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Electric Bike Mini Bike Experimenting using Razor E100 motor

Electric Bike Mini Bike Experimenting using Razor E100 motor. We are a long way from something good. lol

And i took it for our test ride and the little wheel is bouncing on the nub so it’s not getting traction the plan that i got this from called for springs going from here down to there so i’m gonna get some of those and i think i have a slick tire without nabis that i’ll try to a little bit of a push little okay we’re making some adjustments on the electric bike

I got these springs like $3.75 or something at walmart you hold down here help down here to keep tension the drive wheel on the wheel however i’m having a problem because the crappy cheap hinge i bought at harbor freight and a lot of wiggle room so the whole thing tends to slide off to one side or the other of the wheel so i gotta come up with something back

Here to center it and kind of keep it in line so the two will work together not quite sure what that is yet you yeah well i tried this little razor i think it’s a 100 i think it’s the smallest one they make and i try to put this on a bicycle yeah it kind of worked but not very good my guess is probably won’t work great on this either but i really want to turn

This roma nova mini bike into an electric minibike although who knows i might not go that route but right now i think just to see if i get that bag wheel to spin i’m going to set this up on wood blocks and try to make a good connection between that little rear wheel and the wheel of the nova roma which is actually not the right wheel at all but it’ll suffice

For now this is actually a lot easier or it seems to be so far i just took a piece of wood bolted it down to the engine plate took what the back half of the scooter which i had already cut out on this hinge with which it already was on straighten the hinge out just attach that and the motor will spin the back wheel now the back wheel i reverse the polarity

Just by switching the wires around and we got the throttle mounted up here now this one this is an e100 so it’s basically an on/off switch no it’s not a throttle so to speak it’s like i said all on office basically about it that’s the batteries and the guts and i’ll put that on and show you what i got thus far okay we turn it on now with a throttle with

This thing you turn it and you hear that noise with this thing you got a bump start the wheel so that it starts the engine going except it’s a safety feature because it’s still it’s for younger kids i guess the scooter and it’s a safety feature so i’m gonna have to put the camera down someplace and spin the wheel and we’ll see what happens without anybody

On it maybe 10 miles an hour somebody on it maybe 5 miles an hour i don’t know but we’ll get everything like clamp down and we’ll give it a try i need a tube for that back wheel in the back wheel is terrible it’s all warped and stuff like that but it’s the only extra 5 inch i got right now ok we refined it a little bit we got the batteries mounted on top of

These blocks of wood that are screwed into that piece of wood below boy what is handy i’ll tell you how to fabricate the bekaa the track pretty good the thing i want to do is put a spring adding pressure from like here down to here on it and haven’t really figured out how i’m gonna do that i want to do it so that i could take it off – in case you know the

By cody’s someplace and you want to get the pressure off the rear wheel so that if you got to push it it’s not that hard to push so i’m pretty excited oh yeah i put on this silly foot peg just a bar because there was nothing on the right side was missing but there is a little bit left over here so i might mount that a little more permanently right now it’s

Just got tie wraps around it so we’ll see kind of interesting you

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Electric Bike Mini Bike Experimenting using Razor E100 motor By Woody’s Garage