know our bill in california defines three separate classes of low speed electric bikes class one bike is a pedal assist only bike with a top assisted speed of 20 miles an hour got it a class 2 low-speed electric bike is one that has a throttle or as enable could be throttle actuated and a class 3 is a pedal assist only electric

Bike with a top assisted speed of 28 miles beat atlatl speed pedal okay okay so really nice to be able to define these classes and then it permit enables law enforcement agencies and land management agencies the ability to regulate appropriately and open up exactly to excite when they might have been hesitant before because of this like you know catch-all approach

Exactly so in california for example where low-speed electric bikes used to be considered motorized bicycles as defined by the vehicle code yeah this year they’re going to be defined as as low-speed electric bikes and not be prohibited from class one bike pass that’s you know / quays that are dedicated for for cycling so big a huge huge win it’s on the gunk bills

On the governor’s desk now and he has till october 11th to sign it but it went through both houses without opposition and we even have an endorsement from california highway patrol so we’re we’ve really made a lot of progress in that regard we hope that will serve as model legislation that we’ll be able to you know get passed into law and other many other states

In the united states where we don’t have clarity on the ebike regulations that would be great larry can you remind me of your position with raleigh and then just like a little bit of background real quick since we’re talking about legislation in your involvement sure well you know on the on the commercial side i’m the senior vice president at raleigh in charge of

All of our dealer business and i also am president of electric bike competence center and service center and that you most people know it as carry technologies because it grew out of of current technologies when we’ve merged the businesses yeah together i also serve as chair of the electric bike committee on the bicycle product suppliers association which i’m a

Board member of ok and and we’ve really made a tremendous amount of progress we work with people for bikes yeah on getting legislative and regulatory things tackled for for a bike so we have we had a very busy prior 12 months i’m happy to report we made a lot of really good progress well yeah thank you for that and it’s like an extra sort of role and thing that

You’ve been working on for years i think and kind of taking this on and trying to make ebikes a little bit more widely accepted in yeah we’ve been working on it for for a year so that’s right but it’s really only this last year that we formed this official committee on the on the bps a and i was able to raise about $300,000 from the industry go on to fund all

This work i mean you know hiring lobbyists and engaging organizations like inba in doing impact studies and so on they’re all really important first steps to getting clarity on regulations so that ebikes can proliferate in the united states are there any other quick shoutouts the companies that help their things they want to do oh wow most of the you know most

All of the companies in the industry helped the biggest supporters were you know shimano and and bosh and bionics and you know curry technologies and excel north america and trek and specialized in cannondale wow got everyone involved people four bikes made a nice contribution and national bicycle dealers association cool i’m forgetting a bunch yuba yeah they’re

Almost everyone contributed which was really which was really great yeah and you know we’re now i’ve spent most of that that first year’s money we’re gonna have to go back and raise some some funds to keep the process going next year but we’ve got great support from the industry yeah thank you so much for that you know i do the website and

I’ve been including classes for bikes so now when you’re looking at a bike you’re thinking about purchase you can understand how that fits into the new ecosystem very appreciate you

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Electric Bike Laws and Classes in the USA – Larry Pizzi on CA Bill AB-1096 for Ebike Regulation By